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Amanda Leve has dethroned Gabi Garcia

Gabi Garcia is a physically imposing female BJJ practitioner and MMA fighter. Standing 6’2” and alternating her weight between 220lbs and 265lbs, she dwarves all other female combat athletes and also “woman handles”...
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The Quarter-Season Awards in the National Football League

Week 5 of the National Football League(NFL) has came to an end, and it was a crazy week of football for a number of reasons. In the new 17-game NFL season, five football weeks now roughly marks a quarter of the season...
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A Breakdown of Every Major League Baseball Team (MLB) With One Month Remaining in the MLB Regular Season.

The final day of the 2021 Major League Baseball(MLB) Regular Season is October 3rd, 2021. It's hard to believe that we are exactly one month away from the final day of regulation in the 2021 MLB Season. In this take, I'm...
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10 Sexiest Female Athletes Of Tokyo 2020

With the Tokyo Olympics officially drawing to a close, I thought this would be the perfect time to look back at some of the women we've watched over these past 3 weeks. Here is MY pick for the 10 sexiest women of the...
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Which MLB Teams Have Fewer Fans Than Their Namesake?(Part 2

This is part two of this myTake. If you want to read part one, click here. If you want to read the NFL Version of this series(I did back in the 2020-2021 NFL Season), click here for part one of that series , and here...
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Which MLB Teams Have Fewer Fans Than Their Namesake?

Since the 2021 North American Major League Baseball(MLB) Season is roughly halfway finished, I decided to do a fun little experiment. It's this simple: I look at the team mascot team name(e.g. Tigers), and then I research...
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Italy won and England had to do this...

I'm so dissapointed, not only because I'm Italian but also because I'm Human... What did we do to deserve this? DIGUSTING , was one word that comes to my mind about many incidents that happened during the soccer game...
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Dear Aaron Rodgers, You Are Wrong and Packers Management is RIGHT

Dear Mr. Aaron Rodgers, You don't get to throw a temper tantrum. You do not get to play QB and General Manager at the same time. An NFL team should not be organized by whatever the QB wants. You see Rodgers, you NEVER...
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Is ESPORTS a Sport? Introduction

How this mytake happened Esports is a special interest of mine. Let's just say it brings me a lot of joy and I spend way too much time on it. I'm not even good at gaming but I love watching the best of the best play...
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The biggest openweight fight in women’s combat sports history

MMA promotions today are significantly more tamed than they use to be in the 1990s and early 2000s. Back in those days MMA had less rules, open weight fights, skill vs skill fights and it was about who truly was the best...
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Which NFL Teams Have Fewer Fans Than Their Namesake?(Part 2)

Philadelphia Eagles Name Origin: Former owners Bert Bell, and Lud Wray honored the National Recovery Act by former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and since the eagle symbolizes "courage", and "freedom" here in the...
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Which NFL Teams Have Fewer Fans Than Their Namesake?(Part 1)

Since the 2020-2021 United States of America National Football League Season is halfway finished, I decided to do a fun little experiment. It's this simple: I look at the team mascot team name(e.g. Lions), and then I...
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College Sports Rules Need To Be Changed: Play Like A Pro (NFL should NOT adopt NCAA rules on pass interference and DBs.)

One thing that makes a big difference in college sports vs. pro sports is the crazy differences in the rules. These are all major memorable examples over the past few years. Example 1: Tua Tagovailoa's Injury...
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My big volleyball day!

Sadly I don't have any pictures for this mytake but I'll still try and make it entertaining. Volleyball is awesome! Yesterday was quite a day. My team got promoted to a higher league at the end of last season. We're now...
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NBA Bubble Vs. MLB on Protecting Players from Corona Virus

Most of us have been WAITING for sports to resume to help us all let off some emotional steam from having to deal with Covid/Life non-stop for months now, and the perfect way to do that is sports. However, we knew as...
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Unwritten Baseball Fan Rules

There is a list miles long of the official rules of sports and for fans attending sporting events, but there are also some unwritten rules that many baseball fans adhere to. 1. Never snatch from a child or their...
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The two dilemmas of tall heavyweight combat athletes

In combat sports such as Judo, BJJ, Sambo, wrestling, mma etc. combat athletes come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are short and slim, some are short and stocky, some are tall and slim, some are tall and stocky...
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Greatest boxing bouts of all time that I've watched on television or in the arena.

I joined my parents and my brothers for a video conference on Microsoft Teams earlier. We all noticed that we had our TVs on in the background and re-runs of boxing matches were being broadcast. That moment led us to...
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My First Celebrity Crush

Before I even start this, I KNOW I'm gonna get a lot of replies on this like Whaaaaaat? Yeah, I'm expecting it, okay, so I should reveal this info while the facts are fresh. (This person technically didn't count as a...
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In defense of professional wrestling: Why most critics don’t understand the concept of professional wrestling

Professional wrestling is one of the most dynamic forms of entertainment out there. It has been around for several generations and has gradually evolved into a form of live fight choreographed stunt show with emphasis on...
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