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Cool technologies that can benefit humanity and may soon be available

I’m a firm believer in the advancement of technology that is used responsibly and ethically. While pigheaded skepticism is a big obstacle for the advancement of technology; with this new decade, one has to wonder what the...
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The effects of smartphones and the sexual liberation movement

Okay, 2020 is probably going to dramatize this trend with Covid19 going on. But just 2008 - 2019 produces enough of a graph to infer the trend of how the smartphone has affected our real lives. Sometimes I think the...
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Why You Should NEVER Set Your TikTok Profile To Private

Reminder if you go private on Tik Tok you're only setting yourself up for failure. I did that with my profile after turning off the pro mode and one of my cat videos that I recently posted only got one view. Although I...
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Social distancing, gaming app for couch potato gamers, but not only. Steam Link and what it's all about.

I'm sure many of you heard of the free gaming network called Steam, but did you ever hear about its remote play feature, the Steam Link? Basically you can share your PC games with any of your friends who own a phone,...
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Social Media is Killing Your Productive Time.

Social media has become quite a regular activity for most people. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, you name it, it has become one of the most popular entertainment industries in the world. Chances are...
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Ransomware is nothing to play with.

Well, I have been gone from the forum for a couple of months. I was just focusing on year-end stuff with my clients going into December. But I thought I would have my usual downtime after the 1st. And I was totally wrong....
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The birth of photography

Photography is so omnipresent today. Whether in science, advertising, current events media, propaganda, or just our own snaps. it is hard to imagine a world without it. And yet 200 years ago it didn’t exist. In the period...
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My Favorite Episodes of Deadly Women

Deadly women is a tv show primarily on Investigation Discovery, I mostly watch it on YouTube. This show is about you guessed, women who have killed. It's hosted by Candice Delong who is an FBI profiler. The show is very...
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Communicating in a Purely Functional Way

If we are fine, -- Then perhaps we should walk to the store. But we shouldn't actually walk. We should just plan to walk to the store and gather the data required to do so but without any side effects. We should just...
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Did you know your phone can do this?

In this take I am going to introduce you to a feature that the newest phone models have, but which many people don't know exists. Let's meet ICE! That's short for In Case of Emergency. Most people know already that you...
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15 Reasons Why You Got Blocked On Social Media

Have You Ever Been Block For Seemingly No Reason? Well I Have Compiled 15 Potential Reasons Why You Got Blocked. Check It Out. 1. You're A Troll A troll is someone who purposefully and intentionally causes chaos in an...
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My UFO Encounter!

After years of watching, reading and hearing stories about UFO reports. After my cousin's very own UFO encounter. After brief phases of looking up at the sky hoping to see one myself, it FINALLY happened! Yesterday...
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Apples 2019 keynote for you in a nutshell

1. A subscription mobile gaming service. You basically pay 5 bucks a month for mobile games that may have been for free in the store otherwise but they slap renowned developer names on them so it's definitely worth it,...
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Why Toyota is The Greatest Car Manufacturer Ever

Toyotas are known for their reliability, build quality, fair pricing, and engineering. For decades now Toyota has been selling more passenger cars than any other manufacturer. But quantity is always accompanied by quality...
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Do you think it'll do the world some good if the internet gets shuts down for even just a while?

No exceptions... The WHOLE WORLD would lose any ability to use the internet & texting... Leaving us with phone calls, faxing, television, radio & actual one-on-one conversations, the way it was before the World Wide Web,...
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Let's talk about Snapchat filters!

Most of the site may not know what these filters are, I'll explain briefly! Snapchat is a social app, mostly used my teens you can talk, post pictures of what you're doing in your day, call and video call, etc. In this...
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Why did I get ghosted?

The Answers Straight From The Mouths Of Ghosters Themselves Hi guys and girls. In this MyTake I will be covering the internet trend called "ghosting" and the reasons why people do it. In this MyTake I'm going to answer...
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18 Fast & Fun Facts About Popular Internet Social Media Sites

Hi guys and girls. I hope all is well. I will be covering a fun MyTake that features quick facts from my top favorite social media apps. Drop a fun fact about your favorite social media sites below 👇👇👇👇 1. Google...
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8 Reasons Why People "Slut" Shame Girls Who Wear "Revealing" Clothing On The Internet

8 Reasons Why It Needs To Stop Hi guys and girls. Hope all is well!!!!! I was inspired by a post that labeled girls who "dress provocative, show cleavage, and do sexy poses as sluts and/or attention whores". Slut, Whore,...
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Emily Hartridge's death feels weird

Just found out today that Youtube star Emily Hart died. It just feels weird because I was literally watching her video in the background while here on gag. It was only when I went to check out the comments did I see that...
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