Complete personality changes, Part 2... When a woman has a small child

Complete personality changes, Part 2...When a woman has a small child

The woman with the small child suddenly takes herself very seriously and will tend to judge what anyone near her says or does.

People who used to be open minded suddenly have every kind of prejudice.

Just for example.

"Men who make fun of girls are all jerks.'

'You are damaging my child when you flirt with me in front of her.'

You disrespect me when you get too familiar.'

How dare you touch my behind without permisssion!'

None of this applied a year ago, before she had her child. She was full of laughter and loved to experiment and certainly never had a problem with 'too familiar.' She still wears the same skintight jeans and maxi dresses......

Complete personality changes, Part 2... When a woman has a small child
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  • K1nkyK1ttenXx
    I don't know what woman would ever be OK with a random dude touching their ass, their spouse/partner or friend is one thing but not a stranger, ew gross NEVER a stranger... and wearing revealing clothing/dresses shouldn't matter or depict people into putting her into the slut category. What a woman wears or how she laughs or possibly flirts (lots of men mistake being nice for being flirty) doesn't give men or anyone a right to sexually harass them. If she was ok with it before maybe she really wasn't, she just was too afraid to stick up for herself... and I agree I wouldn't want some random guy to grab my ass in front of my kids... gross. Now like I said, if it was my boyfriend/husband thats totally different---grab my tushie anytime then. If she doesn't let her own boyfriend grab her ass then there's something wrong---unless the boyfriend is not the father of the child then that is a bit weird... I don't know lots of factors to consider here---kids are like mocking birds---you do something and they are likely to repeat it... i mean who wants little timmy grabbing all the butts at his preschool? LOLOL just wait til ya get to the bedroom man
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    • We're old friends, for years, I babysat for her a couple of times. Either you didn't read this, or you're a fembot fanatic who thinks only Trump and his frends have the right to touch women

    • No I just read your post, I didn't know you were even talking about yourself or what the situation is at all. I just now read all the comments---after your snarky remark lol---thats good that your old friends but is she with the babies father still? That could also be why---- but speaking as a mother of 3 kids and a model who sometimes dresses provacatively---yeah i dont like anyone touching me in front of the kids unless its my fiance/their father. and he doesn't like groping me in front of them either just because its weird lol. He will give me a quick slap on the tush but no groping/heavy kissing in front of them. I am not a fembot fanatic and I disapprove of Trump touching women like that, I am not into politics, I didn't vote. I just am giving my personal opinion----dont take what she says personal---but with a new child she probably doesn't have time for booty calls anymore----either you want to be with her or not---talk to her privately on phone and ask her how she feels about you.

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  • wankiam
    its called responsibility and as for tight jeans, if she still has the figure to wear them after childbirth then she is bound to show it off still. yes women change but of course they do. its parenthood and guys change too if they have a sense of responsibility too
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    • Sibiiaty is one thing, suddenly acting like a princess, full of your own n importance, that's not natural.

    • *responsibility is one thing. Apple and their 'corrections'...

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  • vishna
    "You disrespect me when you get too familiar."
    "How dare you touch my behind without permisssion!'"
    If she doesn't want you up in her kool aid, esp. around her baby, you just gotta back off and maybe find another lady to have a booty grabbing friendship with.
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    • Such a change from just a few months ago!

    • vishna

      I know... you liked grabbing a heavily pregnant woman's booty, knowing the baby wasn't yours?

    • No, but she was always easy-going and not full of herself, and cared about other people and their situations.

      Now, she;s hypercritical and loud, and makes up stories about me and anyone else that crosses her path!

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  • Meesah
    I honestly was the same way after having my son but I chilled out after the first year. I think it's all the hormones and the maternal instincts. I wouldn't want someone grabbing me in front of my kiddo though..
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    • Why not? How is it harming the kid? I think it sets a good example so the kid knows reality.

    • Meesah

      It's inappropriate... the kid may grow up thinking it's ok to just grab girls like that and if it's a girl she may think it's ok for people to touch her like that.

    • And isn't that reality, when you're with an old friend? What's wrong with an old friend pawing you a little?

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  • ThisDudeHere
    I suppose it's just a case of maternal protective instincts kicking in.
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  • Warmapplecrumble
    I am actually a mother. I lost my child.

    My personality did change I am more protective and assertive.

    But I don't care what others think or do.
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  • missgirlie114
    Maternal protective instincts kick in after having a child, so we become more open and out spoken
    • Downright aggressive!

    • Possibly some postpartum depression issues too. Can always consult with her OB/GYN..

  • menina
    Well, I guess she's just trying to protect her child and she became a serious person.
  • MlleCake
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • abundantlyrich
    Who you talking about?
    • Personality change...

    • If it's not your wife.., then why the concern

    • It's really strange to have an old friend suddenly change personality. It's a little like a ghost story.