Guys how do you react when a girl cries?

Guys how do you react when you see a girl cry? Or what do you think? I'm a cryer, many people don't think I am because I usually try not to cry in front of people. I think about only 3 guys have seen me cry. Two of three are my best guy friends. It's funny because the one who is usually more affectionate (not sure if that's the right word) or more open with his feelings, was so awkward. He just was like "uhh are you okay" and didn't come too close. The other one who is uusally more distant, I could tell was feeling really bad. He sat down and kept reassuring me and telling me it was okay and not to cry. Maybe because has a sister?
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I should add, I meant do you feel discomfort? (Forget why she was crying) or are you more at ease? Ladies feel free to share experiences.
Guys how do you react when a girl cries?
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