myTakes: Girl's Behavior

Understanding Women’s Social Nervousness

I write this for guys who feel frustrated or confused by the way women can seem sometimes when they’re interacting with them, particularly who are young or just don’t have a lot of experience in mingling with females. So...
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Notebook: beauty and insecurity

My notebook: Making her feel beautiful Embrace nervous energy. it indicates honest desire Overcome nervous energy. It indicates inexperience Play the long game. No nerves means you see nothing special about her. Even if...
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Women as Caricatures of Men

Caricatures are exaggerations of certain aspects, generally used to make some type of point. I recall occasionally seeing strong aggressive women when I was a kid, but this image was most common among butch lesbians...
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It's ok to look, isn't it This myTake is prompted by an interesting video by Bettina Arndt, an Australian writer and commentator who specializes in sex and gender issues. In this video, she talks about how...
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Have you dealt w/ the 3 E's of female behavior yet?

Men who don't understand this are rarely successful with women, and no being successful with women doesn't mean finding one girl and giving her all your time resources and attention. When women don't like information they...
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Agree or disagree? Confidence turns women off

I think the core reason so many women dislike Andrew Tate is that he is over reliant on confidence and boldness. It's his whole personality. The same could be said of Donald Trump. But at least he has some confidence....
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Every woman has a past.

Every woman has a past. Many women were physically abused. Many parents used to beat them. Some had problems related to adolescence. Many were sexually abused in childhood by their own family members. Ishq did not come to...
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How women understand love

It's foolish to simp. That's understood by most people. So why do guys simp? Why do feminine guys tend to simp more than masculine guys? The first reason is that masculine men don't need to simp. But then again, masculine...
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What is the definition of a High Value Man?

I see this question all the time on GAG and I always get a chuckle out of the answers. The actual definition of a HV man is pretty simple. "It is a man that is respected by other MEN of value" The reason for this is...
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Guys are to apathic and girls are to empathic and its a problem. Change my mind

It's not that we, as separate genders, need to handle emotions in the same way, but in general, our emotional responses are influenced by hormones. Testosterone provides strength and a sense of power, creating a natural...
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Sanitary Pads: Sanitary pads were made for men, know where boys used to wear them.

Sanitary Pads: The first thing that comes to mind when the name of sanitary pad comes is women and the problems they face during menstruation. But what would you say if we said that sanitary pads were not designed for...
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Things Girls Expect From The Guy She Loves Badly

Cuddling Every girl in this world loves it when her quy cuddles with her and treats her like a baby.It gives them a nice feeling. Public display of affection Girls love it when her guy shows love to her in front of...
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Reasons to not pretend you are moral

For women: 1. If you sleep around with attractive guys, but won't have kids with any of them because you're saving that for marriage, you're hurting yourself. Let yourself have kids with the attractive men youve been...
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Feminism: Real vs Corrupted.

Real: Strives to be equal with all genders (men, women, others). Corrupted : Seeks superiority. Real: Doesn't force you to leave your seat. Corrupted: Manipulates you to leave your seat because she is a woman. Real:...
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What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

There are always questions we have about the opposite sex. It bothers us, we need to know, we don't understand, so here are a few. As per usual, I DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL WOMEN, just my own experience, so chill if you...
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Modern day Feminists vision of equality: Women get the authority of elite figures, the privileges of women, and the accountability of children.

I understand a lot of goals for modern women to help them be respected more in society or be understood more and such or have more oppurtinities, but the above statement I will explain. I think there is social issues that...
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Women can't make up their minds what they want.

I just watched a video were a woman was complaining about men being misogynistic and at the same time calling men momma boys. I found this so funny. Women don't want men to act like men but want them to think and act like...
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Women lead other women to ruin

It's become painfully clear who is the cause of a majority of female suffering in the world- other women. Everyone is susceptible to peer pressure, but women are to a greater degree than guys. However, even if it were...
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How to Ask a Woman Her Age

My take on women's age Why would I need to ask her age? To check her maturity level To check whether she's a jailbait To better connect with her To find out who that Pink Anon is Sometimes a young person can exhibit a...
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Men: Never Trust a Clown

Men shouldn't trust women who use excessive amounts of makeup. You would be wise to find the women who look good without using more than a tiny touch of makeup or less. A woman making her face appear much different than...
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