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If Karen is the name for bossy entitled middle-aged white women, then what would other women's names describe?

Here's what I think: Abigail/Abby - Likely has low self esteem, despite her looks. Likely to date nerds and geeks for the easy morale boost. Allison/Alison - Sarcastic and often times cranky. The type to date bad types of...
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Think women are free? Think again!

This picture sums it all up. In a way when asking women if they are free we can answer with "Yes but kinda no". Yes, they have the freedom of choice and what/who they pursue. But how are they then not free? You see if...
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Why Women Love Bad Boys

Why Women Love Bad Boys. Guys on GAG can hate on me for supporting things like promoting masculinity or how men should be aggressive/protective of their women, and thet being socially dominant over other males are some...
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Just because hurting my feelings is fun doesn’t mean it’s ok!

Hurting my feelings for being special might be fun but that doesn’t mean it’s ok! I had to teach my mommy this and now I want to teach everybody! If she can learn so can you 🙂 I like when people have fun and I want to...
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“True” Femininity

During this day and age, femininity has so many contradicting meanings. Some equate it to just a certain sense of style, others, more recently, equate it with the “strong, independent woman” stereotype. Because this is...
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Women DO Become Less Beautiful as They Age

So I recently read a hilarious Take: This one In summary, there is an article that pointed out some basic facts: Women in their 20s are at their peak of attractiveness, physicallyHowever, older men tend to be interested...
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Women Lie About Everything.

Women lie. They lie easily, often, and without any sense of guilt. This is all easy and rather fun to prove which I’ll show you later. The question that lingers in the air, like smoke, is how do they live with themselves...
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All who have periods are women yes!

It is not just because you think transmen are real men they will not be female. Transmen are women who want to be a men but they are not. So only women have periods. What determine your gender/sex is not your choose but...
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Women are evolved to have short term relationships too

Not long ago people believed that women are completely monogamous and they are not interested with short term mating. But then the more experiments and studies have been done, the more we learned and understood that we...
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What makes my lonely Monday nights better

Because it's Monday and I'm always lonely. 1. Getting dolled up Putting on a shit ton of makeup that I'd never wear out and a bunch of showy clothes I'd also never wear out bc I hate myself and have 0 confidence 2....
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Ladies, stop being desperate and asking men to validate you

So I saw a preposterous article the other day and I have been seeing many men believe that they have some form of preference for 20 year old women rather then 30 year old women....
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3rd Grade “Mean Girls” moment Part 3

Honestly, I never even would’ve ever thought about it. But she would wear these crazy flashy shiny leotards to gym class, Invariably ask her Friends “ do my thighs look fat”?? 😟😧😧 They dutifully reply “ NOOOOO”...
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TW: Should plus-sized women really wear bikinis?

TW = Trigger Warning if you're easily offended or if you're one of the "plus-sized" women I talk about in this Take. I don’t know since when this even began, but bikinis were not initially meant to be part of a plus-sized...
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The contradiction of "Girl Power" and how it's making girls weak.

You can not open your mouth today without "Girl Power" being forced down your throat. We are being ideologically throat fucked by delusional apostles of girl power. Our daughters are part of a school system ran by...
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What is wrong with older men?

Hello dear friends! I'm making this my take because I'm SICK AND TIRED of people saying I have "daddy issues" or am trolling because I like older guys. I'm legit confused on why a middle aged man can't be more attractive...
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Do you ever feel sad?

It's actually totally fine. Feel sad if you feel sad, it's fine! Stop this "No bad vibes!" BS. You just get more miserable when you can't keep out the bad vibes. Give yourself permission to be sad or angry or scared or...
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An idol, that women better take an example of

I am gonna put this here. This is gonna be a very short article because it's not gonna be a question formatted topic. Below is a response found in a Quora question... Can we blame women for being "gold diggers"? But of...
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I Wish A Guy Would Reject Me This Way

A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise.- Rihanna A Mohammed If you have ever dated, you’ve been on both ends of rejection. You have done the rejecting and been rejected. I’ve definitely had my fair share...
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8 Reasons Why I Like Female Culture

Belonging to guy culture has some supposed perks including being lazier and not having as much grooming maintenance but girl culture to me feels more vibrant and freeing. Here are some of my reasons on why. 1. Colors...
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Am I in over my head or is she too prideful?

A while ago I posted a few questions about my oldest sister about her always calling me and my other sisters ugly and fat because she's the prettiest and the skinniest. On Sunday me my sis and her friend went out to get...
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