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Yes, It Really is as You’ve Been Informed about How Bad It Now is in Australia.

This is for all of you who have recently been wondering, “What the hell is going on down there?”, in the nation within the map above. The rumours you may have heard, along with many news reports, have recently portrayed...
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Gender Differences in Covid Mortality Rates & Vaccine Adverse Reactions: An Explanation

Okay. I was doing some research on covid and vaccines and whatnot, and came across a couple of interesting points I hadn't read before. You might find it interesting too? Let me see if I can summarize this so that it's...
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A Very Personal Decision: My Story

Greetings fellow GAG'ers. I don't share my personal life much, but as an editor on this website for over six years now, I felt it was time to confess something I did in my personal life. I wanted to let you know about a...
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Florida is manipulating its covid death numbers!

The CDC site shows Florida had 361 deaths over the last seven days, which means their state shows up a pretty light blue compared to the dark blue in all the states around it. Success! Right? Wrong. The total deaths in...
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What is happening in Afghanistan now was always going to happen. The military was never going to be ready.

What is happening in Afghanistan was always going to happen. From the moment we invaded the country to destroy Al-Qaeda, this was going to be result of also attacking the Taliban. The funny thing about our politics is...
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The Injustice of Beauty: A Warning About the Hazardous Chemicals in the Health & Personal Care Products You Use Everyday

A Little About My History So, like many people, I have allergies. I may have had them all my life, but it wasn't until I really pursued getting medical treatment, that I eventually discovered that many of my 'colds' I had...
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Why Bill Cosby was released from prison

It is not my intention to defend the actions of a man who clearly is guilty of rape. However, he is not the only one guilty of misconduct in this affair. If you only read media accounts of this story, you are missing most...
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The Media Contagion Effect: how the media causes mass shootings

When a mass shooting occurs the media tells us 3 things ASAP. How many people were killed, what was used and who did it. Then they rank these against other shooters in a sick grotesque scoreboard against other mass...
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The Left Showing itself as Fascist Hypocrites

Let us examine the violent Left's fascist hypocrisy in picture form. 2020, vs 2021. Oh and keep in mind: terrorism is violence against civilians for political goals. Such as burning down cities and looting businesses to...
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I have some important information to say. Get ready and buckle up people, the coming lockdowns is going to be a bumpy ride!

The world economic forum has recently posted an article called "The Great Reset" and they desperately want to make this plan become our reality. Unfortunately, they are going to make this happen a lot sooner than we can...
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Here are a few of many popular, well-loved individuals who've departed in 2020.

August 25, 1930 - October 31, 2020 August 23, 1978 - January 26, 2020 March 15, 1933 - September 18, 2020 Jan 26, 1955 - Oct 06, 2020 November 29, 1976 — August 28, 2020 August 25, 1931 — July 24, 2020 October 13,...
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A Ranking of Every Voting Contest in the 2020 United States of America Presidential Election (Part 3).

Below are the two links to the first two parts of this series I'm doing. If you want more information, click on them. Click Here for Part 1 Click Here for Part 2 This is the third, and final part of my trilogy, which is...
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A Ranking of Every Voting Contest in the 2020 United States of America Presidential Election (Part 2)

Below is a link to the first part of this series I'm doing. If you want more information, click on it. Part 1 is right here. This is the second part of my trilogy, which is ranking every voting contest in the 2020 United...
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A Ranking of Every Voting Contest in the 2020 United States of America Presidential Election (Part 1)

On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, the United States of America(USA) will hold the 2020 Presidential Election, making this the 59th Presidential Election in the history of the USA. While there are several political parties...
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Ways you can help the environment and save a little cash

Before anyone calls me crazy or a hippie the fact is a lot of people should care about the environment, if you think you don't have to care well however you leave the environment, your children and grandchildren will have...
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Three Things To Remember When The Democrats Start Whining About President Trump's Supreme Court Appointment

RIP Ruth Ginsburg bla bla bla... 1. Ginsburg was asked by Democrats to step down when Obama was in office so they could ensure she would be replaced by another liberal. She refused. So now President Trump gets to pick a...
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GBG has died at 87

So I'm a fervent reader of every supreme court case that comes out, its like patch notes for America. I knew this was coming but nobody knew it was coming before the election. This is perhaps the worst outcome for the...
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Cincinnati Reds Broadcaster Thom Brennaman Suspended After On-Air Homophobic Slur

In the latest mea culpa, on Wednesday, very well known Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman was suspended indefinitely after he made an on-air homophobic slur right after he was caught unawares on mic after the Fox...
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Riots are they really needed to make a point, or just bunch of thugs, & thieves out to cause a problem stirred up by the media?

I thought long & hard about this subject & the riot over George Floyd was senseless. The man is dead the Psycho Cop that killed him is in jail for manslaughter when he should be facing Capital Murder, A store is destroyed...
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My take on the past two months and a half

Where I live(Buenos Aires, Argentina) , we have been under mandatory lock down since around March 20. Instead of flattening the curve, our cases have been going up progressively. The government doesn't seem to have a real...
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