Reasons to not pretend you are moral

For women:

1. If you sleep around with attractive guys, but won't have kids with any of them because you're saving that for marriage, you're hurting yourself. Let yourself have kids with the attractive men youve been sleeping with. The alternative is to have kids with a less attractive man, the kind of man you would inevitably have to setle for to get married. And why populate the world with less attractive people? Is it so you can feel moral? When those guys already jizzed inside you hundreds of times? Some of you got pregnant and you got an abortion. Only later to get pregnant again by a far less attractive man. In my book, you're a disgrace to humanity. Because you hate, or at least are indifferent of, human potential.

2. Everybody respects an honest woman more than a woman who acts honest. Megan the Stallion is more respectable than Megan Markle.

For men

1. Today's morality doesn't have your interest in mind. Churches will have you be a virgin until you're 30. Courts will have you paying child support for kids you aren't even sure are yours. Every man naturally considers himself first. If you are "moral", you're merely acting moral. You feel me?

2. There is no great meaning behind meaningless traditions. Do you know how many men go hunting. Fishing. Etc. Because their dad did? How much money they waste on that crap? And their dad did that stuff because his dad did, because at some point, hunting and fishing actually made sense. It saved you money. In today's world, you can get enough wild caught fish for a lifetime for the price of a fishing pole. STOP it with the "family man" crap. Keep it real. Be as practical as you are honorable.

Reasons to not pretend you are moral
Reasons to not pretend you are moral
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