A Review of GirlsAskGuys

A Review of GirlsAskGuys

What is it?

GaG, or GirlsAskGuys is a website designed so that people who have questions can get answers and vice versa from others just like them. Almost anything can be asked, questioned, debated, or an opinion shared on a topic with others. There is also an option to write a MyTake, whereby you are able to share your opinion or go deeper into your questioning of something with more explanation or like this, share a review of something you have used and would like to inform others about.


A Review of GirlsAskGuys

You can ask pretty much anything which is especially important to those that feel like in their real lives they have no one to talk to or ask questions to.

Sometimes you will get a different point of view on something that you didn't even think of, or reassurance that you aren't crazy, or wrong, or that you had a point about something.

It's free

There are monthly contests and a points system where you can either win gift cards, donate to charity, or collect other prizes.

You can remain anonymous if you'd like to.

You can block those members who are providing a negative experience for you and the site is monitored in attempt to cut down on this.

You get to read a lot of interesting perspectives on a wide range of subjects from people around the world.

You get to express yourself and reach a larger audience than perhaps you would have otherwise on a range of topics.

You can connect with other members on a more personal level and build an online friendship or simply follow what they are writing, asking, and saying to keep up with that which you have connected with.


A Review of GirlsAskGuys

Internet trolls

Trolls who over-sexualize every single response to every single question no matter the category.

Members who are here to collect points alone, rather then leave any useful feedback.

Members who drop GaG or GaG drops them, and they sign up again and start complaining/harassing others all over again.

Members who verbally attack/insult other members for simply having an opinion which they asked for.

Members who abuse their Anon status to harass others.

If one has a more in-depth response to an opinion, they are sometimes limited by the word count in the response box which results in a lot of responses being 2+ response boxes long.

Some people find not getting follow up responses to questions or opinions left for others frustrating.

GaG battles that result from one individual refusing to recognize fact even if proof is provided to the point of ridiculousness.


GirlsAskGuys is a microcosm of the world we live in. It has it's good and it's bad, and on GaG, the two are served in concentrated forms. If you want to participate and use the Pros of this site in my opinion, to your advantage, you can find a lot of enjoyment, some good conversations, and maybe even some friends out of it, but if you let the negative overtake you or you become part of the problem yourself, it ruins the community vibe that the site purports to have. Most though, tend to find some type of groove and people they look forward to following and reading about and they avoid either topics or areas or people that are of little interest to them.

A Review of GirlsAskGuys
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