Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!

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Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!

What Are Editors?

If you've noticed certain GAG users have an orange badge next to their username that says "Editor" on it, these are GirlsAskGuys Editors. Editors are GAG users who have been selected by the admins because of their number of "Featured" myTakes.

As a GAG user, you have the opportunity to be promoted to Editor status by the admin staff. Editors are active site users that consistently write informative, interesting, or helpful myTakes that are promoted and featured on the site. For information about how to write a Featured myTake, click here.

Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming An Editor?

Editor myTakes are automatically promoted on GAG. Without having to wait for a moderator to promote a myTake, Editor myTakes will gain more exposure and engagement on the site faster.

Other Editor benefits include:

- The orange “Editor” label will be listed next to your username

- An automatic 25 Xper points for each myTake posted

- The ability to link your social media accounts to your profile to show up as links under each of your myTakes

- Editor opinions appear at the top of all other opinions when you leave a response on a myTake

- The opportunity to be chosen as Editor of the Month, which includes a featured myTake highlighting your top three posts, a short bio, and a $25 Amazon gift card

- Editors have the ability to go back and edit within 48 hours of posting their myTakes.

- Status on GAG, which will highlight the importance of your opinions, questions, and myTakes

** Though all of your myTakes are automatically promoted, our Chief Editor has the right to remove the promotion of the myTake if it violates GAG rules. If this happens multiple times, your Editor status may be revoked.

How Often Do Editors Need To Post myTakes?

Though it is not a requirement, we hope you will post at least one to two times per week on GAG. We encourage you to share your myTake on other social media platforms to gain more visibility and Xper points!

How To Become An Editor:

If you are interested in becoming a GAG Editor, you can get noticed by consistently writing myTakes! Writing myTakes on a variety of topics and using the tools provided (such as Headers, bolding titles, and using quality images) will improve your chances of being invited to become an Editor. :)

Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!
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