What it Really Means to Be a "Nice Guy"

Ok so this is a topic that I've been avoiding for a while because, honestly, I think I would offend a lot of guys in here by saying what I think a nice guy is. Besides it's already beating the dead horse.

I'm going to tell you what happens to nice guys and what really means to be a nice guy, in which I've noticed A LOT of gaggers are. It's not going to be pleasant but I will get right to the fucking point in hopes I wake you up from being a miserable chump.

If you say you are single because you are a nice guy, then we have a fucking problem here, because when you say you "hate" to be single it only means there's a vacuum that "needs" to be filled. It's a YUUUUGE problem (as Trump says).

If you're looking towards the future in hopes you'll someday get married and a "perfect" girl for you (which doesn't fucking exist)... ERRRRRRRRR, you are doing it all wrong, and you are going to get fucked.

At this point, you've probably tried approaching girls in a "nice guy" manner. You've downloaded dating apps and registered to dating websites, and have constructed this typical "hey I'm a nice guy" profile, with a fucking LONG ASS description of yourself that trust me, most women are laughing at. "Hey, I'm a shy introvert. Look at me going at it!".

You have even tried going to churches and places when you think you are going to have a girl with "the same values" as you do... but I'll get to that later.

If you are single, and you "hate it" let me give you a newsflash: YOU ARE DESPERATE! And women see right through this shit. You are giving them a smell of death. Someone who is rotting inside from being alone. A desperate cry for help, you are broken from within. Do you think this is attractive to women? LOOOOOLL

A lot of conservative guys here have said they have "morals" and "standards" in order to date... they say they want a "quality relationship" and that they aren't looking for sex... HAHAHAHA I'm sorry guys but let me open you the window on how women read this like.

When you say you have "high morals" you are advertising YOU DON'T LIKE SEX. You are advertising to be in reality a submissive chump. A guy girls will run over easily.

You are saying "I've never given a woman an orgasm and I'm proud of it!"

Yeah you don't give women orgasms and you don't fuck them good... instead you give them flowers, and you open doors for them... yeah that's better... Essentially, you are saying you have no fucking game whatsoever and that you are a little chicken. Mommie's little snowflake.

When you are dating a girl or seeing her, and she thinks to herself "Gee I don't know, I like him but I don't feel anything. I think I need more" then what the hell you think you are doing? If you get a woman praying to feel something more Mr. Nice Guy you are never getting anywhere!

You are going for church-type women who have boring personalities and eventually will use the sex you hold so deer to manipulate you. You think I'm bullshitting? Go ahead, date one of these prudes and then come back and share your experience.

Most of these girls aren't even virgins and have more sexual experience than you. Heck, there are plenty of single moms in church... but whatever, lets assume she's also a virgin.

Whenever you are ready to have sex with her, you are going to enter her room get undressed and she'll say "hey, I'll be right back" - and lock herself in the bathroom. You'll only hear the water running while your boner and your excitement is getting slowly killed. Why? Because this girl don't like sex! And she'll do whatever to kill off your excitement.

She'll use it against you and you'll end up in this "oh, so high moral relationship" you think you are in, and you'll be dominated in the relationship. She'll have the power and you the frustration. If that's what you're into Mr. Nice Guy then fine. Wait those years until you meet and settle with this girl that doesn't like sex, and set yourself for the life you want in your "superior morality".

Along the line Mr. Nice Guys, you'll see she'll have sex, then the kids happen and then the job is done. And you'll realize what you have missed out. But only then...

You'll never give them what you need, and there will be another guy COMPLETELY WRONG for her that has EVERYTHING SHE NEEDS. And then you'll be completely fucked. And your life will be over sooner than you ever thought.

I don't know, whoever's reading, how do you tell these dudes they aren't in the 60's? How to tell them traditional values aren't the same. How can I explain these "Nice Guys" all women, doesn't matter who they are, have minimum level of hypergamy because that's how women function, biologically, and by today's standards that is celebrated?


Guys, you are either playing their game and being in standby to the women you're attracted to or you play it by YOUR rules. Guys that are described as "jerks" or "players" get pussy because they openly admit they want to fuck, fuck, fuck, and fuck. And they are happy on being single because:

1. They have good/stable jobs, therefore, they got money. Chicks DIG that, yes, but there's also nothing greater than spending money on yourself, and yourself only.

2. They have confidence and they value themselves because they know no one else will if they don't.

3. They have plenty of hobbies and activities to do in their spare time.

^^If you got NONE of those things, no wonder why you are miserable chump. It's as simple as that. Go back to your mother, because all the shit mommy did for ya you are not going to get it from other woman. That's a fantasy of yours. If you are over 20 and single, you should be enjoying it!

Just look at it logistically, women are attracted to men that are high on demand, not men who are waiting in line for things to happen. Yet you are still there waiting for the perfect thing to happen and fall from the sky.

Valuable relationships are the ones that are spontaneous... until then enjoy being single and do the shit that you want, get the shit that you want and stop self pitting and sucking your thumbs like a chump.

To wrap it up, I am not judging you, Mr. Nice Guy if you have high standards... but then again do you have the three things I listed above? Do you, really? If you don't then shut the fuck up and work on it. And forget about "moral standards" because that's complete bullshit as I thoroughly explained, and you'll forever be ignored, or even worse, be a beta provider in the future.


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  • Everything works but your perception on morality. If you're not religious and don't understand religion, that's your problem, but don't apply your bitter perception to the rest of us.

    I don't sleep with guys I date and it's not because I don't like sex, nor because I want power. I love sex and can't wait for it, controlling myself is very hard and I pray it doesn't cloud my judgement in choosing a partner. I also don't want power in the relationship. I love the man to be in charge and if he isn't able to do that, I walk.

    For this reason I don't date for too long either. That's just a waste of time. I seek a man whom I can get to know and marry in a year at the most. If he doesn't suit me we go our own way before that and it's peace on Earth. I have no interest to put him, or myself trough the mental and physical torture of denying intercourse, while developing intimacy. I like sex and that's just a cruel thing to do. No, that's not how "religious chicks" work.
    And I am a virgin have only kissed before.

    I mention this not so you can tell me how I am an exception and you are still right. This applies to all my friends as well. Girls who sleep with guys in relationships always have reputations and it's not something I would not know.

    Also we love confidence, we love independence and we love manhood. But that doesn't mean we want to be seen as disposable tools you have to guard against, because if we bond, we will lose interest in you, or if you don't have sex with us well enough, or whatever you concocted in your head.

    The only way a woman loses interest after you bond with her and connect your lives into one, is if you are submmissive, a doormat... And sadly, most guys who talk a big talk and show off their independence too much, end up being really insecure in the end, and once the intimacy is established they relinquish control to the girl automatically, because they don't know how to be the man in the relationship.
    This is a symptom of social incompetence and is manifested trough your insecure need to overplay how detached you are. I say this to you not because you aren't right about being a clingy loser in this article. You are.

    But as long as you remain insecure and don't deal with your social incompetence, you will jump from insecure loser into an overly aggressive "bad boy" talking about hypergamy and rest of the Red Pill parts that are just mental masturbation to excuse your particular version of loserdom.

    • While I appreciate your insight... it's pretty funny how you claim I "don't understand" because I am not a religious person, while at the same time misjudging me. I was raised in a Christian household, and saw first hand protestant fanatism (from my mother) Italian Catholic religion from my father's side. I was actually a Christian for most of my formative years until I realized a lot of stuff... basically, I see the 4 gospels of the New Testament as a strong basis for morals and I do have faith (spiritual) and all but it stops there. I'm not religious and I hate organized religion. I think it is a cancer.

      Moving on...

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    • I will say, though, if I ever needed therapy I'd rather either ask my girlfriend, one of my closest friends, my youngest brother or one of my sisters, and even my folks if I needed to, and not some bullshit random on the internet LOL

    • So encouraging increasing self confidence and emotional independence using realistic examples means he's incompetent?

      "That guy just ran up the wall, triple flipped off that, grinded down a pipe, jumped off through a window and decapitated someone on landing. He must eat nothing but fast food."
      That's honestly how you sounded in this conversation.

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  • What if you do have "all of that" above and have never had a girlfriend?

    I was never apart of any inner circles growing up and I made friends but they weren't that close in the grand scheme. Everyone went their own way, I moved a long distance for work and began a new life. But I never had party experiences in high school or had girls around me constantly, like some guys do. A lot of those guys then did drugs or partied underage which was something I was never about. I drink now, but I've never been into high risk behavior or situations.

    So because of all of this, I've been fairly lonely for much of my years growing up and into adulthood. I worked hard to get to where I am now, doing everything "that I was supposed to do," and there's still plenty of room to grow, but still... it's not like women just magically start to come around in life once you achieve some type of success.

    The way I see it, either you've got it, or you don't. And from what I can see, it's always the guys that try really hard to try and dig some type of societal mode of what is perceived as cool. Drugs are essentially glamorized in pop culture, lots of people still smoke and think the image is cool, partying is the "way to live life" according to most young adults, and the way sex weaves its way into all of it... It's all "swag culture" and I'm not about that and will not dumb myself down to that level of existence.

    I'm not trying to say that I'm better or anything, I am just easily turned off by the status quo. I'm going to do what feels right, despite being different than the norm and if that's not what women want, I think that's a shame but so be it. One thing is for sure though, I won't settle for someone I'm not attracted to.

    • I completely understand where you are coming from. By the sounds of it, though, you're still going through a heavy period of introspection and haven't really "found" yourself. Not in an idealistic sense but even though you don't conform to social conventions/status quo as you say, you still have to find a comfort zone not only outside but also from within. And you can do that by being comfortable in your own skin 100%.

      I too don't like the "swag culture", hell, I hardly even watch sports but so what do I do with my individual potential despite me not conforming to those things? That's where you move forward.

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    • Yeah honestly, I am doing much better than I was years ago, but it was only until recently that I started working out and I honestly wish I had started the gym lifestyle a lot sooner. I really need to put more focus in burning off some fat though. I'm gaining weight from lifting and bulking up, but I really need to focus on trimming.

    • ''I was never apart of any inner circles growing up'' Me either. My friends group was all males. On my road there isn't one girl remotely my age.

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  • Okay... I'll just accept that you're generalizing just a bit. I don't dat people, I date their brains and I'm not talking about how smart you are but your way of thinking. I was raised with the notions that dating a guy because of money was being a gold digger and my parents made sure I wouldn't need the money. General attractiveness is a criteria and so is being able to live on what you make but that's about it.

    I'll admit that a lot of girls aren't dropping their panties for nice guys and extremely religious women have a tendency of using sex as a weapon but I have one issue. If I wrote a mytake on here on how all guys were egotistical pricks who thought with their second head and have no substance to them, basically a sex toy who could actually pose in a photo with you, I would get bashed so hard.

    And let's not even talk about the whole nice girl thing... guys date according to how fast you'll put out in my experience or at least they have a girl that'll put out on the side. So this size supposed to go both ways

    All men should get money, flash it around, be slightly or complete assholes

    All women should put out, fawn over guys and be strong independent women who are using above guys just as they are being used.

  • Ok this article doesn't speak the truth AT ALL.

  • not the smart ones.

  • too much bullshit in one article. "she'll think you dont like sex and are a submissive guy". only sick women will. for me he will be a man with respect for women, values, and self discipline.

  • This is far from what a real nice guy is and you're stereotyping women.

    • whats a real nice guy? just curious what you would consider a nice guy?

    • @troychapman nice guy = nice male person. Doesn't need to involve all that 'beta male' bullshit y'all love to talk about. Nice is nice. A confident, popular guy can be nice. Just like a shy, introvert guy can be a selfish asshole.

    • yeah thats what i thought completly agree

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  • This reminded me of a perfect example when girl shit tests a guy who approaches her and asks him how many other girls he's approached.

    The nice guy (assuming a nice guy actually does approach) who has no experience will get all defensive "You're the only one, you're so beautiful blah blah blah". He thinks he's making himself look better because he's not a player and he's elevating her value.. When in reality he's failed and made himself look desperate and insecure, she's not buying that 'you're so beautiful' shit. People aren't attracted to someone just because they're 'nice' and give compliments.

    The confident guy will reply something like "You're probably like the 14th, no maybe 15th.. I've lost count, but I swear you're the best looking, or no.. Maybe 2nd best". This guy's just passed. He's not afraid to hide the fact he's a player... He's not insecure about that. He's living in abundance. He's also going to give her a compliment, but wait a second, like we said, compliments don't generate instant attraction, so take it back and still be nice enough, but use it as an opportunity to increase your value further while also making her realize that she's not all that to you, she's actually going to have to compete if she wants you.

    Meanwhile "nice guy" is crying in the corner because he got rejected and analyzing every detail of his interaction and deciding perhaps he needs to buy her a drink and some flowers and maybe then she'll like him.

    Lol. Good take man, couldn't agree more.

    • Am the only girl who would not be attracted to a guy who is sincere in being a player? If he said "You're probably like the 14th, no maybe 15th.. I've lost count, but I swear you're the best looking, or no.. Maybe 2nd best" as a light-hearted joke, that would attract my attention as it shows he doesn't take himself too seriously. Ironically, if a guy said to me "you're the only one, you're so beautiful" if he spoke to me at a bar, I would consider him to be a player as he's probably used those lines on all the girls. Just my 2 cents!

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    • @eyeslikeflame Yeah, no you're right. It really isn't about revealing that he is a player, rather just joking but still leaving the option open. He could be a player, he might not be.. But the fact is he's not afraid of what she thinks and he's going to have a laugh in the process and I think like you said, it comes across as more attractive.

      In reality a true player isn't attractive if you're interested in a relationship. I guess, 'player' is the wrong word. Some guys would call me a player because I talk to multiple women in the same night which is stupid, I'm not committed to any of them, we're not together. But when it did come to a relationship, I would most definitely be loyal and most players wouldn't because they can't help themselves.

    • I agree yeah. A cheeky sense of humour is always good. And I'm guessing it's just "guy banter" if they call you a "player" for speaking to lots of girls, and as you say, you have no commitment to any of them. That doesn't make you a player. It's never good to put all your eggs in one basket if you're dating.

  • "You are going for church-type women who have boring personalities and eventually will use the sex you hold so deer to manipulate you."

    Can confirm this is true, although it just kinda happened, not necessarily from nice-guy-itis.

    Back on topic: would I consider myself a nice guy? Well, I would consider myself nice. I am a guy. So I suppose I am a nice guy, but being single doesn't bother me. I think you hit on a lot of the right points in this article/post/whatever we call it on this website. There is an entitlement inside of the "nice guy" culture, probably most noticeable in the usage of the term "friend zone." It certainly is a problem, and it's really making it hard for guys who are rejected to get over it and move on.

  • Pretty much yeah.
    Here's the thing, what I say to almost everyone of these whiny fucks...

    1. Hit the gym. Hard. Build muscle and stamina. The side benefits are more energy, higher testosterone, and you just look a helluva lot more attractive to a woman.
    2. Make lots of money. Get your education, work hard, be creative, and make lots of money cuz that's what women like. When you've got everything you want then women are drawn to that like moths to a flame.
    3. Be on a mission, pursue your aspirations, your hobbies, your interests. A girl is supposed to be an adjunct to a guy's awesome life, not the center of it.

    When you do this you get to pick the best of what's out there at any given time.
    Oh, and women's SMV peaks in their early 20's - from there on out it's all down hill. When they hit 40 shit is really starting to sag.
    Guys on the other hand just get better and better 'till they hit about 40. They look their best, the are most confident, by now they should be making bank, and they can pull ladies from 20 to 60 - pretty much whatever they want.

    It's been said men age like fine wine. Women more like milk. Sorry ladies - do your bidding before you hit 35 - find the right guy. By forty you have to compete with the 20 year olds and all the good guys are already taken.

    • "A girl is supposed to be an adjunct to a guy's awesome life, not the center of it."

      Yes. Even if I don't recommend men to marry if a girl adds up to your life then relationships are just fine. But wanting a girl shouldn't be the goal. After all, women go to what's convenient to them and guys should do that as well. If she doesn't add anything other than her pussy, and she's not helping you build up more then fuck her, literally, but keep going your own way lol

    • by jove i'd say you've got it old chap. :)

  • I really dont get how nice guy is mostly on here stuck with the book worm/Nerd/weak guy. When really those types of guys have their own titles.

    I mean I'm what you could call a nice guy and I'm going 7 years strong with the same girl. Yea at heart I'm introverted but I got something that is kinda more uncommon and that is. That I'm not afraid to flip the coin as I say and thats put on the face of being extroverted if the need arises. I know how to pick my battles and choose when to fight. I got a natural instinct to help others even at my own expense. This is the real meaning of a nice guy is.

    The real reason you dont see nice guys getting girls is cause they know what they are looking for. They have seen the shit their bros go through and know what to look for and what to avoid like rabies. I mean nice guy see what goes on around them and make plans way ahead.

    People need to quit miss matching "nice guy/gal" with the actual term for guys or gals who dont try and thats the term "Jellyfish." Which means lack of the confidence and urge to act upon anything and if bothered. Or messed with they dont do much.

  • First of all: I think being (genuinely) nice is a quality to be cherished and not to be condemned and ridiculed.

    However the problem here is that "Nice guys"(TM) aren't nice. They use it as a facade to get into the women's pants. Which is not nice, since it's dishonest. The "jerks"(TM) are actually morally superior to the self proclaimed "nice guys" in that they are honest to themselves and others of what they want. They do not put a facade in the hope to attract others.

    However: A genuinely nice guy, will beat all of them. A genuinely nice guy is nice not because he expects something in return but because he thinks that is the right way to do. He doesn't go to church or any other event to pick up women, but because he got hobbies and he enjoys being there. The genuinely nice combines all positive attributes of the "nice guy"(TM) and the "jerk"(TM)

    Just my 2 cents...

    • Great point. Basically, the three things I listed are what would really define, not a nice guy, but what all men should strive for. And there's no way to condemn that. And you are damn right about what involves moral superiority, and that's being completely transparent in intent.

      As for what we normally know as nice guys, they will get fucked over and there's no other way around that. As I said in the take, my intention is to put men aware of what they are doing and where they are heading at with that behavior. I sure hope they listen.

    • You said all that needs to be said, thank you.

  • I write professionally, which means I read an-order-of-magnitude more than I pound keys. Most journalism is fairly professional in how it treats the reader. Respectfully.
    Occasionally however, the beginning of an article makes it evident that the useful information requires a laborious tedium to extract. I then skip immediately to the end and give it a cursory glancing, to verify that initial impression.
    I certainly have no expectations for the content here at GAG to be effortless in comprehending, let alone... reading.
    I gotta tell ya' bedroom', it's been a little while since a piece has distinguished itself like this contribution of yours.
    This is my "warm-up" for a day of weaving a lot of science into an understandable reference. So, it's usually of a less complex character. I got the idea long ago, "I might as well try to make it useful".
    I have no stake in this being of constructive value to you. I hope that it will be. But I know honest assessments are easily confused with assaulting indignation, espoused with an attitude.
    It's no coincidence that I used that specific comparison. I could not read this rant beyond the first few sentences. Those that can endure the entirety, are not rewarded for doing so, by having their intelligence insulted in the final paragraph.
    From the very first sentence, you are obviously JUDGING, harshly... and immediately continue to escalate that severity. I didn't want to imagine if that momentum was maintained throughout this embittered manifest. Making such a shallow claim at the end, does nothing but invalidate whatever credibility you may have had, that remained. You wrote that to rationalize denying what your conscience was whispering to you. And no, that is not a judgement of you, on my part. It is an informed determination made from the definitive, textbook-patterns your blatantly displaying. In several overlooks within the content, I noted that your attitude was omnipresent. I could understand reader's abandoning all confidence in your authority to speak for our entire gender.
    I understand your intentions. They are noble, indeed. This issue is under discussed, misinterpreted and damned relevant. Consider the possibility that you're inciting more division, than promoting awareness. Something has ignited you're vehement abhorrence for the audience you're addressing. No one likes to be insulted, assaulted and belittled.
    You must differentiate honesty, from your emotions.
    Use this message as an example.

    • You can agree or disagree with whatever I say freely here. I don't care.

      I will say, though, whoever feels lonely and miserable being single is because they are missing the three things I listed. I can tell you I'm 100% sure of that. Even unattractive guys can get away by having wealth and all the other things. Take it or leave it.

    • If you only interpret " whatever I (write) freely here" with the perspective that it is neither "agree or disagree" nor as useful information and as an affront to take personally, then I suggest you to "Take it or leave it." Hypocrisy is never a pleasant facet to have to point out.
      The act of writing to me, to assert an offence , then contradicting yourself in an attempt to shed responsibility for doing so, by telling me you "don't care",... is not as indicative of an individual that is honest with themselves, as you may think. I addressed that very issue in my previous offering, with the intent to spare you from repeating a tactic that waves a Red flag more ostentatiously than a Red Square Missile parade in the the former USSR. I apologize for not emphasizing that point with a convincing effectiveness. I'll be happy to elaborate with additional common sense definitions, if you require more clarity.

    • Despite the inclination you've indicated, in how you might receive it, I'm still willing to offer something useful regarding your public displays, for your own sake. Assessing your thought patterns, I believe there's a good possibility for you to have another misconception. This is only an assumption. It doesn't embody the terseness of a judgement, if i'm incorrect.
      Confusing the stake I don't have, in how you compose your future rationalization manifests for an audience, which WAS the focus of my previous intent... with how you conduct yourself personally with me... may again, be a useful distinction to keep in mind.

  • I'm a nice guy and I always comes first. How? I don't bitch, cry and complain about shit. There's a difference between nice guys and a self proclaimed ones who are plain, pathetic and pushover kinda nice guys.

    • If guys go around thinking... girls should like me... I'm a nice guy... i won't rape or beat you... yeah they are going to be plain and boring.

  • I didn't read the entire thing nor do I know if I agree, but the parts I did read was pretty fucking funny 馃槀

  • I think that @bedroomdweller has nailed it.
    When I was young, I made all the mistakes that he listed, because my mother taught me to do those things.
    That was supposed to be how a 'gentleman' behaved and treated women.
    It was not until I was about 30 and had actually given up on women and walked away, that I had the epiphany and came to the same conclusions as @bedroomdweller.
    After I stopped trying to date women, stopped showing any form of interest in women at all and even went out of my way to avoid contact with women whenever possible, I found that women began to come sniffing around.
    That has been going on for most of the past 30 years. Young men would be astonished by how often women seek me out at sporting, social, or political events and the like. Some of the single mothers, to whose children I am a martial arts teacher, are more than slightly 'friendly' and sometimes in ways that so-called polite society would consider to be inappropriate. I have to be stone-faced and pretend to not notice.
    On one level I miss very much being able to embrace a woman and make love to her. There are nights when that hurts like hell and I do not mean in a simple blue balls sort of way. Sometimes it hurts so much that I take an anti-depressant that makes me dead inside.
    Army service did not leave me with PTSD, but my youthful attempts to find that one special girl did (so says the shrink).
    On another level my rational mind tells me that a 50 per cent probability of being arse raped in the Family Court is an unacceptable risk, so my studied and rehearsed indifference to female approaches is maintained.

  • I'm not a nice guy and everyone I know respects me lol.

    • Because that's how it works. That's the way we as humans are programmed. Being a nice guy comes from social conditioning. The things we are taught as children aren't truth at all. It's going against the current.

      When you get rid of that suddenly things start going your way. Go figure

    • I disagree look at peaceful people such as Martin Luther King.

      It really depends on the individual

    • @chriss Approaching things peacefully doesn't mean being a nice guy. Martin Luther King was a smart guy and he didn't give a single fuck what people said about his ideals. He still commanded respect which is something what we know as nice guys aren't capable of doing.

  • Well that's one way to explain strong self-worth and emotional independence. You can't see me now but I'm giving my computer screen the thumbs up.

  • Hypergamy apparently is "1. the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class."
    That aside, this has been said before but it needs to be repeated over and over until you guys understand. You don't have to be a jerk, but you DO have to be confident and self-sufficient.

  • Some of your points I agree on. But most girls seem to think I'm a nice guy. Yet whenever i go clubbing (and on the train) girls show strong interests in my approaching them (keep staring at me playing with their hair.. bumping into me etc). Honestly... within your social circle (women attract similar women whether it be bitchy, promiscuous, caring, nice)... yeah I'm sure your perspective on things is girls love money and hate men that have 0 emotions and insecurities. Guess what... not all women are slutty gold diggers... quit thinking you are the perfect example of what a normal woman thinks... your only fooling yourself.

    • I'm not a perfect example, never said I was. But I know I am succesful and I know I am not miserable.
      Even the two years I spent single after a long term relationship, dating and having fun, I was happy because I didn't lack any of these things. Take it or leave it.

  • When I hear "i'm a nice guy" I hear "I am a man with no spine, i'll never argue with you and take a stand on anything. I will never defend you honor,, I also have made a series of terrible mistakes in my life. These can include and not limited to the follow:
    I have misdemeanors and felonies on my record
    I lack ambition
    I have a baby mom or several of them
    I do not take care of my kids
    I live with a family member rent free
    I'm poor
    I have no mode of transportation
    I have some serious personality and or mental health issues
    And I hope that by being 'nice' you will over look these horrible negative traits and sleep with me or date me"

  • what is it a woman wants then now the nice guy thing dosent apply to me but im curious what is it a woman wants then what your saying would mean they dont want to be treated like an equall but then they would say otherwise so who do i believe them or you and why

    • Women claim they want equal treatment but most don't. When it comes to social conventions in dating they want to keep it traditional, it's the only thing most women want traditional for men to spend money for them in dates. And then women want to keep divorce laws just the way they are. They also nitpick certain double standards and leave others alone at convenience. They are victims when it's convenient and they are empowering and self sufficient when convenient too... it goes on but in essence women want to be privileged and spoiled and men are going right at it because their method to get stuff is usually passive aggressive and they aren't accountable for that they do most of the times.

      Believe me or believe them, I don't care. But I know what I'm saying here.

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    • I didn't read what you said as an attack but I always run with people here all the time that ask questions or comment, I answer them, and then they keep going on and on either trying to guilt trip me into something or attempting to change my opinion when it's not going to happen. I may sound defensive sometimes fyi, but it's nothing personal haha

    • oh right ok

  • I read like 60% of it, then decided it wasn't worth finishing, so I skimmed the rest. Man, you really rigidly define all kinds of shit like what a nice guy is, what women want, what a guy "should" be, all kinds of things. The world isn't black and white, there are all kinds of guys out there, and all kinds of girls, and your generalizations I'm not even sure are useful in a general sense.

  • I don't agree with this at all.

    Everyone has different preferences.

    Some girls prefer being in control in the relationship and controlling a quiet guy.

    • A guy that has any self worth does not want to be controlled and be taken by the balls in his relationship, career, or any other areas of his life.

    • People date so many different people with different personalities.

      I don't know how this nice guys vs bad boy thing started but it's all a fantasy.

  • +1000
    Be a good guy, not the nice guy.

    Nice guys finish last.

    • Only those self proclaimed pathetic ones. I'm a nice, decent guy and I always comes first

  • Some nice guys might get little desperate, but they are not desperate enough to go for an slut. I am quite sure that there is girls that appreciate decent guys with high standards.

  • some true some false
    now as for morals yes men should keep then
    not having morals is stupid

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