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"Why I want to open my own restaurant." The views of a visionary.

"This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook—try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all, have...
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Eating a Balanced Meal is not Healthy!

Eating only healthy foods isn't enough to ensure you eat healthy. While most doctors and dieticians swear by eating balanced meals as...
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The 10 Most Delıcıous Cuısınes In The World (:

1-Italian : When it comes to world cuisines, the first thing that comes to mind is Italian cuisine. Italians, who care about simplicity...
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4 faulty food crazes

1) sweet potato hummus where sweet potato replaces chickpeas..... to begin with hummus means chickpeas (facepalm). It is an Arabic...
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Best Beef Recipes : 6 countries (á mon avi)

So. There is a difference between # 1) eating beef meat because you simply like the experience. And # 2) a) eating rare meat because...
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GAG recipe time: Bagel pizzas!

You will need: 2 tbsps of Pizza Sauce Bagel split in two A handful of Mozzarella cheese 3 to 4 pepperonis each (optional or substitute...
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My favorite dessert is baklava!

​This is baklava, or paklawa as its known in most Kurdish households. This nutty, buttery, sticky, sweet, spiced pastry exists in some...
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What to do with ripe strawberies?

no making juice blend

What's your take on Peanut Butter?

Do you love it? Is it healthy?

What's your go to snack when hungry?

I'm hungry🙃
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Anyone try this?

It looks tasty

NOT SEXUAL: Hot cider or eggnog?

Personally I love them both but hot cider has my heart

Can I use sea water to make salt water toffee?

I was thinking of making some toffee at Christmas because it's a old tradition here to make it on Christmas Eve. Now I like salted...

Chinese food or Japanese food?

Two of the most popular types of Asian cuisine, which is your favorite?
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Which of these flavors goes best with pretzels 🥨 ?

I love pretzels
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Kfc or Popeyes? Choose your side?

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Do you eat snacks out of the bag or put into a bowl?

If you have a large bag of snacks such as crisps or nuts do you pour into a bowl or eat straight from the bag? I think pouring into...
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Favourite Supermarket?

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How to get un high?

Can you drink tequila and whiskey in the same night?

can I do this withiut puking, Also share opinions on other liquors that shouldn't mix together

Do you think eating two sandwiches is Too much for one meal?

Like would you consider eating two sandwiches made with turkey or black forest ham, veggies, and whole grain bread too much/a lot of...
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Why is Chipotle so delicious yet makes your farts stink?

As you can see, this is a real thing lol and it never fails! Every time after you eat some delicious Chipotle! I wonder if it has...

Why are chocolate covered strawberries so expensive?

All you do is melt some chocolate and dip the strawberries in it. It’s not a hard job so why are they like $15 for 8 strawberries?
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