Share a recipe and try a recipe


Hey y'all! 😊

I thought this might be fun to do a my Take where we all share recipes and maybe try one or more. It can be any type of dish like snacks, desserts, entrees, appetizers and etc. So with that being said let's hear some of yours, G@G community! 😊

I'll start, so here is a recipe for my favorite Mac and Cheese of all times.

It comes from K&W cafeteria which is a local restaurant found in my home state of North Carolina. I highly recommend visiting there. Their honey baked ham is also incredible. The Mac and Cheese there is amazing and the homemade version is just as awesome if not better. Even the leftovers are delicious.

I hope if you try it that it turns out delicious and that you enjoy what everyone brings to the table! 😋

Share a recipe and try a recipe
Share a recipe and try a recipe
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