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Meals I love that my mom cooks.

Most of these dishes I've had since childhood, but others are newer. I'll start off with childhood dishes and go from there. Sausage & Potatoes I loved it when my mom made this simple dish for dinner. Sausage, potatoes,...
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Great British Food. Stargazy pie.

This week we visit the cuisine of the south west and examine stargazy pie. WHAT IS IT? It's a pie made with whole pilchards, white fish potatoes and boiled egg as the main ingredients. What makes it instantly...
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Great British Recipes. The Deep Fried Mars Bar.

In this week's edition of why the UK has the world's best food, we look at a modern classic, the deep-fried mars bar. WHAT IS IT? Exactly what the name says, a Mars bar dipped in batter and deep fried in oil or beef fat....
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Great British Dishes Part 4. The Parmo.

This is number three of a series on great British dishes. This week we examine the Parmo. WHAT IS IT? A flattened chicken breast deep fried in bread crumbs covered in bechamel sauce and cheddar cheese then grilled until...
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Great British Food Part One. Cawl.

Welcome to the first of a short light hearted look at British food. I'll be doing classic dishes from around the UK that people actually do eat. I won't be posting recipes because you can easily google them. This week we...
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At Home

"Why I want to open my own restaurant." The views of a visionary.

"This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook—try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all, have fun."- Julia Child. As a child, My grandma told me stories of working in restaurants....
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Eating a Balanced Meal is not Healthy!

Eating only healthy foods isn't enough to ensure you eat healthy. While most doctors and dieticians swear by eating balanced meals as part of a healthy diet, you need to ensure that the combinations of food that you eat...
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The 10 Most Delıcıous Cuısınes In The World (:

1-Italian : When it comes to world cuisines, the first thing that comes to mind is Italian cuisine. Italians, who care about simplicity in their meals, help you create wonders with 4-6 ingredients. 2-Türkiye: One of...
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4 faulty food crazes

1) sweet potato hummus where sweet potato replaces chickpeas..... to begin with hummus means chickpeas (facepalm). It is an Arabic word... so no chickpeas means no hummus. Secondly, you are just eating CARBS with CARBS......
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Best Beef Recipes : 6 countries (á mon avi)

So. There is a difference between # 1) eating beef meat because you simply like the experience. And # 2) a) eating rare meat because your teeth are weak leading you to assume that all cooked beef aren't easily chewed by...
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At Home

GAG recipe time: Bagel pizzas!

You will need: 2 tbsps of Pizza Sauce Bagel split in two A handful of Mozzarella cheese 3 to 4 pepperonis each (optional or substitute for choice of toppings) 1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 232 degrees...
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My favorite dessert is baklava!

​This is baklava, or paklawa as its known in most Kurdish households. This nutty, buttery, sticky, sweet, spiced pastry exists in some form in most of the Middle East, but to me this version is the ‘classic’ as its Mum’s...
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Waffles really are better than pancakes

This is my first MyTake so I decided to talk about how waffles really are better than pancakes. Well that’s it for the intro so now let me tell you why. 1. Syrup pockets You can literally save time and have the pockets...
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My favorite dishes: Mini Meatball Soup Recipe

This is my favorite dish my mother makes. It is an old Kurdish dish. ingredients: 200 g minded meat, 1onion, 1egg, salt, black pepper, 800ml water, 1-2 pinch parsley, 1tablespoon butter, 2.5 tablespoons rice, 2...
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Is Food Becoming Less Racist?

Somewhere around 2020, there was a snowball effect among some well known food brands which were known to tout racist characters as part of their logos. In many a public tweet, these companies announced that they magically...
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10 Tips To Make your Thanksgiving Run Smoothly

If this is your first Thanksgiving or your 15th, prepping the big feast to welcome over friends and family can seem overwhelming and stressful, but you can do it! The way to "survive" Thanksgiving is to PREPARE!!! No one...
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Hooters Is a Family Friendly Restaurant (Said No One Ever)

About four days ago, Hooters, which describes itself as a place where "you'll find craveable food and wings, cold beer, sports, and of course, Hooters Girls," and actually describes itself as "family friendly," redesigned...
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Virility, Health, and Gently cooked and Raw foods

I've been on a low fat diet recently, low sugar too. I've been eating starches like rice, potatoes, wheat, carrots etc. As well as the bitters...brocolli etc I wanted some thing like a broth with some minerals to drink to...
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Guide to a Proper Filipino Cuisine Experience Part Two (Dessert Edition)

Here's part one if you're looking for it: Guide to a PROPER Filipino cuisine experience This time I'll be talking about the desserts. I'm not really a sweet tooth but I still wanna cover this anyways because there are...
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Guide to a "Proper" Filipino cuisine experience

There are other myTakes about the food of their country so I'm also giving it a shot. Introduction Just in my opinion, I just find Filipino food to be so good like no bias even if i'm not so proud living here. Influenced...
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