Girls, If you have a functioning womb you may want to have an out-of-state abortion plan ready if you live in any of these states.

Girls, If you have a functioning womb you may want to have an out-of-state abortion plan ready if you live in any of these states.

—Pre-Roe ban, Near-total ban, State constitution bars protection
Arizona—Pre-Roe ban
Arkansas—Pre-Roe ban, Trigger ban, Near-total ban
Georgia—Six-week ban
Idaho—Trigger ban, Six-week ban
Iowa—Six-week ban
Kentucky—Trigger ban, Six-week ban
Louisiana—Trigger ban, Near-total ban, Six-week ban, State constitution bars protection
Michigan—Pre-Roe ban
Mississippi—Pre-Roe ban, Trigger ban, Six-week ban
Missouri—Trigger ban, Eight-week ban
North Dakota—Trigger ban, Six-week ban
Ohio—Six-week ban
Oklahoma—Pre-Roe ban, Trigger ban (effective November 1, 2021), Near-total ban, Six-week ban
South Carolina—Six-week ban
South Dakota—Trigger ban
Tennessee—Trigger ban, Six-week ban, State constitution bars protection
Texas—Pre-Roe ban, Trigger ban, Six-week ban
Utah—Trigger ban, Near-total ban
West Virginia—Pre-Roe ban, State constitution bars protection

Wisconsin—Pre-Roe ban

Florida—In 2021, the state legislature attempted to ban abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy and an effort to adopt a Texas-style six-week ban has already been publicized.

Indiana—In the past decade, the legislature has enacted 55 abortion restrictions and bans, paving the way for a comprehensive ban.

Montana—For the first time in nearly a decade, new abortion restrictions were enacted in 2021, including restrictions on medication abortion and abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy. (These restrictions currently cannot be enforced due to a court order.)

Nebraska—Although not one of the most prolific states on enacting abortion restrictions, it was the first to adopt a 22-week ban (in 2010), and in 2020, enacted a ban on the standard method for abortion after 15 weeks.

Wyoming—In 2021, new restrictions on abortion were enacted and a six-week abortion ban was seriously considered by the legislature.

So yeahh. Of course if you can just simply move out of any of these states, by all means go for it.

oh Whats that? You’re too poor or can't afford a plan to go out of state to get an abortion? Well according to these states “tough shit.”

Girls, If you have a functioning womb you may want to have an out-of-state abortion plan ready if you live in any of these states.
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  • Whatthefluff
    Thanks for sharing this list. I have absolutely no scientific research, but in my personal experience it seems teenage pregnancies are more common in Southern states. What's unfortunate is that some of these states also have underperforming/unavailable social welfare programs overall. Meaning that those who are put up to have a child are not even going to be helped. It's so sad when you actually see this. So many people are suffering financially, and how is it any good to be born into poverty because there wasn't any choice? It really says a lot about these states where the minimum wage so happens to be unlivable, there aren't as many social programs out there, there is less an emphasis on formal education, and struggling people are overall treated like shit.
    How is this fair? I may be a filthy "liberal" to suggest that this is no way to treat citizens, but so be it.
    Again, I have no "science" behind these statements; they are pure observations on what I have seen in real life.
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  • Msputiton
    Both the state i live in, and the one i go to college are on this list.
    But I'm not surprised 🥴
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  • Cherry234
    Good to know. Well, good thing I live in New York. And wow, sheesh...26 states.
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    • Cherry234

      It's a good thing I'm not currently living in any of those states.

    • Yeah you and women in my state are safe.

    • Cherry234

      I don't even want to move to those states. God forbid I had to go to one of those states (e. g. for work) then I would have to get permanent birth control whenever I want to have sex. I don't really have sex anyway though. I don't want to be too worried about this.

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  • menina
    Well I don't live in the US and at this point of my life getting pregnant would be impossible even though I have a functioning womb.
    Abortion is a complicated and controversial topic everywhere.
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  • Koneko911
    I knew about this. It's why I started birth control. I hate kids as I've told you. So if I did get pregnant I would get the abortion. Even if my ass had to travel to get it. Though I don't see Florida adopting the 6 week bullshit
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  • loves2learn
    Whew dodged that bullet. Nahh, I would never get one. Plus Mrloves had a vasectomy.
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  • dustybiker
    No more sex in those states.
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  • cutiepatootie26
    Why would I have an abortion plan when I am not planning on aborting a child? I am planning on engaging in safe sex...
    • Accidents can still happen and if you aren't in a place where you can afford them or raise them properly then well just noce to have a plan in place jic

    • The effectiveness of a copper IUD is 99.2%. You can pretty much guarantee you don't get pregnant if you're responsible about sex. But even if I did get pregnant and didn't have the money, I'd keep it and find a way so there's that.

    • thats good for you, but lots of other women will want a plan. accidents can and do happen

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  • On_cloud_wine
    You’re for abortion?
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    • im pro-choice

    • Even if she’s 9 months pregnant with your baby?

    • i take it you are pro-life?

      It hardly ever happens, but in that case only if the mothers life is in danger should she continue with the pregnancy

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