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Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!

What Are Editors?

If you've noticed certain GAG users have an orange badge next to their username that says "Editor" on it, these are GirlsAskGuys Editors. Editors are GAG users who have been selected by the admins because of their number of "Featured" myTakes.

As a GAG user, you have the opportunity to be promoted to Editor status by the admin staff. Editors are active site users that consistently write informative, interesting, or helpful myTakes that are promoted and featured on the site. For information about how to write a Featured myTake, click here.

Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming An Editor?

Editor myTakes are automatically promoted on GAG. Without having to wait for a moderator to promote a myTake, Editor myTakes will gain more exposure and engagement on the site faster.

Other Editor benefits include:

- The orange “Editor” label will be listed next to your username

- An automatic 25 Xper points for each myTake posted

- The ability to link your social media accounts to your profile to show up as links under each of your myTakes

- Editor opinions appear at the top of all other opinions when you leave a response on a myTake

- The opportunity to be chosen as Editor of the Month, which includes a featured myTake highlighting your top three posts, a short bio, and a $25 Amazon gift card

- Editors have the ability to go back and edit within 48 hours of posting their myTakes.

- Status on GAG, which will highlight the importance of your opinions, questions, and myTakes

** Though all of your myTakes are automatically promoted, our Chief Editor has the right to remove the promotion of the myTake if it violates GAG rules. If this happens multiple times, your Editor status may be revoked.

How Often Do Editors Need To Post myTakes?

Though it is not a requirement, we hope you will post at least one to two times per week on GAG. We encourage you to share your myTake on other social media platforms to gain more visibility and Xper points!

How To Become An Editor:

If you are interested in becoming a GAG Editor, you can get noticed by consistently writing myTakes! Writing myTakes on a variety of topics and using the tools provided (such as Headers, bolding titles, and using quality images) will improve your chances of being invited to become an Editor. :)

Become an Editor for GirlsAskGuys!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Red_Arrow
    I wrote myTakes and became an editor. Without understanding what was going on. I wrote a couple more myTakes, again on subjects I care about and felt needed discussing. And i was given the title Editor. Then I went through a period of not having anything particular on my mind. During that time I read many myTakes from people who seemed to not know what they were talking about or were just talking to be talking. Then I received notice from G@G that I needed to write 2 a month or give up the title Editor. I wrote back and told them that I was not going to write things just to keep a title and told them to take it back. I will probably write more soon, but they will be about things I am really feeling an interest in.

    Meanwhile, I continue to see so many myTakes that really are not saying anything of value mixed in with the really good one. There are several Editors that have rund out of things to say, but they are still talking. To me, that is lowering the quality of the myTakes.
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    • SirenDep

      I agree with you. Posting low quality material to keep the editor's badge isn't worth it

    • guy532

      100% agree, a good mytake can take a while to write and needs some insperation. I think they should make it 1 posted mytake per 2 months.

    • @guy532 Whats the guru title

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Stacyzee
    I enjoy writing mytakes and being an editor.
    However, I feel mytakes that lack quality get promoted right along with those that are well written.
    Since poor mytakes fit in the criteria for promotion... this means eventually these people will also become a editors.
    The editor status will eventually lose its meaning I feel.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • RedRobin
    Id really like to be one 😊
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    • yofuknutz

      Just because you wanted to happen doesn't mean it's going to happen.

  • "50 xper points will be earned for every promoted myTake and 150 xper points will be earned for each featured myTake! This means Editors can earn up to 200 xper points for each myTake they write and submit." that's why they keep posting myTakes that does not really say anything and makes no sense. For the xper points. Well, this clears things up.
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  • BaileyisDarcy
    That's my name. And my take.

    My life is now complete. I have been recognized.

    I actually didn't know the two takes per month was a thing so I am now glad that I write spontaneously and relatively frequently.
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  • DarkHumorRUs
    I could definitely become an editor if I had more to write about for Takes. Why can't you look at our comments and decide?
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  • YourFutureEx
    All of 'myTakes' have been promoted. I have 5 myTakes in coming. I don't know if I'll become one or not but if I did, I'll give it back. There's no point in becoming editor. Your myTakes will automatically be promoted rather than waiting for a day or two. That's all?

    There was a time when I used to think that these Guru, mod and editor badges are cool.
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    • Oddly enough, I kind of agree. I enjoy being an editor and an Uber mod but it seems like these things are being rewarded to people so easily any more. I see some mods that are moving up so quickly in the ranks and it kind of pisses me off because I had to work to become an Uber. Same with being an editor. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

      Sorry for ranting on your opinion.

    • @CHARismatic110 - Raise your voice! If you have a point, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're ranting. I'm always cool but whenever I try to put my points pragmatically, people ignore the things and say that I'm just ranting. :/

      Personally, I don't have problems with anyone being promoted so easily because I cannot tell how hard they work but I certainly do have problems when some trolls and unhelpful sarcastic people became mods. Some of them post publicly that they are guilty of it. This depicts that how cheap they are. I didn't know that the staff was so impotent that they blindly selected so many mods without even scrutinising their quality of posts.

      And 2 myTakes per month? There are ~3 users who are inactive for over two months and are still editors!

      But at the end of the day, we should stay happy because (even constructive) criticism is worthless. This is business, Char, this is business.
      And they don't even earn that much money. They're really helpless.

    • Yeah I seriously don't see how some people were promoted. And honestly, how hard are they working to be promoted to next level in under a month? But whatever.

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  • TheDevilInside
    I was one. Then because I couldn't be bothered writing takes anymore (I was busy moving out from Europe and starting a New life in asia, btw), they took it away from me. Pffft like I care. My new future and my new friends awaits me.
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  • Tdieseler
    You know... i could be an editor... i mean... my rant-Tisodes break like every GAG rule... but they always get promoted.
    here's the deal. You make me an editor... and give me topics... and ratisodes will continue. if not... well.. im fine where im at... but... it would be nice to have an unbiased editor eh? lol
  • lime_rampljuset
    I think they should change the name from "editor" to "contributor," it fits better the role. Because an editor is someone who reviews and corrects writing and spelling mistakes...
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  • Littlett25
    I think being an Editor is one of the coolest badge/job on here. I used to never read myTakes but now I think they're one of the most interesting things!
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  • vonasaurus
    i'd love to become an editor eventually~ i'm usually super busy with school but, now that my leg is broken and i don't go back until September, i'll have more time to write awesome takes :)
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  • Hannah591
    I really liked receiving the editor status. It felt like a reward for all the myTakes I had written for the site. :) Reward users and you get more in return I say!
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  • JosyJosy
    Just got linked to this...'consistently' writing MyTakes. I'd fail. I will write if I really have something to say. But that makes the MyTakes more worthwhile, more about the quality than the quantity
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  • 9mfeo
    Does editor status *actually* get taken away for publishing questionable content, or is it just an idle threat?
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  • Mesonfielde
    It'd be nice to be an Editor, but I'd personally have to have the inspiration for two myTakes a month, which I don't! Shame :p

    Good to know official information about this, it'll be helpful!
  • AustinMan
    I have edited all my life and I'll be glad to help out.
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    • Unfortunately, it doesn't mean you can edit the text in your mytakes or anyone else's once it's been submitted. As this particular take states, it just means that your takes get promoted instantly once you achieve the Editor title. They still get reviewed by admins for quality control (making sure it's not breaking the site rules), but they get promoted because that Editor now has a history of writing quality material.

    • AustinMan

      You again? LOL How was your weekend. Reply in messaging. I did misread it but I publish pretty frequently and have had some promoted.

    • Oh I didn't even know you had replied here until just now. Sorry.

    I believe this is a great cross-gen venue to share thoughts questions and ideas in a ever evolving world.

    Having said that, reading comments with the words ‘you ugly faggot’ aren’t conducive to a all exclusive online community.

    I like to see GaG a safe and open forum for all to ask questions without prejudice or judgement.

    Loving it so far!
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  • BurCelf
    When applying to become an editor, how long does it usually take until you hear back from them? Will we be told if we are denied?
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  • thewhiteballer
    This is stupid. Why would I want to do this if I'm not getting paid?
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  • MCheetah
    I wanted to be an editor. The admins don't seem to like me enough for that... But it's okay.
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    • yofuknutz

      They don't seem to appreciate my efforts

    • Joeshamo

      I don't know why. You’re really smart.

  • 99percentangel
    I've signed up to become a editor like a million times, and I've posted a lot of mytakes... how come I'm not a editor yet? I'm so done lol.
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