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Final Destination sample

So I went to the bathroom and got bruised. How did this happen? My calf wasn't between the toilet seat obviously because WHAT WOULD IT BE DOING THERE? HOW? WHY? I mistakenly dropped the toilet seat and it clipped my juicy...
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Things about Epilepsy that you may not have known

Only 3% of epileptics are photosensitive This means that it's actually a big misconception that All epilepsy + flashing light = seizure, most epileptics are not photosensitive. Partial-Myth: Photosensitive epileptics...
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Is it healthy to laugh and be happy?

I recently had a flashback to my childhood when I would watch the Sheriff John Lunch Brigade show on TV. I clearly remember his "Put Another Candle on Your Birthday Cake" song, and this one, "Laugh and Be Happy". It's a...
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Can Depression Cause Short Term Memory Loss?

Yes, it can. I've been experiencing this for a long time. I had my senior prom yesterday, and it has all been a blur to me, looking back on last night. I do remember meeting a few select of people, but I can hardly...
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Depression and Anxiety. Finding alternate ways to tackle this!

Lately I have been going through depression and anxiety, thoughts of the future. Possibilities, trails of endless imagination and becoming lost in thought! I have been regularly seeking counselling / therapy help, this is...
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Benefits of date fruit

Dates contain high level of carbo-hydrates(44% - 88%) which makes them very good source of instant energy. They have low fat contain(0.2% - 0.5%) so there is hardly any risk of gaining weight and one can eat many dates at...
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The three D's of under confidence. Name = Shweta Arora Qualification = IIM, Ahmedabad.(Literally the best of the best institutes in India) IIM = Indian Institute of Management(Elites of elite institutes for...
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Soy is not as unhealthy as you might think

In spite of the totally undeserved hate that soy and soybeans (also known as edamames or green beans) have gotten over the last few years, they are rich in Vitamin K, just like avocados and peanuts. Contrary to popular...
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The motivations and thought process behind self mutilation

TW: Self Harm/suicidal ideology An in depth look into the motivations behind self mutilation in a 17 year old girl. She clicked the lock on the bathroom door and leaning up against it, slide down onto the white tile...
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Anybody with an eating disorder... READ MY STORY!!

So you know those baby bellies that all little kids have, they usally go away around 5 or 6, I still had mine at 7. My mom was the tinest woman I knew. She weight about 105 pounds and I would always overhear her talking...
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How to know when you're getting old..

I had so much fun making my other take about old age: "You Know You're Getting Old When.____" Wednesday. I thought I'd do a part 2... I guess this is where I need to add a DISCLAIMER🙄: This take is meant in fun, and if...
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The Pandemic: 2 Years Later From A Tired Nurse

Author’s Note: I wasn’t going to post this. I wrote it, then talked myself out of it. Then talked myself into it, only to talk myself out of it again. Then my partner wanted me to watch a COVID-19 documentary with her. I...
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What Does Depression Feel Like?

As some of you people who have never had depression, you'd assume depression is a phase or that it's something to easily get out of. That's where you're completely wrong. Depression is nothing to make fun of nor is it...
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Omicron variant - how the world reacts based on the old crisis, never the current one.

It's an old saying, that generals fight the current way using the tactics they learned from the previous one. When Covid first hit, the world was slow to react, because the relatively simple nature of SARS and MERS had...
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Real Talk: Autism

I was born in April, Autism Awareness Month, and as irony would have it, I was born with autism, myself. To strangers, it was more evident in my earliest years and just out of sight for my parents, altogether. People...
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The Fit, The Fat and The Diet (why diets are bad)

Diets: diets are a short term plan of weight loss usually following a rule or principle to achieve this ex: keto, Atkins, dash, etc So why are counting calories bad. Well the root of many diets is counting calories....
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A Public Service Announcement (PSA) - in case this ever happens to you

So at dinner I was minding my own business. Eating my sandwich from our local sub sandwich shop and eating the healthy alternative kind of chips (you know, the ones kissed by the sun) when BAM! All of a sudden I sneezed....
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Struggling With Sleep

- SLEEP TAKE - If any of you people are wondering why the hell have I stopped writing takes, its because the last couple of weeks have been really shitty and I'm not in a good place. Hence, this venting take. Don't...
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Food goes beyond calories

Growing up I was told real men eat tons of food and have bellies. Lol. When the body wants food its really the blood that wants nutrients. Because all food ends up as nutrients in the bloodstream. The entire body is...
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Gained 83lbs since the first lockdowns and it have been a truly liberating experience.

Not many people think of these things, but it is difficult to be slim in this day and age. At the start of the pandemic I used to be underweight and let me tell you, compared to my current life it have been so...
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