Body Image, and the Truth about Your Health.


Before I start I want everyone to take a deep breath, a chill pill if you need one, and first take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Body Image, and the Truth about Your Health.

Everyone Do that? Ok, what do you see?

Maybe you see the sexiest motherfucker who ever lived, maybe you're like me and have things about you're appearance you wish you could change. For me its acne, no matter what I do I always seem to get breakouts as soon as the last one clears up. I have little blonde hairs on my lip that probably no one else would see even if I showed them, but I know theyre there and it bugs the craps out of me. I look too skinny for my liking and I wish I had more weight and muscle to not just make myself stronger but also look more like a grown woman than a little kid.

If I let it bother me it can be really frustrating and make me not want to go out. Like I dont feel good enough to let anyone see me. I'm just being real and a lot of you probably get the same kinds of issues when you really start to think about what you wish you looked like.

But here's the thing: no matter what you define as beautiful or sexy, or whether you fit your own description of that, health is a different topic than that.

what makes a person healthy? Things like:

Good diet: eating food that's nutritious and not full of empty calories

Body Image, and the Truth about Your Health.

Exercise: actually using the calories that you ingest and not letting them coagulate into goop

Body Image, and the Truth about Your Health.

Your overall physical fitness: how fast can you you run a mile? Can you defend yourself? Could you help someone who's hurt get away from danger?

Body Image, and the Truth about Your Health.

These things are like science, you can measure yourself in each of those categories and determine how long you can expect to live and what you'll die from. Things that make you die sooner like smoking, drugs, and HIGH CHOLESTEROL(I think you get where I'm going with this) will all help you develope heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, all the diseases you get what I'm saying? The eggheads break it down to the molecular levels and they know for a fact whos healthy or not.

Body Image, and the Truth about Your Health.

They also ride dinosaurs because of course scientists ride mother effing dinosaurs!


I just wanted to make that clear to everyone. Whatever you think is "curvy", "sexy", and "attractive" is your business. No one has control over the body type that's pleasing to their eyes so I dont judge, but before you call a certain amount of extra body fat HEALTHY, consider that now there's facts involved and not just your opinion.

So back to body image, if your weight is something that when you look in the mirror you don't like, then I have the most amazing news! You can change that😄 some things like not liking you're nose or your height you can't really do anything about, so youve got to just accept those things as part of your beauty, but a quick jog and less Doritos a day can make you look better, and feel better because you'll be seriously more healthy. The wrong thing to do is look at yourself in the mirror and say, its healthy and ok to just accept an extra 30 pounds as part of my beauty.

Again, if that just rocks your boat sexually and that's the reason then you do you, but just dont call it healthy.

Body Image, and the Truth about Your Health.
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  • KenM9215
    now when I ask you this question, I don't mean to ask it and it sound rude by anymeans (trust me I'm not trying to be rude).

    What are you doing about those things on your own? lets look at what you CAN control vs. what you can't.

    So you can't control your genetics (height, facial structure, hair, things like that) but you can control other things.

    First off, you can totally shave the hair on the top of your lip. There is no shame in that and NO it does not come back in thicker or fuller or with more intensity, that's a shaving myth.

    I don't know if you've been to a dermatologist, but that's a good place to start with acne. I had a friend who had horrible acne on her face, and she went to a dermatologist and they gave here these pills that she had to take every day, by the end of the month her face had cleared up significantly, two months in, it was practically gone and she was so happy about it.

    Also do you work out or go to the gym to build the muscle you speak of? if so what are you doing? It's funny because (and not to generalize here) but most women I see at the gym ONLY do cardio, and cardio is great, especially if you want to cut fat and lean yourself. Most women are afraid of lifting weights because they don't want to "BULK" up (which they never would not like a man would and not without the help of steroids).

    So I ask this as a person who wants to see you be successful and have a better, more positive image of yourself, what are you doing to control what you CAN control? :)
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    • I use acne pads to wipe my face, I do shave my lip ( tried plucking them but it fucking hurts) and I do work out. I don't have weights but I do pull ups on tree branch's and I'm outside a lot running or hiking through our woods. Since it's summer now ill be swimming a lot too.

      i dont judge people purely on aesthetics alone, like if someone is overwright but they do eat healthy and exercise but its just diabetes or genetics, then there's nothing wrong with that. Sitting on your ass all day when you have plenty of time to go for a walk or eating cinnamon rolls for dinner, thats when I judge people. Not because theyre fat, but because theyre lazy and unhealthy. The fat is a by product of shitty lifestyle.

    • KenM9215

      see acne pads never worked for me when I had acne back as a teenager. I don't feel they absorbed to well into my skin so I started using a cream. For the hair on the lip, shave with the grain first, then against the grain to get a closer shave. (idky I'm saying that I just feel like I should lol).

      hmm another good work out you can do is sit ups, crunches, and pushups. pushups will definitely help you build strength in your arms (as you're using your own body weight). if you don't have any weights at home, maybe try to get some if possible? start off with 10lbs and work your way up. Swimming is a great way to exercise, but you have to actually push yourself in the pool and not just lounge around. Do laps :) Also, who knows maybe you're just a lean muscle kind of girl. Also you are 15, you still have plenty of time to develop to "look" like a woman. you are at that weird age of being at a half way point of kind of kid but also kind of grown adult, it will come :)

    • KenM9215

      Also I can agree to that last sentiment, but only if those people are complaining about their health/weight and they continue to do those habits. For me, if someone is perfectly okay with being that way and living that way, who am I to judge? you only live once (as far as we know) so if that's how you want to enjoy life, go for it! :)

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  • SaltyBooze
    went to a great start, then tossed science on the middle and then tried fat-shaming in hiding... guess what? you know how much fat ratio is great for your health (as being said by scientists)? around 30% for men, 40% for women. google that on google images... first thing you'll see is its definitely more fat than socially acceptable (by cultural standards) and second thing you'll see is that there's SEVERAL diferent images of it. guess what? it changes from person to person. only a doctor can actually measure that safely. that being said, diet can go a long way into changing how healthy you are, true, same with exercise. cutting drugs consumption is good as well. all those are amazingly good. also regular exercise. yes. thats pretty good. but don't you go imposing your own idea of what health is when you call them scientists in the math... as theyre pretty blunt about how much fat is healthy.
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    • Look, I'm not saying if you're carrying extra weight that you're ugly, or that you'll die from it tomorrow. Some people want to look softer and have a fuller face or whatever visually appealing thing more body fat does for you. But that doesn't mean you wouldn't be more healthy instead of just "ok" once you trimmed the weight you don't need. Extra weight is bad for your joints its bad for your brain even. I'm not shaming anyone but these are facts. Its like smoking. If you want to smoke and you think it's "ok" or "fine" or "average" or "cool" or "preferably acceptable" thing to do, then do what you want. But it's not healthy and you'd be lying to say it is.

    • SaltyBooze

      but then again, as soon as you bought up scientists to the equation, you gotta check out what they have to say about it. what they have to say about it is that 30% fat for men and 40% for women is considered ok. that would be what you considered extra weight? you are trying to fat shame in hiding, and tossing science on the middle, but the science ain't backing you up on that. only a doctor should be able to check on that body fat ratio and decide "oh, you're above your ideal weight". but the consensus is 30%-40%, and that is considered "overweight" by most cultures.

    • I think I just struck a nerve with you personally and that's why you're so defensive. I've said over and over that I'm not judging and not shaming, just telling people "hey you could probably be healthier. We all can improve right? Don't try to pass off overweight and average as being actually physically fit and healthy" that's all I'm saying. If that bothers you then my guess is your exactly the person who needed to hear that message.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • cherryphi82
    What you're saying is 100% true, and really should be common sense, but the lengths of self-denial people go to today is extraordinary. Nothing you put out here is in anyway controversial or shaming. Any doctor would tell you this. But in our increasingly politicized world, saying extra weight is unhealthy has become the equivalent of hating. Whereas the character and body assassination of women who are underweight or naturally thin has become common place and even accepted. The world is full of hypocrisy, sadly. Good for you for having the courage to speak up. Great take!
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  • doodleheads
    i agree, and to me being healthy should start from what you put in your body like food, vitamins, and minerals. then it's keeping your bones, spine, and joints strong, then it's to work on your mobility, and strength, to keep your body in good shape and function, then work on having a positive mindset. being healthy should be both mentally and physically.

    it seems to me that most people have already lost sight on what being healthy actually means and what the true purpose of being healthy even means at all. then there are those that don't even care because they are so obsessed with just getting a good looking body because their gf/bf said they're fat/skinny or they just got dumped so they want revenge by getting a nice body to make their ex regret and etc etc. but even if that's the case, don't be stupid. because i see it all the time, people getting into gym that is so obsessed in getting results asap for their lame and stupid reasons. they have never done any research about exercising at all. they end up completely destroying their joints and will bash about the exercise destroying people's joints. but in reality, it's really just themselves not being able to accept the fact that they're doing things properly from the start. usually people doing things this way will end up destroying their body, joints, and their mental problems, anger issues, obsession, ego, and etc will gets worse and worse over time without themselves even realizing it.
    • but in reality, it's really just themselves not being able to accept the fact that they're *not* doing things properly from the start.

  • Astraea
    I wish people would understand that they are egocentric and bodycentric. The sooner people leave this mindset the better the world will be. This isn't someone you can teach shallow people and they get offended if you try. This is something you experience.. you see your body not as an aesthetic vehicle to sexually please but a miracle to appreciate in any form.
    • Astraea

      This isn't something* you can teach shallow people

    • So to want to healthy, strong, and fit for myself, and to say that everyone else should do what makes them happy, that's what you're calling shallow? Whatever.

    • Astraea

      I fail to see how this article isn't common knowledge, something a child would know.

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  • JimRSmith
    Well said, and very true.

    People who aren't happy with their weight generally do indeed have it within their power to do something about it.

    And they shouldn't kid themselves that carrying those extra pounds around is a healthy thing to do.
  • ScaryCool
    Good MyTake.

    While I do want to look pretty good, the main reason I've been exercising and doing my best to eat healthy is simply because I'd like to be healthy. I feel I function a lot better and think clearer when I'm taking care of myself more.
  • Logorithim
    This is quite true, and good job in particular of pointing out that it all lies within you to get yourself where you want to be, i. e., you have to be the change agent/motivator.
  • NovissimumVirorum
    I don't see why sex is brought into this, and I have BD which makes things pretty difficult for me when it comes to body image regardless of exercise and dieting
    • I mentioned sex Just because of what people think looks "sexy" like some guys say bigger curvier girls are more attractive and some say really skinny girls are attractive. That part of it is all perspective and whether or not you're healthy is scientific. That's all I'm trying to get across.

      Whats BD stand for?

  • Nikki2020
    Agreed it’s nice to look good on the outside but those who love who won’t care. It’s more important to feel good and ge best way to do that is to take care of yourself. Once that starts a domino effect will occur. You’ll start looking and feeling great
  • CubsterShura
    I always say that, as long as you are healthy and fit, your body shape, thin/thick, boob size, stretch mark these things don't really matter much to most people anymore.
  • frankross
    exercise 3 days a week
    fast for 5 to 10 hours in the morning
    then eat food a good amount
    and relax

    alkalize the body to cure disease
    and do long water fast to cure disease
    that's my advice

    it takes months but it works
  • Servus09
    Great my take! We need to encourage more people to have a healthy lifestyle. Me personally, I have always thought that being healthy is sexy.
  • ovoxo_
    I now think I'm the most sexiest man alive. Thank you.
  • JKask
    Love it girl, but I disagree in a few points
  • cupidkisses
    Good take
  • CT_CD
    Great myTake
  • John_Doesnt
    Big booty image is what really matters in society.
  • Yesnomaybe85
    Hilarious 😂
  • Nice222
    Not sure I agree but ok
  • Anonymous
    Nice take
  • Anonymous
    Most points are correct. Good take
  • Anonymous
    Great take..
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    I wish people would focus on what's healthy for them.
  • Anonymous
    I never want my body to limit what I want to do.

    If I want to go to that outdoor event, I want to do so with ease. If I want to play with my dog or play catch with my (hypothetical) kid, or go hike through a eurpoean city...

    Well to do those things I need to be a certain level of fit, and I aim to keep it that way. I also expect to involve my SO in these things, so she needs to maintain that as well.