My marriage is falling apart, what should I do?

Okay, so my wife and I have been married for 3 years. Everything has been smooth sailing, but recently there have been some rough patches. There was this one woman who was new to my job and I had to train her, and we have become really good friends. We didn't "hang out" because I wanted to keep it straightly platonic, there were no romantic feelings involved from me and my wife knew the girl. Despite that, people still talk no matter what. My wife had heard some fake news that I was screwing her which is not true at all! My co-worker told me that it was circulating. Whoever started this rumor had to definitely be someone inside the workspace because I have never gone out with her in public. When I heard this I was pissed. I tried calling my wife about 10 times but she declined all of them. I also tried texting her but she wasn't replying. My wife is basically the no bullsh*it type and If she heard something she would definitely take it and run and not communicate. When It was my lunch break its usually my wife's lunch break too. So I drove over to her work and asked if she was in and they said that she went out and took the rest of the day off. I was fu*ked at this point. I asked if they had any idea as to where she went and but they couldn't. I went home and there she was. She looked like she was crying and she was packing all of her stuff. I tried touching her but she wouldn't let me and I tried talking to her but it turned ugly pretty fast. I told her that I didn't f*uck her and I would never even consider doing so and she told me that the girl told her. She took both her wedding ring and engagement ring off and threw them down and left. I tried to stop her but she didn't stay. It hurts that she took her rings off and believed someone else rather than her own husband (Look at the updates down below for the rest of the story because I don't have enough words)
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I love my wife so much it hurts me to this day (It happened to days ago). She isn't returning my texts or calls and I went to her friend's house to talk to her but she doesn't want to. I tried talking to the girl who started this crap and she said all along she thought I liked her because I was the only guy who treated her nicely and I had to choose between her or my wife and the reason she told my wife is that she knew my wife would believe it. This whole thing is messed up what should I do?
My marriage is falling apart, what should I do?
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