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The background of the hammas war 2023

to straighten the mess of propaganda from both sides. israel is a country since 1948. #palestine was never a government. the conflict did not start about land for example hebron massacre when brits occupied. instead,...
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The importance of Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is an EXTREMELY important issue, NOW as ever, as we continue using fuels, uses that dismantled the fuel called hydrocarbons, with less and less remaining. not only fuelled cars but also to make...
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OceanGate Mission specialists onboard the five-person Expeditions vessel touring the Titanic Wreckage.

A massive search operation is underway in an area twice the size of Connecticut for the submersible that went missing Sunday, as officials fear there's just hours' worth of oxygen left on board the craft. The US Coast...
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NOW another change in the sun cycle

NOW another change in the sun cycle until June, more time was added for sunlight like longer days. then a change at dawn as mention last week, stop adding sunlight time at dawn. now another change the loss of sunlight...
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Good news about "global Warming Hell, aka Climate Change?

A lot of Climate Change activists see a living hell coming our way as CO2 rises and, for unknown, unproven reasons, it has increased about 100 parts per million since the 1950's. This has activated the prophets of doom to...
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How Twitter was acquired with the Leveraged Buyout strategy.

I. The loan. How banks avoided the astronomical risk of $13B. $44B = $24B + $7B + $13B. $44B is the price at which Elon Musk privatised Twitter. He raised $24B through his Tesla stocks. $7B through his other sources. And...
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Now credit card companies now will be forced to Track Gun and Ammo sales , will this stop shootings or is this for gun confiscating guns

It will not stop mass shootings . Most of those people don;t get their guns that way . They also don;t care if they are caught. Their goal is to kill people . This is Big Brother collecting info on gun owners so they...
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Seattle teachers are on strike... its effects

Seattle teachers are on strike, which cancels classes and forces kids to stay home. Though I sympathize with what teachers are trying to accomplish, I think they're going about it all wrong. The purpose of a strike is to...
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Will YOUR next home be PRINTED?

Mega-size "printers" now extrude patented concrete paste to "print" finished concrete shells for homes. Interiors can be left as is and just painted, or can be finished using traditional building methods for a more...
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Nostradamus and Putin - Is it just me?

I was just watching a program talking about spies, and codes, and somehow it turned to Nostradamus and two of his antichrists, and it caught my ear. Anyway, I don't know about Nostradamus, meaning his predictions. I don't...
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Why is American society so idiotic? Maybe hating Russian folks in America for something they did not do, is just plain stupid.

What is the point of harassing Russian-Americans? Even if they are Putin supporters? I mean, racist, bigots, insano fruitcake xenophobes are a dime a dozen at GaG. But for those folks who have an ounce of sanity, it...
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Why Putin and Russia are invading Ukraine

Based on my own research, here is why Putin is invading the Ukraine. Putin wants Ukraine because Ukraine is a key country between the Russian alliance and NATO. Ukraine is neutral, but if Ukraine joined NATO, Russian...
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"Go FUCK yourself Warship" --- said 13 defiant Ukrainians on Snake Island! I just wanted to memorialize these 13 brave men who stood up to a Russian warship. they would not budge an inch as you can hear in the audio in this video here. All of them are...
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Girls, If you have a functioning womb you may want to have an out-of-state abortion plan ready if you live in any of these states.

Alabama —Pre-Roe ban, Near-total ban, State constitution bars protection Arizona —Pre-Roe ban Arkansas —Pre-Roe ban, Trigger ban, Near-total ban Georgia —Six-week ban Idaho —Trigger ban, Six-week ban Iowa...
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Hurricane Sandy - 9 Years Later - from the eyes of a New Yorker. And YES CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL

The morning of October 29th 2012 was an unusual morning for me. I knew it was going to be a bad one. But little did I know it was going to be hell. For four days of hell my city endured the worst flooding and wind...
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Yes, It Really is as You’ve Been Informed about How Bad It Now is in Australia.

This is for all of you who have recently been wondering, “What the hell is going on down there?”, in the nation within the map above. The rumours you may have heard, along with many news reports, have recently portrayed...
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Gender Differences in Covid Mortality Rates & Vaccine Adverse Reactions: An Explanation

Okay. I was doing some research on covid and vaccines and whatnot, and came across a couple of interesting points I hadn't read before. You might find it interesting too? Let me see if I can summarize this so that it's...
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A Very Personal Decision: My Story

Greetings fellow GAG'ers. I don't share my personal life much, but as an editor on this website for over six years now, I felt it was time to confess something I did in my personal life. I wanted to let you know about a...
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Florida is manipulating its covid death numbers!

The CDC site shows Florida had 361 deaths over the last seven days, which means their state shows up a pretty light blue compared to the dark blue in all the states around it. Success! Right? Wrong. The total deaths in...
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What is happening in Afghanistan now was always going to happen. The military was never going to be ready.

What is happening in Afghanistan was always going to happen. From the moment we invaded the country to destroy Al-Qaeda, this was going to be result of also attacking the Taliban. The funny thing about our politics is...
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