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Virility, Health, and Gently cooked and Raw foods

I've been on a low fat diet recently, low sugar too. I've been eating starches like rice, potatoes, wheat, carrots etc. As well as the bitters...brocolli etc I wanted some thing like a broth with some minerals to drink to...
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Guide to a Proper Filipino Cuisine Experience Part Two (Dessert Edition)

Here's part one if you're looking for it: Guide to a PROPER Filipino cuisine experience This time I'll be talking about the desserts. I'm not really a sweet tooth but I still wanna cover this anyways because there are...
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Guide to a "Proper" Filipino cuisine experience

There are other myTakes about the food of their country so I'm also giving it a shot. Introduction Just in my opinion, I just find Filipino food to be so good like no bias even if i'm not so proud living here. Influenced...
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Healthier juice made with crystals

I was recommended these little crystals, they go in juice and give it a soda like flavor. I call them crystals but they're just symbiotic clusters of yeasts and bacteria. The yeasts produce alcohol and starch (the...
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Is Japanese/Korean cuisine really that good or is it just a bandwagon effect (or the marketing)?

This question's description is so long so I'm just gonna turn this into a "MyTake Question" A little trigger warning I respect every country's uniqueness but there are still a lot of influences and similarities that still...
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The Ten Greatest Food Debates You'll Ever Have

Food is a very personal thing as obviously ultimately only you can eat something for yourself and either decide if you enjoy it or not, or which method of consumption you find most pleasing to you...BUT...that doesn't...
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My Phobia of White Sauces: How it began, progressed, where it is today and my prognosis for the future

I say no to mayo, sour cream, ranch, cream cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, Alfredo sauce, bleu cheese dressing, thousand island dressing, tartar sauce; this is not an exhaustive list. *shudders* I have a legit phobia....
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Funny Rant: Chocolate sucks

Okay, so I want to address and offend the girls in this establishment. So allow me to go off my tangent, chocolate sucks so much and it's just utterly terrible. The taste of chocolate is a bit strong and even milk...
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Dirt-Cheap Stovetop Pizza in under 14 Mins!

I've been spending the past couple of weeks trying to make homemade pizzas and also got some very helpful suggestions from people on here (thanks very much)! I've been focusing on two different versions: A dirt-cheap...
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Please, Be patient with restaurant workers.

Right now in the US, we are experiencing a major shortage of workers in the restaurant industry. Many states are fully reopening with little to no restrictions. This means restaurants and bars are fully reopening as well....
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Adapting your cooking so diets are not too punishing

I try to follow a low carb diet for two purposes. I always need to control my weight and losing a few pounds would be beneficial. I also have a family history of Diabetes Type II and I don't want to develop that as I get...
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Valentine's DAY ❤️ CHOCOLATES 🍫 and CANDIES 🍭 TASTE TEST 🍫 ❤️ 🍭

Valentine's day is coming up soon. Ladies and Gentlemen share with me and everyone else , what your favorite Valentine's Day candies and chocolates are ?
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Which Breakfast Spread is THE BEST? TASTE TEST There is plenty of choices for breakfast spreads out there from the most well known one NUTELLA , to some not so well known ones. Which ones have you tried and what is you...
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The Supermarket's "Dollar Store"

Let's see what you can buy at my local grocery stores for a buck this week! Kroger Chobani Complete or Flip Yogurt, 10/$10.00 with Card, $1.00 each Kroger Frozen Vegetables, 10-12 oz, 10/$10.00 with Card, $1.00 each Fresh...
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The Cost of the Mukbang Diet vs. Whole Foods Market Diet

We all know that mukbangers love to eat huge quantities of food, and huge quantities of food do add up in costs. We also know that Whole Foods Market has a reputation for "whole paycheck". If the amount of money used for...
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How To Eat Less Meat

In American mainstream culture, meat and dairy products take up a lot of space in the diet and are sold at a relatively cheap and affordable price because of intensive animal farming. If we didn't intensively farm these...
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Supermarket "Fresh" is not the same as Fresh Produce directly from the local garden!

Back in the day, most people lived agrarian, rural lives, but now, the entire world is urbanizing. As people live in cities and suburbs with transportation to deliver "fresh produce" to supermarkets and grocery stores,...
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Why You Should Buy Preserved Food (Canned, Dried, Frozen, Salted, Pickled)

Preserved foods last longer in the pantry The thing with preserved foods is that they are preserved. So naturally, they have a long shelf life. Fresh foods are prone to rotting, but preserved foods can be stored in the...
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Benefits of Eating Rice Porridge Everyday

White rice is a very shelf-staple food product that can last in the pantry for up to 5 years. You can buy it almost everywhere in the United States, even convenience stores and Dollar Tree stores. It is cheap. It is...
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What are the secrets to cooking awesome pasta?

Pasta may be a favorite dish worldwide, so if you are a cooking beginner, knowing a way to cook pasta could be a must. There are endless options when it involves cooking pasta dishes. you'll make a choice from a spread of...
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