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Greatest German military songs part 2

Here’s part two. Wow I have to say that I’m quite disgusted by how some ignoramuses use the guilt by association and false equivalence fallacy just because I like listening to German military songs that have nothing to do...
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What is The Last Of Us 2 about? There's been a lot of speculation and leaks and controversy about this game. I've stayed away from the leaks because I want to enjoy this game when it finally comes out but there...
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Moonlight (Outstanding Black Film)

This movie is so good i'm writing this review halfway into it. As A black person I love seeing Black films and art. The first time I heard of moonlight was when everyone on twitter felt the cast were snubbed at the Oscars...
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15 of my favorite or notable Zombie Movies

So, earlier this evening I was trying to answer this question Favorite Zombie Movie? and found that I had so many to post.. I said heck.. I will just do a favorite 15 movies so here they are in order of year and again,...
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Castlevania! It is really, really good.

I had heard about this series for a long time . I didn't think it would be all that good. I had seen a few previews and wasn't impressed. Besides, the Dracula and vampire scene was just something that seemed so played...
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A Journey with Milo and Otis

Recently I was given this reply on a message "Awesome, you'll have to do a Mytake. So many people haven't heard of it (referring to Milo and Otis) but I'm pretty sure it's on Disney+ or Netflix" With that, I would just...
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What's your favourite video about music?

Ntoe that I am asking about videos ABOUT music. These can be interviews with artists, interviews with people who don't make music themselves about music they like etc. Mine is probably this one, because I like the author...
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My Most Excellent 80's Summer 2020 Mix

This time there was much less a flow and simply songs that I connected with. Some songs I am revisiting from hearing again and others I am rehearing in a new way. It's interesting, a couple years back I would have pushed...
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Greatest German military songs composed so far

Germany has arguably composed the greatest military songs out every country. Many German military songs are so great that they have been adopted by foreign countries like Japan, Chile the UK and Brazil. Below are my...
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The Cosmology of chess, love and passion for a game of intense strategy.

The point of this take is to share my love of chess with other players, mainly those that are not so good, or never studied the game intensively. After both players move, there are 400 possible board setups that can...
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My Super Summer Seventies 2020 Mix

I was thinking of possibly doing 80's and 90's too but I am going to start with this for now. This is not going to be as detailed as my other song lists because this is simply about the flow of the music per say. Each...
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Tec and Princess Peach This mytake is all about highlighting text from the video game Paper Mario and the thousand year door. Specifically the...
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🔪💥 21 Fatal Attraction & Stalker Action Films to Watch While Quarantined 💥⚰️

Ever dealt with a stalker? Yea well i hope you kicked buttootie as good as the people dealing with them in film. Checkout these Must-See fatal attraction films (or at least their gifs) and let me know if you’re interested...
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Collage Bonanza

So, I got bored this week, as I am sure many of you still are but hopefully a number of you are starting to be able to continue your jobs to some extent but I went to a Menards and found this. So I did it. Then I was...
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2020 is the year of the Kpop Girl Group!

2020 might have sucked but in the land of Kpop it's shaping up to be a great year. We're only in April and there's been so many good comebacks! :) Especially girl groups have been shining. Dreamcatcher - Scream...
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Here's Some Good News

I recently watched this series that John from the office has started and it is quite amazing. I feel like it is worth sharing. I am sure plenty of you have seen it already but let's just do a review of the videos so far....
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My take on the "A Nightmare On Elm Street" film and sequels.

During the lockdown I picked up the DVD box Box set of these movies. I was building a DVD collection and I just wanted the first one cause it's a classic but I couldn't find it. All they had at the store was this box set...
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14 songs to get you up in the morning aka anti covid blues songs

This is for those that are waiting to get back to work and those also caught in social distancing, I thought it might be good to have a pick me up. For two starting things that came to my mind when I first thought of...
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While in Quarantine: A parody of "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music"

Playing old board games And binge watching Hulu Taking a virtual field trip To the Smithsonian zoo Ordering grubhub and online shopping This is what I do while in quarantine Staying 6 feet apart while in walmart Taking up...
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Drawing hyperrealism is actually impressive

Yeah, I get it. A lot of you think that hyperrealism is just basically copying a picture, following the lighting and shading exactly how it is in the photo, and that this kind of art is just super easy because of it. 1....
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