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That’s right, we were listening! You can now Block Anonymous users!

If you find yourself engaged in an argument that won't stop, or an anonymous user is harassing you, in addition to Reporting the post itself, you can now Block that Anonymous user. The user will be blocked from interacting with you Anonymously on that post and future posts.

To Block an Anonymous User:

For desktop, hover your mouse over the word Anonymous (top of Question or Opinion), a popup box will appear asking if you'd like to Block the user. Click Yes. Click No to Unblock.

For mobile, tap the word Anonymous, then tap Yes or No.

Block Anonymous Users
Block Anonymous Users

Block Anonymous Users

You can always go to our FAQ for reference on these instructions as well, What is blocking? How do I block another member?

Share your opinions, tell us what you think of this new feature; if you like it, if you'll use it, if you think it'll help. Always report any issues you encounter, if it doesn't work properly for you.

Thanks, G@Gers!

Block Anonymous Users
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    I disagree with this
    Only people who get butt hurt would care
    This is the internet. Don't get why people need to have their egos so baldly protected
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    • I agree but sometimes you get so pestered you just want to shush whoever is annoying you and this is one way.

    • Anonymous

      Haha good point
      Most people don't keep talking if you don't reply though

    • u know the internet is full of idiots who say things to get a reaction! has nothing to o with being buthurt if u blcok them u idiot

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  • musicbrain5
    This is great! So basically, that person will just be blocked for that particular post, right?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Losalt
    So, how would you unblock someone?
    Is it possible to do a temporary block somehow?
    Is this still revelant?
    • You can see the list of blocked users on your profile under "Blocks". There, you can unblock users.

    • Losalt

      But the FAQ seems to indicate that you get blocked yourself by the other person when you block someone?
      Do *they* unblock you too when you unblock them?

    • If they didn't purposefuly block you, all blocks get removed

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Jay_jay_101
    How do you unblock someone? I accidentally blocked one of my friends and I can't unblock them.
    Please help me.
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    • Go to there account and there should be an unblock button

  • tenofthepeaks
    can anonymous be got rid of totally?

    i find many use it just to make points they wouldn't usually, and to troll, abuse or other laughable/cowardly reasons.

    would be better imho if people requested it from the admins.
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    • Why? It's a good option. I don't like to put myself out there on the internet. It's not only the case on GAG, but I write stories on different sites without exposing my identity. Some people just don't like to be out there.

    • Yes. I use anonymous for non-troling things. I know bad apples ruin the bunch but sometimes I have questions I don't want directly attached to me. I've asked some pretty personal questions on here that I wouldn't have asked without anonymous because some people are stalkers and weirdos. I don't want people holding onto awkward things about me that I'm divulging to get help with. I also answer questions and offer up some details I'd rather not expose openly. For one example, in the past, I've dated a fellow GaG member. Of course I knew better to ask questions on here, even anonymously, that would have referred to us directly because he's a pretty clever guy... he would have known it was about us. But later, after the relationship, I've occasionally referred to our relationship and how we solved certain things etc. A select few know about us, so, if I were to discuss it under my identity... at least a few people would know it was him. I can think of plenty of worthwhile uses for anon.

    • trolling"

  • Prof_Don
    After years of various users campaigning for this... the blocking anonymous trolls feature is finally here.

    We shall rejoice! 8-)
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  • yotes-of-472
    Wusses block out of anger and hatred.

    People who post and then block are wusses because you can't defend yourself and have to live with them getting last say in.
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  • JackKerouac77

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  • Laura1995
    About time!! I was wondering when this would be an option.
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  • Tokana
    damn it.

    oh i mean... awesome... great stuff.

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  • martyfellow
    FINALLY some limit on anonymous behavior! It took years of people complaining.
  • Visko
    How do you unblock someone you accidentally blocked?
  • douride2
    Well your half way there. Now just make it so you can block that anon entirely.
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    • douride2

      I read through all the posts here. It would seem most are in favor & think it's a great feature.

  • WilliamWinslow
    If I comment on someone's post, but the asker harass me, can I block the asker for the specific post?
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    • menguc

      you can block the anonymous asker for that specific post, if the asker has already engaged with your opinion

  • Nathand
    i'm getting annoyed by anon's. I feel its coward. If they can't post opinions/questions without being anon then they shouldn't be here.
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    • Prof_Don

      I disagree. Why restrict someone who wants an extra anonymity layer on the internet?

    • Nathand

      Well having a regular avatar shouldn't make it easy for someone to identify who you are... It just makes this site seem flooded with Anon's.

  • abundantlyrich
    I rarely have arguments with anonymous. I won't use it anyway.
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  • GoldCobra
    i know lots of people were complaining about this. Nice to see GaG added this feature.
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  • MakeitOrDieTrying
    Thank goodness. Anon pieces of shit always keep replying because they can't be stopped
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  • findingdreamland
    This is the best change done recently.
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  • BertMacklinFBI
    oh cool. im still good without it :)
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    • im trying to test this but its not working unless the anon has to make a post on my own opinion first

    • Yes, after an interaction is made.

  • justbanANNAz
    bloody hell. THANK YOU!
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  • Hajar_Whitestone
    Finally a dream become true
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  • Thank you for this:)
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