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Thatโ€™s right, we were listening! You can now Block Anonymous users!

If you find yourself engaged in an argument that won't stop, or an anonymous user is harassing you, in addition to Reporting the post itself, you can now Block that Anonymous user. The user will be blocked from interacting with you Anonymously on that post and future posts.

To Block an Anonymous User:

For desktop, hover your mouse over the word Anonymous (top of Question or Opinion), a popup box will appear asking if you'd like to Block the user. Click Yes. Click No to Unblock.

For mobile, tap the word Anonymous, then tap Yes or No.

Block Anonymous Users
Block Anonymous Users

Block Anonymous Users

You can always go to our FAQ for reference on these instructions as well, What is blocking? How do I block another member?

Share your opinions, tell us what you think of this new feature; if you like it, if you'll use it, if you think it'll help. Always report any issues you encounter, if it doesn't work properly for you.

Thanks, G@Gers!

Block Anonymous Users
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    I disagree with this
    Only people who get butt hurt would care
    This is the internet. Don't get why people need to have their egos so baldly protected
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    • I agree but sometimes you get so pestered you just want to shush whoever is annoying you and this is one way.

    • Anonymous

      Haha good point
      Most people don't keep talking if you don't reply though

    • u know the internet is full of idiots who say things to get a reaction! has nothing to o with being buthurt if u blcok them u idiot

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  • musicbrain5
    This is great! So basically, that person will just be blocked for that particular post, right?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Losalt
    So, how would you unblock someone?
    Is it possible to do a temporary block somehow?
    Is this still revelant?
    • You can see the list of blocked users on your profile under "Blocks". There, you can unblock users.

    • Losalt

      But the FAQ seems to indicate that you get blocked yourself by the other person when you block someone?
      Do *they* unblock you too when you unblock them?

    • If they didn't purposefuly block you, all blocks get removed

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Pink2000
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  • doctorwhofan23
    I like this and it should hopefully stop trolling.
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  • crazyincalifornia
    It's about time.
    Still, If a person is anon, I don't think they should have blocking privileges.
    anons have always abused it, knowing you can't track them or block them
    I never go anon and I never allow them to comment on my posts
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  • molan
    I still miss the you make it a rule you can block or comment/reply but not both.

    As it is passive-aggressive behaviours is rewarded, allowing to both a last word and blocking to prevent the other part to even respond.

    Blocking is fine, responding is fine, but both responding and blocking at the same time ensuring the final word is not ok.
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    • Yupper!
      I pretty much just ignore the anons.
      they hide for reasons.

  • poopedmypantsagain
    I to never allow an anonymous user to comment on any post I may put out there as a question.. but do not worry about that very much at all as I give way more opinions then I ever ask questions.. I have tho replied to a post that is from an anonymous user.. but when a user to me is anonymous.. it tells me that he or she is never who they signed up as.. so I do look at those posts to see if it even worthwhile to answer anything
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  • DanteSparda
    Excellent idea!!!
    Been waiting for something like this from a very long time.
    Keep up the good work, friends ^_^
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  • Watermelonoma
    Shares in trolling futures just plummeted on the open market
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  • zombiebabe
    thanks a lot GAG!!! some anon users can be really mean at times
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  • Shadow-Wolf
    I can kinda get why this would be a helpful option. For instance, some people aren't just harassed for their questions, but are sexually harassed on here, so for those people this could come in handy (as would the report option of course). I personally think this is kind of a cool option to have, despite the fact that I almost always answer anonymously.
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    If everyone would just disable the "anonymous" feature every time they post a question or Take, none of this would be a problem in the first place. This is an answer to a problem that shouldn't even exist.
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  • zorro8888
    Oh man... This just became so much more fun :)
    Time to block the trolls xD great Job!
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  • renogaza
    hmm, if you can report anyway why bother blocking? reports get processed fairly fast anyway.. unless.. he's a super spammer o_o *omg hides*
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    • Interstate

      In my personal experience, if they aren't touched by the administrators, there is nothing stopping the individual from pursuing their antics. I have reported users MANYS-a-times, and the site refuses to touch them, despite their conduct. Now I WILL say, I have my History of fighting them back with identical behavior, BUT I don't agree with walking away with my tail between my legs when they behave that way. I'm not a pussy, I stand up for myself!

  • bang678
    I've tried blocking and reporting a user who has been harassing me. They harass me as an annon then message me admitting its them. Yet nothing gets done
    • Interstate

      Its the U. S judicial system bleeding into GAG ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

    • Interstate

      Legal system I meant.

  • menina
    Thanks! This is very useful!
    I will use it for sure.
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  • kangy
    This feature has been long requested by many users, i think they like it. thanks
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  • JudgmentDay
    Or just simply NEVER ALLOW ANY Anonymous responses in the first place.
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  • Your_boss960
    This is great.
    Because anonymous people are so mean sometimes.
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    • Interstate

      They go Anonymous because they don't have the guts to make themself known. So they coward behind a hidden identity.

  • heavensgift2girls
    While I like the idea, in execution I think it will be abused. I already have some issues with the current system. There should at least be some symbol to show that the person was blocked. If I say something you don't agree with, and you ask me for a link to a study, then block me, then it looks like I can't back up my claim. Then you can even unblock me and ask why I haven't provided a link to a study, and then reblock me again. It makes it look like I was lying.

    Another problem I see is that what if a person asks a question, and then they block me. Then someone else starts talking crap on my comment. They then think I don't have a good response for my position. At least a symbol showing everyone they blocked the other person would prevent this from happening. This doesn't sound very well thought out at all.
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  • Hidden_P
    I wish I could like the crap out of this take.
    Yes, yes, yes!
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  • Benedek38
    Oh goodie! More censorship! Makes it easier to doxx and harass people! Fucking hell, this site is becoming shittier by the minute.
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