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The creative/art paradox.

If you are an artist, a creative, open person, you probably can't afford to own art. If you can afford to own art, you probably aren't a creative. The 'invisible hand' of the 'market' ensures no one is happy. By forcing...
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3 Great PC Games for FPS Gamers

A little while ago, I got bored of playing role-playing games, or sports games, so I decided to look into First Person Shooter (FPS) games to try out. I've done a little bit of research, and decided to share some of MY...
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Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Pass on It. SPOILERS AHEAD

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: you've seen it plastered all over Youtube advertisements. This review is a little late, but if you haven't seen it already: Hard Pass. It's a pale shadow of the Captain America: The Winter...
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Ruining The Lion King

Disclaimer: The Lion King is a fictional movie (duh). I know what fiction is. PLEASE DO NOT EXPLAIN FICTION TO ME!!! This is called ruining the Lion King, (based on reality) K, thanks. Let's go! 1. "King of the jungle"...
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7 reasons why Cinderella is a role model for female empowerment

1. Cinderella’s key personality traits-- kindness, caring and optimism -- are stereotypically feminine. They're often written off by her critics as signs of weakness and pacifism. Just because Cinderella doesn’t stand up...
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How I play Fallout New Vegas, Elder scrolls Skyrim and Fallout 4

Role playing games all follow similar themes in which they emphasize protagonist customization, gradually making your protagonist stronger, open world exploration, deciding who is good/bad, access to a wide variety of...
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Dance covers that are as good as the original!

There's so many channels on youtube that do dance covers it's become totally professional. at least half are super impressive and the rest are still pretty high level. I wanna share a few channels that I'm watching right...
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Kid90: A Real life retrospect on Soleil Moon Frye and her friends' teenage years.

What do you remember most about growing up in the '90s? Is it the nostalgia of the cartoons like Rugrats and Animaniacs? Is it the music of Salt-N-Pepa or TLC? If you were a child Star living in Hollywood like Soleil Moon...
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So during the pandemic, what have you been streaming online?

So since I did the guy movies thing. I wanted to see if I could pick up some recommendations on binging a few series online. This is the list of stuff I binged over the last year. I hope I didn't do this already. Here is...
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Greatest Guy Movies of All Time!!!

I did this take before. It is time for some revisions to the list. 1. Fight Club. I love this film because of its humor, its attempt to delve into the male psyche, to try to get an understanding of what qualities we...
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Burnout, Depression, and Adulting: Why "Kiki's Delivery Service" is one of the most relevant anime movies in history.

I haven't written a mytake in a while so, I figured I'd give it a go with a topic I'm passionate about. Just so you know there will be spoilers. "Kiki's Delivery Service" is one of my most favorite animated movies of all...
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Dearest Literature

My 3 Most Favorites Of All Time : 1. Sam Madison Seth Everett, be still in my heart! The most beautiful character ever crafted, the memorable image of a heartbroken heartbreaker (as reads the title), this woman added new...
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Music then and music now. Can you relate?

Uh oh, it's a millennial posting this! What does he know about music ya might ask. Relax there! I am lucky I know the Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, ACϟDC, Bob Marley, ELO, Boney M and some other musicians from the 60s, 70s,...
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Badass Female Action Stars

I've found a tendency among people who dislike a Rey or Captain Marvel or Michael Burnham (like myself) to be called sexist or racist or something like that. So here is a compilation of some action stars I consider...
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Is anyone looking for a list of good LOVE songs? Well, I made one for you. Enjoy! :)

This is something I've been working on for the last 3 days. (But before that, the last 10 years.) I hope you guys like it; but if not, feel free to tell me how it can be improved. All comments and suggestions are welcome!...
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To All the Celeb Boys I’ve Loved

I’m totally #BoyCrazy and love talking about my celeb crushes 🤣 So today, I’m making a mytake about the Top 8 (out of 186 lol) that I’ve stood by for the longest. Feel free to check em out and then tell me in the...
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Call of Duty Mobile, pros and cons of a very dynamic mobile game

I’ve never really been a fan of online gaming because I feel that online gaming has too many issues like cheaters,pay to winno story at allunless you play on a personal computer, you have pay monthly since online gaming...
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50 Fave Couples of Mine for Valentine’s

So here’s a take on some fave and not-so-fave tv couples. I’m bringing you a pretty diverse mix of new school and old school. We got black couples, white couples, hispanic couples, interracial couples... all ranging from...
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Call of duty: Black Ops Cold War, a fairly good game with originality only limited by time constraints and current world events

Call of Duty black ops Cold War did not disappoint with it’s action packed campaign, multiplayer and zombies mode. It is a bit different than previous call of duty campaigns, so this game gets a 10/10 in regards to...
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Made for #MemeMonday

#FeelFreeToList WHICH OF THE MEMES BELOW YOU CAN RELATE TO... I grouped each meme into two’s because we have a picture limit. SO THAT MEANS THERE ARE 2 MEMES PER PIC. At least one below should make you laugh a bit. Have...
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