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10 Questions Guys Have Always Wanted Women To Answer

This shortened list is hailing from "Thought Catalog." So what do you want to know? 1. After thousands of years, why haven’t you realized that we don’t pick up on subtle hints? Blame it on society! Yes! Women...
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What it's like being a maladaptive daydreamer

First here is the definition: "What Is Maladaptive Daydreaming? Sometimes known as daydreaming disorder, maladaptive daydreaming describes a condition where a person regularly experiences daydreams that are intense and...
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Tired of guys blaming ME FOR EVERYTHING. All of them. now I don’t date

They always just want me to just accept that they’re gonna vape or they’re not lying (when they are and I always find out later, like one said he had a driver license and he didn’t), or that they’re gonna work 80 hours a...
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Cute Girls Doing Cute Things: Cosplay Edition

Dressing up is something men and women like a lot. It enhances their position and presence for what they dress. In addition, their dressing and outlook make them look attractive and catch the eyes of many. However,...
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In praise of some desirable (yet unsung!) qualities in a woman

If you look out into the world of popular culture, media and academia today you can get a sense of what the general zeitgeist or “society” suggests is of great value in a woman. This includes things like physical beauty...
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Cute Girls Doing Cute Things: Instagram Model Edition

The Instagram craze is everywhere. People all around the globe are using this social media platform for multiple purposes. This app is widely used for networking, photo sharing, and more. However, Instagram is an...
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The curse of being beautiful

I was blessed with beauty from the moment I was born and what I learned about it; is that I would get many haters of all types-left and right, up, down and all around. It didn't matter if I was the extremely kind girl...
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Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

Cute girls attract men more than beautiful girls. Some girls have a natural attractive look and features and some have adorable personalities. Looking cute in front of friends and lovers is what every girl wants. For some...
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I am NOT defined by my Scars "A Survivors Account"

Caution is advised, continue at your own risk. It is not going to be pretty. Rape is a horrible crime perpetrated against men and women , that has a life long effect on its victims, long after the legal system is...
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How I was able to get through my Haphephobia: Fear of a mans touch! While living in that super hot apartment for my first year of college, my roommates wanted to set me up with someone that they thought would be the perfect match. I was terrified,...
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Advice for Guys: Darius M. is Awesome

Listen up, guys. Just want to share with you a nice gem of a guy on YouTube named Darius M, if you haven't heard of him or watched any of his videos yet. About a month or two ago he showed up in my YouTube feed, one of...
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What makes you feel more disrespect for myself with having a learning disability?

Hi, my name is Candace and here to talk about what I find disrespect online and offline . We shouldn't judge a book by a cover for people with a learning disability they all have to tell their story. If people just listen...
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How Feminists Devalue Men's Contributions with the Non Gender Role Game.

Just some thoughts.... So recently a site contributor posted this picture. It shows a mother holding a sign that says, "Teach your sons that cooking & cleaning are basic life skills NOT gender roles." My response was:...
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I'm Not Physically Attracted to Him, But I Have Some Feelings For My Friend. Could It Be a Phase or True Feelings?

I'm 21 years old, and I'm a Junior in College. Most of you know what I look like, while most of you might not. I will include a recent picture of myself image the end of this MyTake. On campus, my co workers and friends...
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Be Careful What You Text A Woman, She Will...

This won’t be a very long take, just a GaG short lol. Just something I wanted to quickly share with a lot of guys out there from what I’ve learned out of my own experiences. As the title says, be careful what you text a...
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The Many Many Mes

When i have kids, I hope to have little Mini-Mes. But today I’m going to talk about the Many Mes. Well not really haha. I did that before in a past mytake where i mentioned im DizzyDesii, used to be DesiDoo, occasionally...
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I’m different, and that’s ok

I have autism. I got diagnosed when I was 12. In December, I believe. I’ve come a long way, and I’m proud of that! Growing up, I used to be really shy. Now I’m making an effort to reach out and make new friends. That’s a...
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Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?

A few reasons. 1. Women do not find men aesthetically or physically attractive. At least not most of them. You're either fortunate or you kick ass if you are one of the top 20% of desirable men. Have you ever heard how...
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Dogs are overrated in 'most' cases : Waste of time and money!

Why are people so obsessed with selfish animals? Be it expensive retrievers? ' Unconditional love' from dogs is a very misleading concept, only fools believe. You give it food, shelter, toys, entertainment, time and...
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16 memes girls may or may not agree too.

1. The worse thing! Its like wait. Hold up. 2. Pretty much......well depends. 3. Definitely not about that me. 4. Like...its cute. But no. 5. Me and my bestie everytime.......lowkey. 6. Thats a negative....
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