I've just found my reason to like the Ant-Man movies.

Compared to other MCU movies, Ant-Man is just wholesome. I find the Ant-Man hero borderline useful. The hero is cool and all, but just...
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An Inspired Poem: Please

The poem below was inspired by a friend who is also a brilliant writer. They gave me voice and I'm grateful. Have you ever yearned for...
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Adam Driver’s Dino Galore!

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Unpopular opinion: Akiko Yano and Noosha Fox came first and Kate Bush came second, but Kate fans won't let me talk about it.

On Reddit this opinion is incredibly unpopular. Seriously, they absolutely won't discuss whether or not Kate ripped anyone off, they...
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Signs you might be better than you think you are at Call of Duty and also signs you might not be as good as you think you are at Call of Duty

Ah call of duty a game that was once considered to be the gold standard of FPS games has now turned in a franchise that everyone likes...
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Tell Me, Have You Seen Em 🎬

#AnotherMovieReview 🍿🎥🎞 I won’t lie, I slick hate making mytakes about films because people start recommending films rather than...
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Who are 90s kids and who are 2000s kids?

I would say that you can call yourself whatever you like as long as you don't exclusively claim stuff that belongs to others as well....
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Can you Evaluate these fictional Chess pieces?

How many points do you think each piece is worth compared to the standard rating system of a Pawn being a "1" and Rook 5 and Queen 9...

What are some online artist that you think are under rated?

For me personally I think These 4 artist deserve way more credit than they get CLYXRYN is a very sweet girl who does amazing art work...

If you can remember, what was your favorite book as a toddler?

Mine was called “Happy Birthday, Moon.” 😊

What's your wildest secret?

could be anything! Mine is probably that when I was 18 I auditioned for "adult entertainment"...

Do you listening Justin Bieber?

Do you listening Justin Bieber?

What is your favorite musical instrument (to listen to)?

Also, if you happen to play an instrment, please tell us your favorite one and why?
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Do you know there are tiny mites called Demodex living and having sex on your face?

“This isn’t a new discovery. It’s been known for decades that these microscopic mites live on most humans. They only cause a risk to...
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Which is your favorite GTA game out of the four?

I can't choose between Vice City or GTA 5. Vice City just brings on nostalgia vibes... me being 12 years old playing my own video game...
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Do you watch anime?

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Is this set a yay or nay?

6 22

Which movie genre you like more?

Any of the listed in the poll or maybe another genre
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Can you post fifth picture from your phone gallery?

I have this picture 🖼️
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In your opinion which Paul brother is the worst?

Jake Paul and Logan Paul have both done some dumb ass shit. The only difference is that Logan Paul was the better Paul until he posted...
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Who is the most overrated SINGER in your opinion?

For me it's Taylor Swift! I still can't figure out why she's so popular :/ Her songs are average even childish and annoying...
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Who would win the kick to the groin contest between a female or a male?

We were talking with a girl friend but I couldn't make her believe me that male always wins the kick to the groin contest. Who do you...

Do You Prefer Modern Or Classical Art?

I'm talking about art in general speaking. It may be paintings, drawings, sculptures, architecture, interior, photography (1800s vs...
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