Every woman has a past.

Every woman has a past.

Every woman has a past. Many women were physically abused. Many parents used to beat them. Some had problems related to adolescence. Many were sexually abused in childhood by their own family members. Ishq did not come to many. Some were forced into sex or push in the name of love. Some did drugs. Some women were raped, some of which were reported and many had to remain silent because of the society. Some have been blackmailed by their ex-boyfriends by taking photos or making videos of them making love in bed. Some abusers were in a relationship. Some had menstrual problems

Many had broken families. Many got divorced. Many had the problem of obesity. Many were in financial trouble. Many were addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some made some unsuccessful attempts at suicide.

If you meet a woman who has gone through any of these periods but has already wiped away her tears, tied her hair, dismissed her pain with a smile, stood tall and strong, her future is starting to walk towards because he still has some hope left he hasn't given up on the concept of love that still exists in this world, don't scare him with his past. Don't discourage him.. Don't misbehave with him. Give way to him and walk with him. If you can hold his hand and walk for a while, walk. You will know how sweet his soul is and how strong his hopes are! You will be surprised how she holds herself after all her power is gone.

No need to go out to find it. She may be your own friend, your own sister, your own girlfriend, your own wife, your own mother. Don't judge his character based on his past. . Help give him the gift of peace and a better future that he deserves. Hold his hands against the world's mistreatment of him,

Give her the love she has always longed for.

Every woman has a past.
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