This Is Why We Need A New Emoji

This Is Why We Need A New Emoji

β€’ I'm writing now to talk about one emoji specifically that I've been thinking about and we still don't have Lol.

So, then thought about sharing this here ^^

But before I'll say it first things first.

Let's see more about Emojis and their importance (Lol, if you don't want to just skip itπŸ˜‚)

Emojis Summary:

- taken out from Random site, just in case you might wanna check out

Given the rise of digital communication via text, emoji have become key to communicate emotions. The word emoji comes from the Japanese language: η΅΅ (e β‰… picture) ζ–‡ (mo β‰… writing) ε­— (ji β‰… character); emoji represent actual icons that appear on the keyboard or that are converted from emoticons such as ;-). Although emoji are quite recent, emoticons have been used since 1982 when a Carnegie Mellon professor used a smiley face on the computer science general board. Compared to Emoji, which are actual icons, emoticons refer to a series of text characters that are used to textually form a gesture or facial expression, the most famous example being the shrug Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― expression (thanks Slack!, also make sure to check out Donger List
Emoji are linked to the Unicode standard, which is the foundation for text in all modern writing systems. Emoji are first represented by various code points and numbers, then encoded in Unicode Transformation Format (UTF), making emoji machine understandable, and finally rendered by platform vendors into their graphical appearance. Although emoji have different appearances on different platforms, the Unicode Consortium is making sure that emoji names and meanings are standard across platforms.

Emoji Impact:

Emoji have a widespread impact on multiple human science areas such as psychology, sociology, linguistics and business. However, emoji might be translated into different meanings based on the context and on the respective platforms they appear on. Thus, it is important that emoji have text attached to the context in which they appear to make sure there is no misunderstandings.

Their Importance:

Emojis are essential to communicate emotion, something that words cannot portray. However, they do not hold value in the academic world or in a context that demands an objective voice.

Emojis are meant to be fun, light-hearted, and convey a broad range of emotions efficiently and in a way that words sometimes cannot.

Interpretation is vast when it comes to communication in the 21st Century. Emojis also have the ability to make it easier to portray your simple text or email.

For example, when you respond with β€œOk…” it appears that you are frustrated or feeling impatient. When you utilize emojis and instead respond with β€œOk… πŸ˜Šβ€ it causes less worry and more displays a true understanding from the sender. -> From the site:

# Now that we just read and learned (or not LolπŸ˜…) some emoji stuff, let's get started:

Nowadays we uses emojis for everything. Sometimes even to show what we're doing instead of actually saying it, conveying feelings and adding some life to the so monotonous texts.

  • But there's one we still don't have!

An emoji face showing off watching movies. Like, a face with 3D glasses watching some movie at Cinema:

Like this
Like this
Or this LolπŸ˜…
Or this LolπŸ˜…

Lol, this maybe sounds silly of me wanting a new emoji and sharing here.

But, as a person that's constantly watching something it would facilitate my life 10 fold more. πŸ˜‚

# Now, these are my 5 reasons for why we need this emoji:

1. Practicality

How faster would it be to just send an emoji than having to type the whole sentence when someone asks you 'whatcha up to?', right? I mean, 2 seconds more it's already something!

2. It's understandable

How many times did you find yourself wanting to send an emoji describing yourself watching movies? (Never? Oh, okay. Let's pretend you did and keep going)

I'm a 100% sure you did and still do this a lot! πŸ˜‰

But instead of that, as we don't have an emoji to express.

If we were to have a go conveying the same thing through emojis, how the message would really look like?

Something like this: πŸ˜ŽπŸΏπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸŽ¬ or even πŸ₯ΈπŸΏπŸŽ¬

  • Not much understandable nor practical, right?

3. Can make you seem positive and upbeat

Instead of just saying our usual 'whatching a movie' what if we could add some more glitter to it? Huh?

(We already have some emojis to it? Well, that's true. But nothing compares to literally being able to send an emoji face wearing 3D glasses, right?)

4. Increases engagement

You send the emoji:

This Is Why We Need A New Emoji

And then, they soon after surprise you with their ultra super fast response asking what you're watching.

(Lol, so they can do this even without the emoji itself? Well, yeah. But with the emoji your probability of chances increasesπŸ˜‚)

5. It's fun

Yep, last reason is it's simply fun.

We don't really need a reason to have or send an emoji more than fun and goofiness right?

Emojis itself are all about fun! 😊

This Is Why We Need A New Emoji

# Now, would you like this emoji too? Or maybe another suggestion?

It's up to you! 😊

This Is Why We Need A New Emoji
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