Agree or disagree? Confidence turns women off

I think the core reason so many women dislike Andrew Tate is that he is over reliant on confidence and boldness. It's his whole personality. The same could be said of Donald Trump.

But at least he has some confidence. Other guys...these days it seems lkke most guys... take it to to the other extreme: unregulated emotion. Even worse: vulnerability.

You never want to be vulnerable as a man. You should be more like a wolf than a sheep, more like the predator than prey.

Over confidence is hot. No doubt. But women aren't looking for just hot, a hook up. Most women are turned on by Tate for that reason. But they don't like him. However I have heard when women meet Tate in person they're surprised how real he actually is.

Women are looking for a true personality. Like a character from a book or a movie. Nobody wants to be around a baby...unless it's a literal baby.

If you lack emotional intelligence perhaps it's better to simply rely on being generally confident. But if you can keep the big picture in mind and project the appropriate mood at the appropiate intensity, maybe a mood you barely even actually feel, you will be extremely attractive. Without ever actually having any other talent... (Think of Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.) Your whole personality is about maximizing influence.

There should be hints of confidence, hints of humility, joy, sadness, hope, despair...for everything, an opposite. And when you're over confident the only other option is total humiliation. Hence the strong reaction women have towards Tate.

Agree or disagree? Confidence turns women off
Agree or disagree? Confidence turns women off
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