What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

There are always questions we have about the opposite sex. It bothers us, we need to know, we don't understand, so here are a few. As per usual, I DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL WOMEN, just my own experience, so chill if you don't agree and go write your own take about it, but this is mine. K, cool.

1. Why do women go to the bathroom together? Isn't that weird?

If you're in a sketchy place, its a safety thing to go with someone else or if the lines are long which they tend to be for women's restrooms, you have someone to talk to while you wait. More often than not, we're going to talk about you guys, talk to our girls while we touch up our make-up and hair, or maybe we need to borrow a tampon and don't want to just say that at the table. I also think it's less weird for girls to do this because we tend to have bathroom stalls as opposed to urinals where I think it would be totally weird to start a conversation with someone who has their private parts out peeing next to us.

2. Do women like chivalry like opening the doors for them or pulling out a chair?

What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

Depends on the girl. Clearly women can do these things by themselves and some women feel really strongly about not having a man treat her like an infant incapable of opening her own door (their words), but others view it as a sign of respect. When a man pulls out the chair, he's showing respect to his girl, he's showing care to the girl (their words). Basically if you hate chivalry as a man find a woman who hates it too, or if you like being chivalrous, find a woman who appreciates this. It's kind of hard to convince a woman to change her view of how she feels about a chivalrous man, but don't get offended either way, just with anything, find someone who gets the way you operate and vice versa.

3. Do women want to be left alone on their period? Should men avoid their girl during this time?

What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

When you're cramping and bloating...IT SUCKS. You are not in the best of moods (trust me guys, if you had a period, you wouldn't love it!) so it's more like just ask us what we need and respect what we ask for. If we say, leave us be, leave us be, we just don't feel good and probably don't want to take it out on you. If we want you to cuddle, rub the back, whatever, help a girl out. We have to go through this every friggin' month of our younger lives and it NEVER gets easy, but you just respecting our wishes during this time can be a HUGE help!

4. Why do you never ask us out when you clearly like us?

Annoyingly this is true a lot of the time. Not for everyone, but for a lot of girls. There are so many things we hear about women seeming desperate or too aggressive if we were to approach first, or it's just ingrained in some of us, that a man needs to ask the woman out, that it can be hard to do what you guys have to do all the time. We're like sorry, not sorry.

5. Why are girls SO offended when we check out your butt or boobs. To us, this is a compliment because you're hot!

What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

A little peaky-peak, sure, do you, but it's when we can see the drool or you keep looking instead of paying attention to what we're saying is when its often too much. Unfortunately that old chesnut of "well just cover up then," doesn't always work. You guys are weird. We like you, but you're weird sometimes because even in a turtleneck, it's like you're sitting there imagining what's underneath....

6. Do women care what a guy wears?

I think it's far less about "could he be a model on a runway with his style," and more about does he keep himself up and respect the occasion. Case in point, you're going out to a fancy dinner, and you go off and get your hair done and all dressed up and he rocks up in some ratty sweats with his facial hair looking like he's been lost at sea for a couple of months. It doesn't tend to be an attractive quality that women want in their man ESPECIALLY if he expects you to look cute or sexy or put together. Everything is subjective, but generally I think women want someone who keeps it healthy, clean, clothes fit them, dressing their age, and can dress for the occasion. The younger you are, the less emphasis there probably is on this, but once you're like out of college, it can matter a bit more.

7. Can a guy get out of the friendzone?

What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

Never say never, but know that the odds are not in your favor. If you feel like you are hanging around a girl because you want to date her but she thinks you're just a friend, that's on you. It is NEVER her fault she doesn't like you like that because you cannot force feelings, but hanging around forever in hopes of something happening or trying to break up her relationship to be with her, is bad vibes. Girls don't want to sleep with all of their guy friends. We can compartmentalize, this is a friend, this is someone we want to date/sleep with and if you fall in the former, that is what we expect that you are in our lives, especially if we've made that clear by rejection or declaring to your face that you are our friend whenever we talk about you.

8. How can we actually tell if you like us and are not just being friendly?

If a girl is a strong extrovert, it can be a bit harder to tell because they tend to be friendly and maybe more touchy feely with everyone than others, but the girl answering all your texts, always showing up when you invite her to things, matching your energy towards her, laughing at your jokes, calling you "just because," asking you to hang out, always wanting to include you in her plans, seemingly hurt when you have to cancel on her, keeping eye contact, touching your arm/shoulder, hair when she talks to you...probably a girl that likes you. Either that or ask her friends!

9. Why the hell can't you ever decide on a place to eat when we ask you, then when you ask us to pick, you say no?!?

What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

Um...yeah...maybe try some psychology on us like, "I know you really love Chik-Fil-A's fries like I do, and I'm really wanting some today, and it's close to the store, so how about we go there for lunch," as opposed to, "where do you want to eat." You may starve to death asking the latter.

10. When can we expect you to pay for a date?

If you're dating a traditionalist, forget about it, but for most others, maybe drop a subtle hint after the first date, like, "where are you taking me out next week?" May work, may not. However, if you're 5 dates in, and your wallet is draining like a sieve, AND you still really like the girl, switch to more economical dates like picnic in the park or free events in town or flat out ask if you can go half and half next time or if she can treat you the next go round, but don't let it get to months later because that girl is probably either a traditionalist or not wanting to change it up.

11. Why do women just seem to hold on to petty stuff FOREVER. Why can't you let it go?

What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?

Oh did you not wash that pile of dishes you created 2 weeks, 3 days, 17 hours, and 4 minutes ago when we asked you to because we were super tired and had a rough day and all we wanted to do was come home and relax to a clean house? We remember what you did. You know what you didn't do, but you've let it go because it wasn't all that important in your mind, but clearly it was to us...however, we tend not to express this as much in how that bothered us or what is currently bothering us because you're doing it again...and you should just definitely read our minds and know that this is what we're mad at, so we revert to petty grudges about it or bringing it up when we're pissed or the silent treatment. Annoying, but you annoyed us so now we're annoying you. Petty, CHECK!

12. Why the hell can't you ever be ready when we're ready? Why do you take so long!?!

We literally have so much more to do to get ready. Guys don't tend to have long hair, they don't have periods, or the need to shave their legs/armpits, or wear make up. Your clothes are also the same basic pieces, top, pants, same shoes, go. It can be like a 45 point process for us to get from bathroom to out the door with you and longer if we're the type of girl who really REALLY loves clothes and make-up. It's the washing our hair, blow drying and curling of the hair, our skin care routine, the putting on of make-up, shaving, period stuff, choosing the right outfit, shoes, accessories, changing our minds, re-doing everything, chatting with our friend on the phone while we discuss what we're doing...time is relative to us when we're preparing for the outside world and you screaming for us to come down stairs because you're going to be late, will literally add at least another half hour to our process. FACTS!

What Do Guys Want to Know About Girls?
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