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My Trip to the Mall of America

This is where my anti unashamed catfishing skills get to shine :) This will be more about the pictures telling the story so more pictures with a light amount of text. To be fair this trip really started out at a nature...
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Why I Won't Relocate or Live In Another State, City, or Country

Here are at least 2 reasons why I refuse to relocate to another state, city, or country 1. I Value My Friends & Family By moving to another state or city, I would lose emotional support I get from my friends & families....
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A gem in Asia that no one talks about.

I will make it as short as I can and sorry for my English, not my native tongue. Right before the Coronavirus pandemic, I was in Taiwan, not very known for tourists or backpackers, and that is the beauty. I will not talk...
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Unsung Tourist Sites of Mainland China

Everyone thinks of Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong but I think there are a lot of other parts of China worth exploring. These are a few that I personally would like to visit. Hunan Province is known for greenery,...
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20 Reasons to live on the beach

1) Your friends think you are crazy to leave the buzz of city life behind, but you don’t care… 2) You get to see views like this everyday… 3) Rather than ugly weather.. 4) You will spend way less money on rent for...
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Why I Prefer to Stay In Silicon Valley over Living in New States

Here are 5 reasons why I prefer to stay in Silicon Valley over starting a new life in a different state 1. I Don't Want to Leave My Friends & Family Behind If I lived in different state, I would miss my friends & family....
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What time is it at the North Pole?

There're two answers to this question. The first is that we must distinguish between legal time and physiological time determined by circadian rhythms. These two times are very close before the polar traveler leaves his...
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Puerto Rico: My Culture and Heritage in The Great Land of The Noble Lord

If you even know me by the kinds of posts I write, especially as answers to questions, then you know that I'm very cultural and that my culture determines my lifestyle to a very great extent. I'm from the island of Puerto...
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21 things to do alone

Whether you are single or in a relationship, sometimes you have to know how to be alone. So turn off your phone, say ciao to your friends and focus on yourself, do solo activities ... and rediscover yourself. 1. Go to the...
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My Journey To The Real Life Narnia

A couple years ago when I first joined this site, I asked the question, "What country would you like to visit most?" One Gagger thought it would be funny to troll my question by answering "Narnia". "I meant a REAL...
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What do you think about me driving across my country with a bicycle in the holidays [single young female]?

First off, Austria is small. The distance from Bregenz to Vienna (west to east) is around 600km (~400miles). The situation I'll have about three months off, of which seven weeks are already gone because I'll be either...
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Why is it important to read about the country you're planning to visit?

Okay, so I've seen many people who travel and that's okay, I mean, who doesn't love travelling and exploring different cities, cultures, and more? But I know many people who have travelled without having read about the...
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My First Solo Trip Experience!

It's 7:00 am and I literally just got off a twelve hour shift. I've already got my bag and outfit for the airplane in my car. I go change into my perfect airport outfit. Simple shirt with no zippers or pockets, yoga...
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My trip to East & Southeast Asia

It was on September 2 when I prepared for my trip to east Asia and the pacific, I also had an awesome time in traveling on one of my favorite countries. There were culture shocks that I experienced when we saw different...
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My retreat last weekend

My church had a retreat last weekend and this will be mostly sharing pictures but as a brief summery our pastor from church has a farm in Indiana which his brother cares for and maintains while he is away but it is...
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5 amazing and unique traditions of Flanders

Flanders Most traditions in Flanders are based on local or regional folklore. Therefore there are no real national traditions as the community was formed only in 1973. Flanders is part of Belgium since 1830's Belgian...
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My mini trip to Ohio

So I have some shots from my last trip to Ohio to see a friend I started out in a library in Skokie IL that many old editions of newspapers in addition to a movie theater, a gaming lounge and a beautiful courtyard We...
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The Positive Side To Pakistan :)

Often in the media, we see the oppression that goes on in Pakistan. And there is no denying oppression goes on in Pakistan- oppression happens all over the world. In even in first world countries such as the UK and the...
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Halloween Holidays !!! How this White Queen will be spending it.👻👽👺💀☠🦍

For those of you don't know what Halloween or all Hallows Eve is a religious festival in the Christian calendar year on the 31st of October and is one day of the Triduum of Allhallowtide which consists of All Hallows' Eve...
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The 100 Series: The Top 100 Most Populated Cities in the World (Part Two).

Greetings, everyone! Hopefully, you already checked out Part One of this countdown. Now, it's time to explore in great detail the top 20 cities via population in the world. 20. Lima, Peru(9,752,000). This may have come...
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