Yes, It Really is as You’ve Been Informed about How Bad It Now is in Australia.

Orwells Oceania is now a reality
Orwell's 'Oceania' is now a reality

This is for all of you who have recently been wondering, “What the hell is going on down there?”, in the nation within the map above. The rumours you may have heard, along with many news reports, have recently portrayed the situation here as being dire and dark, without hope, describing a nation goose-stepping into totalitarianism. Those rumours, those reports, are basically correct.

When I first joined GAG the trends were already evident, our country was already becoming an embarrassment for those of us who actually adhere to civilised values of independence of thought and individual freedoms, and because of this I was simply far too embarrassed to admit that I lived in Australia, especially the state of Victoria. I selected for my nationality ‘Russian Federation’, and I did so with the expectation that no one would comment on it (but of course, they have). After a time I thought that I had better leave it as is, because I believed that too many people would ask too many awkward questions, but now I just don’t care. I changed it to ‘Australia’ at first, but now I’m a “citizen” of Antarctica, because that seems to be one of the very few places left on Earth where people can still legitimately claim to be free.

I will attempt to give a rather brief summary in point form of the situation as it currently is within this ‘MyTake’, because to do otherwise, to attempt to go into detail, would entail writing a book.

1. Freedom of speech is dead. It’s gone, it simply doesn’t exist anymore. For evidence of this fact, I present the following true story -

The link is to a video that is owned by ABC News, a source that is a state-run (yes, you saw that correctly – state run) channel that is so left-wing that it makes others like the BBC, CNN, and MSNBC seem as though they’re run by reasonable, conservative libertarians. If you’re the type of person who values truth and honesty, and you don’t accept the official narrative about the virus and openly say so on social media, you can expect “visitors” to your house who will place nice, shiny jewellery on your wrists.

2. An endless sequence of ‘lockdowns’, one after another, that serve no discernable purpose. Perhaps the purpose of all the ‘lockdowns’ (a term that, by the way, originated in our prison system) is simply to demoralise, in which case they’re working wonderfully, because it’s clear they’re having no effect in combatting the virus. I’ve actually lost count of how many we’ve now had. I think we’re in the seventh so-called lockdown, but I’m not entirely sure anymore. It’s been 245 days in total, according to this article:

which is longer than anywhere else on the planet, including Wuhan.

3. A state government in Victoria that is authoritarian, irresponsible, incompetent and arrogant beyond belief. Victoria is effectively, if not officially, a one-party state, because the so-called opposition party (the ‘Liberal Party’) is subdued, ineffective, and just as incompetent. Daniel Andrews, the premier, holds daily press conferences during which he basically berates and threatens the public for perceived indiscretions, often telling us that we “must do the right thing, and be vaccinated – or else!”

4. ‘Freedom Day’. This is the day on which the state will reopen for business, the government will hand us our freedom back with the expectation we will re-elect them into office for another term when the time comes (that’s assuming, of course, that we’ll still have elections) and things will begin to return to some semblance of normality (although not to how things were in 2019, but the ‘New Normal’). People who haven’t been vaccinated have been told that the procedure isn’t compulsory, and will not be made mandatory, but due to the new rules to be introduced on ‘Freedom Day’ will not be able to go to the shops, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, hotels, petrol stations, parks, government buildings, et cetera. So much for freedom then.

5. Pepper spray, batons and rubber bullets. Peaceful protesters, people who have done no wrong and simply want their lives back, are being met with an amount of force that one would expect from a regime that was afraid of its own people, an authoritarian hell-hole like China or Saudi Arabia. It’s really odd, however, how as recently as mid-2020 the police were comparatively civilised when they were confronted by demonstrators, by people who didn’t even bother to wear masks or practice “social distancing”, but perhaps that had something to do with the fact they were BLM supporters marching for a cause that had (and has) little or no relevance for Australia.

6. A mainstream media that is positively Goebbelesque in its presentation of the news. Peaceful demonstrators are openly demonised, and referred to as being “right-wing anti-vaxxers”, even though there is precisely zero evidence for either charge.

Just for the record, I’m not an “anti-vaxxer”, nor am I a “right-wing conspiracy theorist”. I actually do not believe that vaccines cause autism, but at the same time I am concerned about the manner in which this whole affair is being managed. There should be no need for bribes or threats, no need for coercion if the vaccines actually work as promised, and if the situation really is as dire as they keep telling us.

If the situation ever does return to some semblance of normality, and international travel once again opens up, do NOT come to Australia for your holidays. Go to some other place that is more welcoming (like North Korea), more peaceful (try Afghanistan) or has better beaches (like Somalia). If you come to Australia, especially Victoria, you may not be able to ever leave, and you’ll become trapped because they’ve introduced yet another ‘lockdown’.

Yes, It Really is as You’ve Been Informed about How Bad It Now is in Australia.
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  • MCheetah
    I didn't hear anything about Australia. That's messed up, but not surprising. And the irony is, you think *the US* is an absolute sh*thole filled with gun-toting retards. Yet the millions of Americans are fighting this vaccine BS. It is an assault on everyone's freedoms. And you think the people who are armed and ready to fight back against literal government oppression, are the backwoods savages. Ironic, no?

    And the worst part is, we have absolute DUMBFUCKS - no other words to describe them - going along with basically neo-Communism. The ones who'll call you a "Right Wing Anti-Vaxxer conspiracy theorist" for not being as low-functioning as they are. Now you know what it's like, don't you? When the diving line moves further and further left. When they start to come for you, "... and there was no one left to speak for me" because you did not speak up. Guess you're a 'racist, sexist, Alt-right Naht-see,' too!
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    • "And the irony is, you think *the US* is an absolute sh*thole filled with gun-toting retards."
      Yes, but there are good reasons why I believe the Second Amendment doesn't really guarantee what most of its supporters claim, and that having easy access to guns ultimately causes more harm to society than good (ex. gun-related suicides, drive-by shootings, school shootings).
      I've also been highly critical of the U. S. for other reasons as well, like the absence of a basic, universal health scheme, and for being the country that gave the world identity politics.

    • 3:53 - "Centres for National Resilience" - Well, that sounds better than "concentration camps". Still very Orwellian. Hitler would be proud.

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  • NicoletteXO
    Well, what do you know? My favourite GaG sister-from-another-Mister is a fellow Aussie!!

    This is a great Take - and I second everything Rachel says. The current state of this country is beyond deplorable - I would never have expected in my lifetime to witness the utter decimation of almost every single value of our supposed liberal democracy.

    I have joked for a long time that I live in Ausjabistan, Aussie North Korea or Auscatraz (returning to our prison roots). But it's no joke.

    Australia is dead.
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    • I like all those names, but how about this one - Auschwitz. I know it's not very original, but it fits perfectly :)

    • zagor

      I've been to Auschwitz. If you had seen the piles of hair and children's shoes taken from the victims, most of whom were dead within 3 hours of arrival, you wouldn't use the term so flippantly.

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  • MrOracle
    I'd been saving up for a trip to Australia, but I came to the conclusion about a year ago that I will probably never go there. It's definitely not the same place it was even 2 years ago, much less 20 years ago. They are following the Orwell plan to the letter, and all pretense of personal freedom is just gone.

    That's very sad, because the Aussies I've known have all been great people, and the country used to have a strong independent spirit, which seems to have evaporated...
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    • You dodged a bullet. You might have travelled here, and then found out that you couldn't leave. Consider yourself lucky.

  • goaded
    Do you know how many people, out of the 26 million population (slightly less than Texas) have died of covid? How many cases have there been?

    120,000 cases and 1,400 deaths. Total. About a week's worth of what's happening in Texas right now. 4 million fewer cases, and 65,000 fewer deaths since the beginning.

    And, believe it or not, when immunity to the virus reaches a reasonable level, they will stop the lockdowns and masks and rules that you don't think are important. There will also continue to be elections. I'll bet you $1,000. You won't pay up, and you won't admit being wrong, you'll just move on to the next Murdoch fake outrage.

    You know there are nearly 100,000 new cases a day, and over 1,500 deaths a day in the US at the moment?

    Texas has, right now, 8,000 new cases a day, and 250 deaths a day. Australia has its highest numbers of daily new cases at the moment. About 2,000. And 15 deaths a day, which is fewer than the previous peak of 22, a year or so ago.

    Just play fair, get the bloody vaccine, and help out.
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    • "And, believe it or not, when immunity to the virus reaches a reasonable level, they will stop the lockdowns and masks and rules that you don't think are important."
      They will? How do you know that? Why should I believe them when they make this claim?
      "There will also continue to be elections. I'll bet you $1,000. You won't pay up, and you won't admit being wrong, you'll just move on to the next Murdoch fake outrage."
      Fake outrage? No, my outrage is very real, I can tell you that! As for Murdoch, have you seen the 'Herald Sun' lately? It's gone FAR left! It's now as bad as 'The Age'.
      "You know there are nearly 100,000 new cases a day, and over 1,500 deaths a day in the US at the moment?"
      Source? Where did you get these figures from?
      "Texas has, right now, 8,000 new cases a day, and 250 deaths a day. Australia has its highest numbers of daily new cases at the moment. About 2,000. And 15 deaths a day, which is fewer than the previous peak of 22, a year or so ago."
      Again - source?
      "Just play fair, get the bloody vaccine, and help out."
      That's my decision to make, not yours and certainly not the government's.

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  • InventorofWarp
    You're not alone in all this tbh.
    Before the pandemic, my hometown never had a tent city. But now all I see is poverty across the country. Because Trudeau and the Liberals' ideas of solving a problem is to just throw fucking millions of dollars at it and hope it goes away.
    Big shocker, it doesn't.
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  • Wester1967
    This is some off the cliff right wing imperial pablum. Y’all would be much better off if you just gave it all back to the aboriginal community.
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    • Gave what back to the aboriginal community?

    • I'm not "right-wing", and one of the sources I give - the ABC - is actually far left.

  • Tiptoetamm
    I've read about it and it's so wrong what they are doing to their people. not letting them protest arrested for being out few minutes after curfew so ridiculous. I read the arrested this one woman because she said how wrong it was on social media, seriously fucked up
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  • exitseven
    I agree with you and am a little surprised at what is going on in Australia. It was one of the few places I would actually like to visit someday.

    As long as connected people are making billions of dollars with the pandemic and politicians are using it as a smokescreen to steal elections we will continue with this BS.
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  • supercutebutt
    Maybe you will succumb to the virus and join Jesus soon so you won't have to live on horrible Earth anymore. :)
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    • I'm not a Christian, so I don't care about joining Jesus.

    • Who will u join?

    • I'm not going to die from a little cold, because I'm healthy, young and thin.

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  • captain_voidwalker
    Americans take note. This is us in a year if you don't start resisting this vaccine mandate shit
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    • Yes, RESIST now, before it's too late. This could be the U. S. in a couple of years, especially if Harris takes over.

  • KostasKouvalis
    I think Australia is worst Western country in the world at this moment, and the UK is a close second.
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    • Agree. Then again, Canada under Trudeau is pretty bad as well, and New Zealand isn't a place I would want to travel to either.

    • Can't argue on Canada. Don't know much about NZ, but everything I thought I knew about the country completely changed, when I found out they have Muslims, and that they kind of dislike Americans because of some military incident that happened a while back.

      But Australia REALLY disappointed me. I always thought Australia was very Conservative, though I guess not anymore.
      They even had to play their national sports matches in other countries, because they're not even letting athletes in!

      I read that one of your states, I think South Australia, though someone else said NSW, is trying to pass a law, where the government puts a tracking app on your phone, and they send you a text several times a day, and you have 15 minutes to send them a selfie proving you're actually at that location. That is just INSANE!

      The US and Canada have gotten really bad too, but I think you guys are the worst, and then UK and the Kiwis.
      In the U. S., at least a lot of power rests with the states. And even within states like my California, San Francisco has masks and vaccine mandates, but in MY county, no one cares.

      But there were protests over the weekend because our bonehead governor is forcing vaccines on children.
      I don't believe those over the top conspiracy theories either, though my mom and I were both vaxxed and got sick anyways. But the way I look at it, if YOU feel in danger, then YOU wear a mask and get vaxxed. Don't force that shit on other people.

      Sorry for my rant, but this shit is starting to get ridiculous. I'll show you.

      What do you think of these paranoid Liberals who come to Red towns, than complain about our mask policies? ↗

    • "... the government puts a tracking app on your phone, and they send you a text several times a day, and you have 15 minutes to send them a selfie proving you're actually at that location."
      I think I heard something similar, but realistically such a scheme wouldn't even work. I mean, for starters, many people don't even have one of those fancy smart-phones (like me). I have a flip-phone that I usually forget at home, so how on Earth would I be able to send anyone a "selfie"? Laws (or in this case, rules, because it's just the current governments who are making this shit up as they go along) that are unenforceable can safely be ignored. I will not be vaxxed, and I don't care what any petty bureaucrat or politician threatens to do to me. Unlike these thugs, I actually have principles, principles that I am not willing to compromise on.

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  • Darksign
    "That would never happen" - brain dead leftists. But this is your fault. The people of Australia didn't stand up for their freedom, the people have the power. You gave up your guns so they will do whatever they want to enforce tyranny. Maybe you could travel to the USA if we didn't have too many illegals here. They probably aren't letting legals in. Legals want to escape their country and vote againsts the leftists, but illegals might be stupid enough to help keep them in power.
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  • SlightlyEccentric
    Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting things to change. I have told people many times the importance of being an armed populace. That it was to keep tyrannical governments in check. But then some new country who are banning the ownership of guns are all like "no, no, no, this time will be different, we will not need them because we have the government," and then they shocked when that same government they backed up turns on them and becomes tyrannical. But they call me the crazy one for saying guns are necessary in any society.

    Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
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    • spartan55

      The first step of EVERY dictatorship in history is to disarm the citizens.
      There is a good reason our country has never been invaded by land.

    • @spartan55 Yes, those reasons are called the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the U. S. Navy, not an "armed citizenry".

    • How does an armed populace change anything at all? How does that work exactly? Do you honestly think that a bunch of local rednecks with AR-15's (with no proper training, by the way) could take on a force armed with attack helicopters, drones, satellites, F-22's and tanks, to list just a few of the items the governmental armed forces would have?

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Years ago, many Americans always thought of Australia as the place we could go if things got too bad in the US. What's left for us now?
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    • I'd say Canada but Trudeau has fucked this country right into the poverty hole.
      Before the pandemic my hometown never had a tent city.

    • Shizunk

      When I was a teenager, we used to discuss where to go if things ever escalated in our country. We came to the conclusion that there is no place left on the planet that is safe from authoritarian nonsense and we may as well stay and fight regardless of what comes. Since then, things got much worse everywhere. I just hope my country will be at least less messed up than the others...

    • @Shizunk I don't really understand what people are getting at with authoritarianism everywhere I don't really see that in my opinion but what I do see everywhere is an economic model that can't possibly sustain itself for much longer. The middle class has virtually disappeared since I was a kid thanks to the go-to adopted solution of throwing money at problems to create worse taxes and then having more problems sprout from those inflated taxes resulting in more money being thrown at the new problems creating higher taxes and so forth.
      Poverty and destitution is increasing at a massive rate across this country and countless others and the effects of global plutocracy are reaching a peak not seen since The Great Depression (which affected Canada and The States equally since both our countries are closely tied economically).

      We had a slight bit of relief with the advent of the Biden Presidency since Trump absolutely gutted our dairy, lumber and steel industry trades across the border with entirely new tariff policies but that uplift has been mitigated by the sudden advent of COVID-19. The hole hasn't any more shallow since really.

  • m33lad
    Is the new testing ground from North Korea global plan!

    Be happy then over 90% of populations are anti-thinkers and I just follow causing the rest of us to go down with the ship. RIP end of the world!

    We’re in it as we know it.
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  • Jamie05rhs
    I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. I hope people wake up and see the danger before it's too late for them.
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  • Talea
    " Freedom of speech is dead." Freedom of speech is not a) the right to say whatever you want about anything b) freedom from consequences
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  • Uservane
    No surprise the state is " authoritarian, irresponsible, incompetent and arrogant" when it takes such " authoritarian, irresponsible, incompetent and arrogant" people to support a state and also support the idea that it's not ok for others to physically remove them as the active innate dangers they are.
  • ThatNoUVAtYourEyes
    You can't really have 1M AU$ (or 2, or 5, or 10 etc) in property and/or assets, and not be the bad guys to say Indonesians whose life assets are $5.
    And you have been coaling (not koaling) that train for a good 4 decades or so now.
  • haooy
    If it is as bad as they say it is. I mean I don't know what to say. This is pure madness. I hope everybody stay safe.
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  • Cowboy6666
    After reading this I assume this is dictatorship. I won't visit Australia if the above is true
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    • Do yourself a big favour - don't come to Australia. Ever.

  • Super-Sam
    Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane all are amazing
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    • Melbourne is a ghost-town, there is no one around, apart from the police (who are everywhere).

    • Super-Sam

      And what about Victoria?

    • I would leave if I could.

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  • ChrisMaster69
    I may have heard this a few times 🙄

    I have a spare room.
    • Good! Now I just have to figure out a way to, first, escape from this continent-sized prison, and secondly, make it to England. I need a boat, a big one. Getting past the patrols will be tricky though. I wonder if they have shoot to kill orders.

    • Mail yourself

  • karaspara
    Holy fucking shit 😩
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    • Precise, and to the point. That's what I like about you Kara :)

  • PAcc92
    Australia started as a prison colony.

    Now it's ending as one.
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  • jimmy2
    Wow that so bad
  • Anonymous
    This is what happens when the right winged morons win
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  • Anonymous
    Australia good
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  • Anonymous
    Americans should shut up about guns. I mean I’m all for guns, I wish I could own one for self-defence, but they should shut up because they’re all talk and no action. Internet tough guys who’ll never do anything.
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  • Anonymous
    This is what happens when you allow your government to disarm your populace. You have given up the checks and balances that keep your government under control, and now they are abusing their power unchecked. Honestly, it should not come as a surprise to anyone, but somehow it does.

    The same things would undoubtedly happen here in the US if we allowed it to.
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  • Anonymous
    Yes and this is just your take, I have many friends who live in Australia and would say that you are exactly the Right Wing Anti-Vaxxer conspiracy theorist you are writing about.
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    • Oh really? Who are these "friends" of yours? No, don't tell me - they "Stand with Dan". They're Labour Party supporters I'll bet, or perhaps they support the Greens, who are even worse. People like YOU are the reason why this shit is happening in the first place!

    • things stop being a conspiracy "theory" when you can see them happening in real time. Thanks to the live streamers, we've seen enough to know what's really going on. It's absolutely bat shit crazy that there's anyone so far left that they're still in denial about it with all the videos put out.
      But we do know there are a lot of people in Australia who think the lockdowns and oppressive government, complete with authoritarian methods, are "for the greater good", so I understand why your "friends" may support them. A lot of us know people in Australia. I have a friend there that lives right in the middle of the crazy, that I've known for half my life thanks to gaming, who strongly disagrees with your friends' conspiracy theory viewpoints on this.

  • Anonymous
    For those not savvy enough to catch on, what is happening in Australia right now is liberalism, and it's where the US is headed as well.
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  • Anonymous
    Y'all should kept your guns.

    Perfect test site for communism y'all locked away by yourself on a little island.

    With a die as a with a high survival rate disease.

    They gonna start building prisons for y'all.
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    • Hmm... kept the guns. Okay. What then? Use them how?

    • Anonymous

      People fear confrontation or a equal fight.
      Now you guys aren't equal to your government.
      But in not to familiar with y'all laws or whatever. But I see them videos they dog walking you citizens