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Back now from this informal suspension agreed on with a GaG member privately.
I'm being informally suspended from Gag again effective Feb 5. Those wishing to contact me from that day forward for a
month, until Feb. 25, can contact me at This is a settlement of a long difficulty I have had with a woman who is also a Gag member. I apologize to the women of GaG for my lack of proper respect.

While I'm married, I'm still a flirt, just for recreation.

This is called 'Italian.'

I hope you enjoy sometimes unconventional answers. If you do, please kindly click the BEST ANSWER box. It encourages me to stay on the site!

I usualy try to gve a well thought out answer to any serious question.

I'm pretty lucky, have never had a lot of disappointments. I'm pretty flirtatious since I'm half Italian. good at sports, know three languages. Working on Chinese!

The other half is Irish, although we've been in the USA over 200 years. I still visit Ireland from time to time and even though I've no contact with the home village, wherever it may be, I still feel at home there... So half the time I pinch women, half the time I worship them. A cultural conundrum..

Women in the US sometimes get crazy angry with me because i won't play up to them...and because I don't have much respect for most of them..not our USA women.

Sometimes I"m disrespectful beyond the limits of genuine commentary. I apologize in advance!

Relations between men and women seem much healthier here in China, although to our eyes they are so much more inhibited.

I behave better in China, adapting to the less harsh and less vindictive culture.

I'm currently teaching English in China where there isn't this undercurrent of bitterness towards men. Clearly communism will triumph.

Plus they play tennis in miniskirts.

Recently married to a Venezuelan woman. She's a doll, but her wouldn't believe her.

Another reason communism will triumph i

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