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My Favorite Peanut Butter Sandwiches.

After so many years, I can finally get myself to sit down and focus on this. My brain is going to be everywhere (as usual), but I will use this MyTake to survive until dinner time. Now, let's start: 1. PB&J Sandwich It's...

Kick-Start Your Day: Tasty Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Morning

Good morning, friend! Who doesn't love starting the day with a delicious meal? It wakes us up, fills us with energy, and sends us off into our day with a smile. But, let's face it, mornings can be hectic. So, I'm here to...
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Share a recipe and try a recipe

Hey y'all! 😊 I thought this might be fun to do a my Take where we all share recipes and maybe try one or more. It can be any type of dish like snacks, desserts, entrees, appetizers and etc. So with that being said let's...

A mushroom that stopped the israelites from getting intoxicated

Exodus 16:14 describes a flaky round object that looked like frost and would turn into goo if not collected and baked. It is "manna". This manna could be a mushroom that grows on quail dung, which would appear before the...

Rachel’s Pan-Fried Dumplings for Year of the Dragon 🥟 (or the Super Bowl)

My easy and delicious Chinese dumplings Also try these steamed, air-fried, or boiled into your favorite soup Ingredients Use pre-made fresh or frozen dumpling skins from the Asian market (or high-end grocery store such...
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At Home

Tonight's dinner: meatball hoagies!!

So, how did I make these bad boys? Well, Sit back and I'll tell you! You'll need: Sub or hoagie buns half of a package of frozen or homemade meatballs (preferably Italian Style) Bell peppers (Capsicums) 1/4 stick butter...

Why Crystal Pepsi was not the "clear" choice

The year is 1993, and You're at home watching Superbowl 27 between the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Suddenly Right Now by Van Halen comes on, and you see an ad for a new Pepsi product. What is this new concoction? It...

Plants vs animals

So I found a question in quora which was something like, "how can people love animals and eat them?" And a user replied "Just like you love plants and eat them". Now I know that plants are not conscious beings but this...

Things I Ate Growing Up In Oklahoma

I saw this trend on tiktok and decided to make a myTake about my favorite foods I ate growing up in Oklahoma. Collard and turnip greens Beef Neck Bones Anasazi Beans Okra, tomatoes, and rice Black eyed peas and...

Cookout Season is almost here! Things every cookout should have

Memorial Day is just three Mondays away! Here in the US, it's the unofficial start of Summer. Yessir, it's time to break out the pool floaties, Croquet sets, and most of all... The BBQ Grills!!!! There's nothing like...

[ My DISTASTE for non-creative/non-artistic, food media 🍱 ]

my DISTASTE (pun intended) for Mukkbang and FOOD asmr and why: It’s all very very very simple for me, and I have to share this. My thoughts and feelings to it- simple, but here is my explanation. I HATE mukkbang and...

You Can Learn to Cook

Learning to cook is an invaluable skill that everyone should learn as food and eating is a huge part of everyone's life and survival in this world. It can be intimidating for some to take on the challenge of learning....

Fudge Stripe Cookie Salad

Fudge stripe cookies may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a salad, but trust me... you're going to want to try this one. Fudge stripe cookie salad is a popular dessert dish in some regions of...

My Favorite Types of Cake

I don't get to have cake often, most times it's just plain chocolate or vanilla for a special occasion. And that's pretty boring, so I'm going to share my favorite cakes. Funfetti Cake This is pretty retro, but I'm a 90s...

A Guide to UK Pancakes.

What right-minded person doesn't love a pancake? Just about every country has a recipe of their own but in this my take, I'm concentrating on the UK differences. I've left out Irish pancakes (boxty) because their...

Meals I love that my mom cooks.

Most of these dishes I've had since childhood, but others are newer. I'll start off with childhood dishes and go from there. Sausage & Potatoes I loved it when my mom made this simple dish for dinner. Sausage, potatoes,...

Great British Food. Stargazy pie.

This week we visit the cuisine of the south west and examine stargazy pie. WHAT IS IT? It's a pie made with whole pilchards, white fish potatoes and boiled egg as the main ingredients. What makes it instantly...

Great British Recipes. The Deep Fried Mars Bar.

In this week's edition of why the UK has the world's best food, we look at a modern classic, the deep-fried mars bar. WHAT IS IT? Exactly what the name says, a Mars bar dipped in batter and deep fried in oil or beef fat....

Great British Dishes Part 4. The Parmo.

This is number three of a series on great British dishes. This week we examine the Parmo. WHAT IS IT? A flattened chicken breast deep fried in bread crumbs covered in bechamel sauce and cheddar cheese then grilled until...

Great British Food Part One. Cawl.

Welcome to the first of a short light hearted look at British food. I'll be doing classic dishes from around the UK that people actually do eat. I won't be posting recipes because you can easily google them. This week we...