One way to earn 100k annually (4 Naughty Girls Only)


I'm going to give you a formula. It will work every time and for every attractive girl. It's not to important that you are too attractive either.

It requires only 2 things:
A open mind and willingness to be sexual but not necessarily naked on video. If you cannot do that then stop reading and click away.

I will try to leave the fluff out and get straight to the formula.

1. Start an Asmr channel on Youtube (yes buy the yeti mic etc and all the things you need)
- Be sexual but not obvious. A great example is a channel called ASMR Claudy
2. Once you hit about 20k subs on YouTube create a patreon and charge people 5 dollars for tier 1 and the rest of the tiers you can make up what you want. Be sexual on here and do the things you cannot do on YouTube. For a good example, look up asmr claudy on patreon or look up "ASMR Claudy (Patreon Teasers)" on YouTube.
3. Once 10k subs on YouTube start a twitch and charge 5 dollars to sub on there. Go live there and do whatever you want.

4. Write, "I am so happy and grateful now that I am earning 100,000 dollars a year", on an index card everyday and carry the card around with you and read it every chance you get.

Now you are going to think of many reasons why what I have said is ridiculous but I can spend hours telling you why it isn't. You are also going to think of many reason why YOU cannot do this. Don't think about why you can't, only think about why you can.

5. Before you go to sleep each night read the card and feeling yourself already in possession of the money. That you already are earning 100k a year.

6. Don't delay steps 1-5

If you do it you will be earning 100k a year, within the 1st year, in fact it is impossible to not. If you doubt me, try it.

One way to earn 100k annually (4 Naughty Girls Only)
One way to earn 100k annually (4 Naughty Girls Only)
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