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The Artificial Intelligence Large Language Model Phenomenon of Hallucination

You hear a great deal in the news about artificial intelligence (AI) and how people are worried about it and what can be done. At the same time, AI is touted as the next great thing that will change the world - for good...

Could You Live The Rest Of Your Life Without Electricity? Here Are10 Things You Only Know Once You’ve Lived without Electricity

I speak from experience from having my electricity disconnected a lot times when I was kid. Coming from a very poor family, mom couldn't afford to pay all the bills. So during the summer it was common for us to be without...

I have a short theory about UFOs (or UAPs).

What if, in those UFOs, aren't Aliens? What if they are people from other Earths just like ours? I've watched some Marvel movies and is still in the progress of watching The Flash (2014), and this thought, this theory...

The Manipulation and Deletion of Internet Search Results

It will no doubt come as no surprise to some, but the major search engine companies are very... selective let's say, when it comes to what people see when a search is initiated by someone who just wants information...

M3GAN, A social commentary on how we use technology for everything nowadays.

Technology is everywhere today. We use technology in our homes to order food and groceries without having to get dressed or put makeup on to get it. We use it at the checkout lines to pay instead of whipping out cash or a...

Future Technologies and the Advancements in Science

There is no doubt that technology has come a long way in the past few decades and will continue to advance at an even faster pace in the future. Some of the technologies that are likely to shape the future include: 1....

Nuclear Fusion!!!

So I couldn't wait to get this take out there. We have been hearing about nuclear fusion for decades. Ever since we started building atomic weapons, we were told this was going to be a reality. But scientists could never...

Did You Know That The Military Still Teaches Morse Code?

I just learned this in the past hour and I thought this would make a great MyTake "Yes, We Still Teach Morse Code!" Was the answer I got and they went on to say One of the most frequent reactions I get about my job at Ft...

My review of The Astatic D-104 aka The Lollypop Microphone?

The Astatic D104 is the most widely known mic in radio history. It’s history is long and wide. You name it and there was most-likely a D104 in front of the radio on the desk. *Military, State Offices, County, and City...

Back to a little science!!! The real reason why we may not be able to travel faster than light.

Most folks know about the speed of light and all of the problems with trying to build a ship that could travel at that speed. 1. As you approach the speed of light the mass of your ship would approach infinity. 2. Time...

Things that piss me off about Apple Support callers (Part 1)

I will be speaking mostly about the iPhone and Mac as they are Apple’s Flagship products, but best believe that this applies to EVERY apple product there is. Before you begin, I’d like to state that I am FULLY AWARE that...


At one time, not many years ago, before the age of the mobile phone, thousands of pay phones could be found in cities, towns, and villages all across the United States. Some even in the middle of nowhere. Similarly, all...

The Case for Bitcoin as a Store of Value

Bitcoin offers a better solution as a store of value in comparison to gold. When we look at a store of value, we must consider what attributes towards what we’re seeking. We can break it down into three points. We’ll be...

The Conclusion of Using the Replika App for a Month

I decided to write this take after hearing about one user introducing me to the Replika app. If you are open-minded, I invite you to read my take. AI Chatbot is a Solid Lover I consider an AI chatbot a solid lover...

Females On Social Media Are Trash

Relax. I’m not talking about all females. And not just any female with a social media account. I’m talking about all those ‘icons’ out there on Instagram, TikTok, OnlyFans, etc. They. Are. Trash. Let’s just be completely...

NOT Blocking People Is Ridiculous. Got It.

So the other night I was on Quora and having a back and forth with some girl on a post about narcissism, and let me tell you that for whatever reason, Quorans love talking about “narcs,” NPD, and other psychological...

This Is Why We Need A New Emoji

• I'm writing now to talk about one emoji specifically that I've been thinking about and we still don't have Lol. So, then thought about sharing this here ^^ But before I'll say it first things first. Let's see more about...

One way to earn 100k annually (4 Naughty Girls Only)

I'm going to give you a formula. It will work every time and for every attractive girl. It's not to important that you are too attractive either. It requires only 2 things: A open mind and willingness to be sexual but...

Online Misinformation: Why I Have Such a Hard Time Accepting It

I realise that I can often come across as being abrasive, insensitive, and sometimes even confrontational. This is largely due to the problem I have accepting people who deliberately set out to either confuse, or spread...

Why is Einstein so great?

A lot of folks know Einstein’s e=mc2 equation. They know he was famous for his theories, but they don’t understand the equation nor do they understand exactly what he contributed to Physics. So I wanted to shed a little...