'I want your honest opinion about my fat body'---greatest lie in the universe.

'I want your honest opinion about my fat body'---greatest lie in the universe.

A few weeks ago, a girl I had never talked to before PM's me and wanted my 'brutally honest' opinion about her body because I was someone who 'knew what he was talking about.'

She sent me headless pictures of herself. Just over 5 feet, 150 pounds. She looked muscular, the fat didn't hang or jiggle, but she was in a small bikini and you could barely see it sunk into the flesh.

She had NO waist or even a suggestion of one.

Repeatedly she pressed me for a 'brutally honest' opinion.

I wasn't brutal; I prefaced saying she needed to lose 25 lbs by saying she looked strong and fit in spite of being overweight. I didn't mention a WPRD about how the bikini looked.

SHE brought that up, asked me if it looked good on her and I said 'Not now. Challenge yourself to fit into it in 6 months.'

Then she sent me pictures of her face--cute-- and said I was off base, that she was quite attractive!

She hadn't sent me any information on BMI, but then she lectured me about how her BMI showed she only needed to lose 15 lbs, not 25. She said her doctor knew more than I did, and that I was saying she was huge, and so forth words I had never uttered to her.

And while she didn't know it as a certified fitness instructor, I know BMI is not very scientifically useful as an assessment of fitness or appropriate weight...

Fially she said I couldn't do math ad that I was a stupid old man (could be her older brother, and she knew my age when she PM'd me!)

Lesson: Don't answer questions about fat women's bodies, even if they are total strangers online and keep insisting you be 'brutally honest.'

Don't expect such women to even be rational, let alone level-headed about even TACTFULLY honest advice!

Millions of wome voted for Trump...the ones I know were all fat!

'I want your honest opinion about my fat body'---greatest lie in the universe.
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  • dragonfly6516
    I'm fat. I didn't vote for Trump... ANYWAYS, I know that I'm "fat", I know that people don't want to see it, so I don't dress in revealing clothing.

    Do I hate myself, have low self esteem, or hate on others for not "loving me as I am"? Fuck no!

    It's called "preference", and you can't simply choose to like something, or to get aroused by something that you don't like, so why hate on you for it?

    I know that I have genetic conditions (bone, muscle, and joint deformities since birth) beyond my control that make losing weight through exercise difficult, and I know that I'm doing the best that I can with what I have. So, why should I feel bad about myself?

    I'm a sapeosexual. That means that I fall in love based purely on personality, and usually fall for men that most would deem "unattractive", so I know for fact that there are men out there who can love me for who I am.

    On that note, let's bring up the divorce rate. It's too damned high! And the very cause is the pressure placed on us by the media to be in a relationship, often times when we have no business trying to date, when we should really be single and working on ourselves. And that in turn causes people to irrationally hook up with people who are so WRONG for us, just to not be alone! Because society has been brainwashed into believing that something is wrong with us if we are single.

    And the morals. We're animals, mammals to be exact. Sex feels good! Humans love sex, but there is so much pressure to wait until marriage. Kids (anyone under 25 in my opinion is still a "kid" ) actually get married just to have sex! Yes, that actually happens! If everyone could just stop with this "right and wrong crap", and just be who they are, and do what makes them happy (without imposing on others), there wouldn't be *as many* fat people, because people wouldn't be stressed into eating their feelings all the time :-)

    And finally, confidence! Are you happy? Like truly purely happy with who you are? If yes, then you're beautiful, because there will be someone who is jealous of you happiness, and will covet you.
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  • Belgie
    If I'm asked for an honest opinion, I always give one. If they decide to have a fit about it, I ignore it. I don't even read it. Because I didn't ask for their reaction to my honest opinion. I've zero interest in their reaction to my honest opinion. If I say you're a lard ass, it's because i think you're a lard ass. I don't care if that upsets you, motivates you or fills you with gratitude. I especially don't care how the fat in your head makes you misread what I said, mishear what I spoke, or in any way fails to let reality interfere with the fantasy going on in your head.
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  • Alessus
    I had female user also contact me for the same reason, in pretty much the same way, though our conversation was civil, no lecturing on either side and I still gave her my honest opinion. But I suppose in general, I've noticed that most times when people ask for your honest opinion, they'll only appreaciate it if they agree with it.
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  • itsallover
    I've seen you say some unsavoury and uncalled for things about normal women's bodies, so I don't have sympathy for you, nor am I on your side.
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    • Blonde401

      Yeah agreed. For a man with no picture of himself he has far too much of an opinion on women's bodies.

    • @Blonde401 You think she's svelte?

    • Blonde401

      Where did I say that?

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  • Justacatlady
    Women are systematically trained to think whatever the media tells them to think and there is a huge "love the body your in" and "curvy" trends going on.
    Neither of these is a good thing. A healthy woman should be trending. She doesn't have to be any certain size, just healthy.
    As for the woman who begged for brutal honesty, you should have given it to her and told her she was fat and needed to lose weight before wearing her bikini.
    • She said it herself... we agreed a high waisted bikini would be better for now... but then she started accusing me of saying she was huge and other words Ihad never uttered.

    • Sounds like she was crazy, not just fat

    • I never said that to her!! But obviously, when someone asks for your opinion and then starts calling you names because she doesn't like your opinion.. only the girl power people would back that kind of behavior, like Blonde and Itsallover above.

  • JohnDoe3000
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    • About the BMI, it DOES work well for everyone who's not a heavy athlete/bodybuilder. You say she needs to lose 25 pounds to look good in a bikini, she says her doctor told her to lose 15 pounds to get a non-overweight BMI. There's no conflict there: being barely within the healthy BMI range doesn't make you look good in a bikini, it just makes you sort of healthy enough to probably not die of a clogged artery.

  • CubsterShura
    It happens mostly because we get too used to be body-shamed and insecure.

    I used to be a fat kid. I'm fit now but I still feel fat and want to lose more weight. I still feel fat in my old clothes.

    It just happens. :/
    • You'll be fie, do not worry about weight1

    • I don't. I mostly worry about body measurements, shape and appearance etc. I look heavier than I look, such that I have to say I'm a few pounds more than my actual weight to make people believe that.

  • lizziepooh03
    I would continue to give my honest opinion if asked. Some will appreciate an honest answer and some will not but if they ask for it then I will give it.
  • ThisDudeHere
    Well, I guess I would only be sort of mindful of what I say but I would give the truth.
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  • Anastasiya00
    agree, don't do it lol unless you don't mind the nagging. this women are clearly insecure. I've been there
  • John_Doesnt
    I totally agree. No girl has ever wanted to be honestly told she's "Fatty Fatty 2x4 can't get through the kitchen door". Even though that's the honest opinion about her body.
    • TeaMoney

      LMFAO my grandma used to tell me that

      Why was my grandma such a bitch

  • Warmapplecrumble
    It was a opinion she asked you. So you were right.

    But based on my opinion these women do not look unhealthy to me.

    And new research suggests that overweight women live longer than slimmer and obese women. Men would be selfish health-wise to put their woman at risk by asking her to obtain a certain ideal.

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  • Bezbozhnikustanka
    If you want a good husband like Roman Abramovich or Donald Trump you need to get yourself a personal trainer, but, if your happy to be married to Joe Lunchpale keep eating.
  • Blonde401
    I don't really get the point of this?
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    • It doesn't seem strange to ask for 'but a honesty' and then call someone names for giving their not-so-brutal opinion?

    • Blonde401

      You didn't go anywhere with this take though. It was just a rant. And your title doesn't make much sense. I don't really see the point of this. One woman asked you something and you turned it into a rant on women.

    • Classic case of what happens when you answer this sort of question.
      Doesn't it seem familiar?

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  • ROCKS128
    I went through similar situation too!
    May be i guess the same girl with no head.😂😂😂😂
    The brutal honest, bmi, pounds, height weight were all same things!😂
    I said she was fat, she needed to reduce much. She accused me, called me dumb and all she could!
    But guess what im what i speak, and i rarely take my words back!
    I tried to tell her it was just my opinion, she could find fake opinions in someone else if she is interested! But she was too busy complaining that i judged her!😝
    It was fun at first but i got pissed off later.
    However i never took back my words or will i take back! Unless im wrong. And i knew I wasn't wrong!😂😂😂👏
  • scooogy
    My universal answer would be "you're beautiful as always"
    voted for trump, never been fat
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    • Blonde401

      How did you vote for trump if you live in Japan?

    • @Blonde401 It's called a joke, mang.

    • cavmanier

      @Blonde401 How do soldiers vote while overseas? People can vote through the mail.

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  • GirlyEmmie
    Are you sure she wasn't a troll?