My #100thMytake! Things I Would Like to Have in Amounts of 100

My #100thMytake! Things I would like to have in amounts of 100

This is my 100th mytake. It took me.a.while to get here, but here I am. So for the topic of my 100th mytake, I have decided to do a list of things I would love to have in quanities of 100.

100 gallons of Ice cream

These would make some epic sundaes and Banana splits

100 boxes of candy bars

That would be enough chocolate to last me a couple years

100 $100 bills

It would be nice to have some money to buy a new car

100 winning lottery ticket

So I could win the Power ball or Mega Millions jackpots

100 dollars worth of gummy bears

Those are my favorite chewy candies

100 days paid vacation at DisneyWorld.

I would love to ride all the rides and take selfies with all the characters.

100 thousand dollar bills

So I could buy me a small house and go on Vacation to Australia

100 years of life on earth

I really would love to see what happens with our world within the next one hundred years.

I know it's a pretty simple mytake,but I feel it's appropriate for my #Mytake100


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  • Oh, man. I'd like to have some cash to pay off student loans, haha. The trip to Disney World would be fun, too. :)


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  • Nice one - In a crazy world, it is good to have something like this to read which will raise a smile.


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  • Nice! I have yet to write my first xD

  • So, pretty much sugar and money?

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