Guys, How would you react if the girl you are trying to sleep with asks you this?

So, I think he isn't interested in anything more than sex.. and as much as some of you will judge me, I want a baby and I want his. I love him and i just want him. I don't mind raising the baby alone, paying for everything alone etc.. I just want the dad to still see his babies like 3hrs a week or something..

So back to the question, for him it's just a transaction (I think) .. and before I give it to him, I need to make sure that im winning too.. BUT.. but I do NOT want his $$ .. I have my shit together and I am not interested in his money (he's broke lol.. like, he only has 5$ in the bank that of thing) how much money he has don't interest me tho.. so instead of asking for money, I want his seeds..

Now how's that? If a woman you were tryna slide in demanded your seeds instead of money, and therefore it wouldn't cost you anything, would you prefer that? Or would you prefer to pay her a decent amount?

It sounds okay in my head, but, I do realize that most men might prefer paying any girl than giving his seeds (and have no responsibilities with the baby, this is a donation)

But, will I scare him away by offering this as an option of "payment" ?

How would y'all react?

It would scare me away and I would never wanna talk to her again, I rather pay $
It wouldn't scare me away but I would accept and I rather pay $
I would love this and rather donate my seeds than paying $
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2 mo
3 votes in only.. but it's a little bit disappointing for me considering that most men don't want to donate their seeds... y'all are being difficult.
Guys, How would you react if the girl you are trying to sleep with asks you this?
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