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What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

There are always questions we have about the opposite sex. It bothers us, we need to know, we don't understand, so here are a few. As per usual, I DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL WOMEN, just my own experience, so chill if you...
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Modern day Feminists vision of equality: Women get the authority of elite figures, the privileges of women, and the accountability of children.

I understand a lot of goals for modern women to help them be respected more in society or be understood more and such or have more oppurtinities, but the above statement I will explain. I think there is social issues that...
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Women can't make up their minds what they want.

I just watched a video were a woman was complaining about men being misogynistic and at the same time calling men momma boys. I found this so funny. Women don't want men to act like men but want them to think and act like...
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Women lead other women to ruin

It's become painfully clear who is the cause of a majority of female suffering in the world- other women. Everyone is susceptible to peer pressure, but women are to a greater degree than guys. However, even if it were...
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How to Ask a Woman Her Age

My take on women's age Why would I need to ask her age? To check her maturity level To check whether she's a jailbait To better connect with her To find out who that Pink Anon is Sometimes a young person can exhibit a...
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Men: Never Trust a Clown

Men shouldn't trust women who use excessive amounts of makeup. You would be wise to find the women who look good without using more than a tiny touch of makeup or less. A woman making her face appear much different than...
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Ek Villain Adds New Dimensions To The Good Girl Hypothesis!

Indian Movie Shows Realistic Good Girls : **extreme archetypes alert!! Ek Villain, CHARACTERS; RAKESH submissive guy is a murderer SULLU "he brought me fake jewellery! the audacity!" form of good girl AISHA do...
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Girls, Ladies, stop breeding with beta males “Girls aren’t being taught to look for strength, and boys aren’t being taught to look for virtue, and it shows”. Ladies, do any of you actually want a soy swelling metrosexual...
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Women don't want what they say they do

Well, nearly any guy who has had experience with women knows that many of the things that women say they want don't align with what they ACTUALLY want. An easy example is the nice guy/ bad boy issue, where women will rush...
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Girls who feel bad about their bodies.

For girls who feel bad about their bodies, An intelligent man does not like the woman with the most beautiful and attractive body, the woman who helps him to advance in life as a person, who helps him climb to the top...
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Guys, soo, about lady treatment... How do ladies want to be treated?

It varies from lady to lady. The only way to get a really raw answer is to ask her straight out,if you have the balls. But,the extremes of lady treatment are full on gentleman, or no different from the boys. There are in...
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Being interesting, being more selfish

They say you can't love anyone before you...but they dont often say this... Interest is correlated to selfishness Selfish isn't bad it isn't good Its just a tactic to reach an end The end is what is good or bad. If it...
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3 Traits That Will Help You Realise, You're Dealing With A Valuable Woman.

Let's get straight down to business... She is a Master in the Art of Nurturing This trait in a woman is the easiest and most effective way to help you become more organized as a man. The type of woman who learns to this...
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What is the Allure & Mystery of younger women dating older men? Why is it frowned upon by so many people, especially the Religious crowd?

I grew up in Atlanta and Decatur, GA. All my gfs liked older men, often had crushes on the dads and stepdads. We were all low income, often with a single mom or a stepdad. Too many brothers and sisters in the...
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Re: "A coworker invited me out on a platonic lunch and didn't pay for all my food. Tell me how cheap he is and emotionally validate me, internet."

Since my original response got erased, why not post it here, instead? I won't link the original, but it's not hard to find the " split the check at our first meeting over dinner " post. Here's what female Anonymous 18-29...
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What do teenage girls think about guys?

I try not to talk about em too much. One dimensional character girls stereotypes hurt me bad. But honestly? I love em. The ones around me are great people. So what. Yeah, I also have 'cute boys' in my Google search...
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Five masculine things women do that turn men off

1. Have Unbridled Emotions. Having emotions is fine, but if you lose your mind when you are angry or sad, that's not a good look. Read a book about it or something and practice getting your emotions out in better,...
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Four Types of Women that Men Should Absolutely STAY AWAY From!

Hey, what's up, this is your Daily Alpha Dating Coach, known as Dr. Hostboy. Today I am going to go through the four types of women that any reasonable man would absolutely stay away from. Literally only stupid men and...
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Love ❤️ Hormone!

Love Hormone: Love Hormone: Oxytocin (Why do we love?) Oxytocin is a pampering love hormone. Whenever we are lovingly hugged, cuddled, or touched by the body, the hormone oxytocin leaks out of the pituitary gland. It is...
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The very simple psychology of women’s attraction, in a nutshell!

This might be a lot shorter than you expected, but it’s true for most women. Sometimes, or rather, a lot of the time, women tend to fall for the cute guys. But usually, their infatuation with cute guys or hot guys will...
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