Rejected? Well, Sometimes it's for the Best! You Will Learn More From it Than Anything Else

Rejected? Wel, sometimes its for the best'. You will learn more from it than from anything else.

In my teens I often pursued older girls. Usually, they would laugh at me, and some would get angry and tell me to go away at the first sign of my flirting with them.

But one girl, a student body president, studious and modest, instead took it upon herself to teach me about relationships. OF course, she was only 20 and not in any way an expert, herself, but naturally knew a lot more than a 16 year old1

She let me flirt with her and we would make out a little on the college lawn. But then she'd take me to a private place and tell me she had a guy her own age, and all about him. she would ask me why I wasn't with girls my own age, and I did my best to explain that I was attracted to more mature [ep[;e, and liked their ability to discuss subjects that people my own age generally couldn'.t.

She listened to everything I said very carefully. Then she gave me a book to read about Buddhism, of which I knew very little. She said it was good not to devote yourself to 'getting' girls, whatever their age, and should focus on gaining more maturity.

She would go over everything we did together, and also she knew a lot about me from other girls.

She would criticiw me about all my recent actions in detail, but never got angry of spiteful. She ws always gentle and soothing. Even when she had to tell me hurtful things about what people said about me, which she didn't sugarcoat.

Of course she made it quite clear she wasn't going to be a girl friend! But I never resented it, or tried to argue, since she was able t show me that the only a lot of pain and disruption woud have resulted.

She finally said that it was time to say goodbye, no more rolling around he more kissing.,and though we wuld talk once in a while she had her duties to attend to, and was gettting feedback and gossip about our relationship from her friends and from her faculty supervisor, whom she greatly respected.

She said she would have to take action to dispel this gossip and show the world nothing romantic was happening between us, and also she felt she had to deal with my other relationships that involved a club we belonged to on campus.

She very firmly took these actions, just as she had told me, and they hurt me at some levels, but they weren't a surprise and I never fought or complained about what she felt she HAD to do about me.

The goodbye was so definitive that I never tried to keep contact. IT would have been against nature as she had made me understand. She is married now (not the guy she was going with back then.). She has 3 kids.

I earned more from her than from any of the silly 'relationships' of my teen years, that's for sure, and will always be thankful.

Rejected? Well, Sometimes it's for the Best! You Will Learn More From it Than Anything Else
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  • TuMeManques
    Lovely take. I agree that we learn so much more from the trials in life than we ever will from the smooth roads.
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    • Somehow, she made it seem smooth, even though it was really one long critcism leading to rejection.

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  • thingirl
    Wow! She was a really good girl! I wish we had more people like her in the world! Did you ever give her a gift as a token of appreciation? just curious.
    • Yes, books of poetry. She was the only one iIke that I met in my teen years.

    hmmm... a real go-getter.
    hilarious that she was allowing herself to make out with you
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    • Kind hearted, I would say! But many thought it was funny, at the time.

  • CubsterShura

    I feel cruel.

    Once I rejected a guy one year younger than me. He cut himself badly and I couldn't say a thing. It has been a year and he still tries to be romantic with me.
    • Well, that's just silly. He wa trying to blackmail you, emotionally, which is borderline criminal.

    • Huh yeah. He was depressed and negative. I have no sympathy for these people.

  • mikehow
    there is somethings you learn in life, you could be good at. other things bad at. best thing is to give up, time is limited. life is short
    i hate the term "if you fail try again" just live life and move on
  • scooogy
    I'm done with learning, this is why meanwhile I gave up on asking girls out