Ek Villain Adds New Dimensions To The Good Girl Hypothesis!

Indian Movie Shows Realistic Good Girls : **extreme archetypes alert!! Ek Villain, CHARACTERS; RAKESH submissive guy is a murderer...
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Girls, Ladies, stop breeding with beta males

https://www.youtube.com/embed/ENAUBC9VtJs “Girls aren’t being taught to look for strength, and boys aren’t being taught to look for...

Women don't want what they say they do

Well, nearly any guy who has had experience with women knows that many of the things that women say they want don't align with what they...
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Girls who feel bad about their bodies.

For girls who feel bad about their bodies, An intelligent man does not like the woman with the most beautiful and attractive body,...
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Guys, soo, about lady treatment... How do ladies want to be treated?

It varies from lady to lady. The only way to get a really raw answer is to ask her straight out,if you have the balls. But,the extremes...

Being interesting, being more selfish

They say you can't love anyone before you...but they dont often say this... Interest is correlated to selfishness Selfish isn't bad it...
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3 Traits That Will Help You Realise, You're Dealing With A Valuable Woman.

Let's get straight down to business... She is a Master in the Art of Nurturing This trait in a woman is the easiest and most effective...
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Do girls really like guys or do they like the fact that somebody likes them?

Okay hear me out if you think about it. A guy has to talk to a girl and rizz, basically bring her anxiety about the guy down to zero so...

Don't you think men have to earn money?

I think yes. Please don't lynch me, I'm serious please don't cry. facts are painful.. This makes the man look stronger and more...

Are you ashamed of anyone you know?

While I like this girl, and she likes me back, i was reading some stuff about love and like, when it comes to girls behavior, and again,...

Why are white guys generally more old fashioned and conservative in comparison to white girls?

It’s been my experience that white guys are more conservative than white girls are.

Should I change myself for women?

I have never been changed for women. For example, I am a little hard guy, like a father figure, don't like soft things. Never change my...

Why does she keep doing that?

I know a woman who works in admin, enrollment of new trainees and class scheduling in the driving school i'm attending. when I ask her...

Ladies, which is attractive on a man, CURLY or STRAIGHT hair?

And keep in mind that this IS important. Because this is what you’ll be reproducing through your womb.

Is it childish to wear shorts under your dress?

i find it more physically comfortable, i have thicker thighs so they chafe, but other people find it childish.
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Are you selfish?

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At what age does a woman lose all of her beauty?

As I am an alpha male I don't consider any woman older than me attractive, but I want to see other opinions.
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Do average looking women get more attention than pretty women?

So lately I haven't been looking that great. Holding onto weight from pregnancy, not putting effort into how I dress and not doing my...
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What does it mean when a girl keeps turning around to look at you?

This girl I really like who is in my class, we have been friends for a few months now and we have talked heaps. Anyway I was sitting...

Is it quite normal if a girl puts her elbow on your shoulder?

My friend put her elbow on my shoulder and I’m not sure if this is normal. She did this while we were sitting next to each other.

I can't stop looking at butts in public... How bad does it make women feel when they catch a guy staring?

It's not like I can help always. I try really really hard not to look in the direction of women when I'm walking down the street or...

How do you pee when you're wearing bathing suits?

When I'm at the beach, I usually pee in water or on sand cuz the public bathroom in there is always dirty. If I wear bikini all I have...
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If a girl touches your belly while talking, is she interested?

there is a girl at work and all of us went to the club for a party, and she told me to come with her. She took me outside where it was...

Hi girls, male is physically stronger than females 💪 so, how will you win during fight?

Women are soo weak or poor 😷 if a man punch her in stomach she will cry badly 😥 am i right 👈
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