Guys are to apathic and girls are to empathic and its a problem. Change my mind

Guys are to apathic and girls are to empathic and its a problem. Change my mind

It's not that we, as separate genders, need to handle emotions in the same way, but in general, our emotional responses are influenced by hormones. Testosterone provides strength and a sense of power, creating a natural physical advantage over 50% of humans, the female counterparts.

People who obtain power without earning it can be uncontrolled, especially when their intelligence is below average or average. On the other hand, females experience periods of weakness due to their menstrual cycles and their lower testosterone levels combined with higher estrogen, which affects them both mentally and physically. This is not meant to be disrespectful; it's just an observation. Interestingly, despite these challenges, women's mental state doesn't often reflect this weakness.

Now, when it comes to pain and suppression, women have historically endured more due to male physical dominance. In the animal kingdom, male physical strength was crucial for clan protection, but our human society now requires intelligence and empathy to grow collectively.

Currently, most men hold positions of power, mainly because they inherently desire dominance or the urge to control. This may be influenced by hormones. While there seems to be a shift towards more empathy in men, it's likely because of societal rules that discourage violence and other negative behaviors.

To progress and evolve, women should recognize and embrace their generally empathic traits, which are highly valuable for helping others, including men, women, children, animals, and nature. Living symbiotically requires striving for balance, perhaps not a perfect 50/50 split, but equal representation of both genders in positions of power to bring intelligence and empathy to the forefront.

So, to all women, please recognize that if you are living in a developed "democratic" country where there are possibilities to gain wealth and/or political power, you should, for the simple reason that most men just don't care or only care about their own side/perspective. Empathy and intelligence, that's what I want to improve in the world, and women definitely can offer that better than men.

This is my opinion, and it's not about promoting feminism, but rather acknowledging and appreciating the unique strengths and weaknesses that each gender may have, and leveraging those qualities to bring out the best in all of us.

Guys are to apathic and girls are to empathic and its a problem. Change my mind
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