Complete Personality Dystopia Part 3--When the Woman Gets her Name on the Office Door

Complete Personality Dystopia Part 3--When the Woman Gets her Name on the Office Door

Complete Personality Dystopia Part 3--When the Woman Gets her Name on the Office Door

We all know the stereotype--she thinks she's God....and like all stereotypes, there's truth in it to some degree.

But I'm taking only about personality changes. One of my friends got promoted due to mainly an affair with one of the company heads twice her age.

When she got the promotion, she cut herself off from all her former friends in the lower ranks.. Males and females, they no longer knew her. Literaly, would no longer talk or socialise with them except when work required it.

Outside of work she was transformed into a cross between liberaraian and Trump supporter--that is the ideology of corporate doxies worldwide. She would no longer laugh or joke about Trump thoug she stil claims to oppose him. And of course, no longer does she seek my advice or help even though I'm a neighbor and a longtime friend. The same wth my wife, and they were even closer friends.

Her Irish sense of humour has vanished. Every moment she is in her new role, as if she were an actress in a new movie.

When I asked if she was going to one of her favourite concert venues, she said, " I no longer associate with that crowd Martin.'

She says "We will have to discuss your mocking attitude toward me and my career, quite seriously.

There are scores we have to settle soon.'

The sad part is that she'll never fit in with the bluebloods and MBA's who mostly populate the executive ranks, especially since they still don't really treat women as equals in PRACTICE though of course the corporate world loves feminist rhetoric.

I hope to keep her as a friend, but..."Dear Padraigin, we will have to discuss your attitude to those of us who used to be your crowd.'

Complete Personality Dystopia Part 3--When the Woman Gets her Name on the Office Door
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  • CoolSky01
    Iam afraid some people are naturally assholes and wait for the right moment to unleash their assholness, i have had the chance to be around people who are considered on the rich side but are really nice and humble while others thought they are the highest quality the world we live in has to offer... not gonna lie most of these rich jerks were women but men can be assholess too
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  • SaiyenBloodd
    She sounds like a douche bag... I am sure red flags were missed. She sounds like a sociopath to be honest.
    People dont change over night- they always give subtle hints about their true nature by using specific words and how they treat others who can do nothing for them
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    • She sounds like a social climber that deserves to fall.

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  • Nyx_85
    You know this is more based upon character than anything right? Anyone who would 'climb the corporate ladder' in that manner probably isn't the type to be that loyal of a friend and will forget about people once they 'move up' in the world. If you can't benefit them anymore they don't have a use for you.
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    • Nyx_85

      Oops I meant if THEY can't benefit from YOU anymore

  • K1nkyK1ttenXx
    that's so sad I am so sorry... and I am sorry also because I though high school ended ages ago
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    • Patterns are set way before high school age. They pay out differently in the business world... but the patterns were set long before.

  • Warmapplecrumble
    Her real personality is shining through. She was faking her niceness.
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    • I try to think the opposite.. she's playing the corporate role. It's not her!!!

    • I think she was just nice to get to the top.

      She's probably not a bad person. She just has a goal to reach.

    • You may be right.. but I knew her outside of her work. She had no 'goal' to be nice then.

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  • Iraqveteran666
    Sounds like jealousy. Not joking about Trump makes sense as lot of people voted for him and it would be offensive in the same way making jokes about Obama did. Sounds like you are jealous and wanted her. Is it possible she got where she is on merit instead of sleeping her way to the top as you suggest most women do.
    • Well, she slept with one of the funders of the company. Sure she's hard working and smart, but what do you think? Two guesses, and the first one doesn't count!

    • I screwed my boss and didn't get promoted. It doesn't work that way and it's wrong to call your friend a prostitute

    • Sometimes it doesn't work because the boss it's screwing so many of the employees. They couldn't ALL get promoted!

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  • linds34
    Sorry about your friend. It seems pretty common that when people, women or men, get money or status, they think they're too good for their old friends.
    • Yes, true.

    • She treats people who aren't high ranking corporate snobs like children.

    • linds34

      Yeah, seems sad to base your self-worth on your job, as if a job makes you great.

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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Fuck her, why would you even want to keep her as a friend
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    • She is a good person underneath the corporate persona.

  • yunali
    Why would you want to be friends with such a person?
    • We have. Been friends more than 10 years and it's hard to believe a promotion at work would cause such a disconnect...

    • yunali

      Time isn't a reason. I was friends with a girl for 8 years, but she turned nasty and showed her true colors. It took me 3 years to see it but I dumped her. After that I drop people as soon as they show who they are. I don't let them stick around and drain me. Why would you?

    • I won't wait 3 years for her to get over herself, no. But I will give her a little time to figure out what she's doing wrong now.

  • danniec4
    She got that position the trashy, easy way. I guess cheap and fake is who she really is.
    • I see her as playing the corporate role.. she's not really a corporate blue blood. Born in Ireland in a working class family. Now she's trying to be Ms. Corner Office1

  • Malik00
    THIS... is why i DESPISE People who wear masks...2 faced cunts... gotta keep everyone at arms length lest they abandon you.
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  • kickme
    women's emotional instability overcomes their intelligence sooner or later
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  • TuMeManques
    You see her true colors shining through.
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    • I hope I see her faking it, trying to pass for a corporate shill, but not really liking being one.

    • In reality she was probably faking the niceness before. So sad.

  • assley
    Drinkin that haterade.
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  • Poppykate
    The corporate world is just smoke and mirrors!
  • ThisDudeHere
    Bitches be trippin'
    she was always that person
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