Feminism: Real vs Corrupted.

Feminism: Real vs Corrupted.

Real: Strives to be equal with all genders (men, women, others).

Corrupted: Seeks superiority.

Real: Doesn't force you to leave your seat.

Corrupted: Manipulates you to leave your seat because she is a woman.

Real: Respects your strengths and weaknesses.

Corrupted: Uses your weaknesses against you.

Real: Complains only when truly being harrassed.

Corrupted: Makes up stories.

Real: Acknowledges and respects the real you.

Corrupted: Tries to manipulate you to be someone you are not.

Real: Acknowledges your choices.

Corrupted: Shames you for making a choice that doesn't align with them.

In other words corrupted feminism is misandry, that is, the opposite of misogynist. Everyone is important. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and thus when we are united, we are stronger than ever. There are people who realise their mistake and change. I have seen the transformation of feminazis to feminism and it was beautiful. I have seen misogynists embracing healthy mentality. There is always room for change and improvement. If I have missed something please add them in the comments.

Feminism: Real vs Corrupted.
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