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Happy Merica Day

Was America Ever Great?

In different ways. The biggest issue for me is that we used to lead the world in innovation. Once upon a time we were titans of industry and progress. We were inventors who prided ourselves on achievement, yet today our children laud mediocrity. Academic achievement is spurned. We care more about some little tramp running around and talking about how she's fucking adults, doing drugs, and abusing her mom at thirteen than we care about people like Ruth Lawrence who graduated college at thirteen.

This is disgusting. This is disgraceful. This is why our country will fall.

P. S. America was never and is not great for ALL people, yet the state of decay and decadence that we are in is so obviously poisonous that I grow more and more despondent every time I hear about who is popular among our nation's youth.

(I've had a few drinks, so apologies if I'm a tad emotional)

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