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How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

The last Mytake got a decent amount of attention that inspired me to dive a little deeper into this topic. If you haven’t read it go ahead and check out the post, How I Discovered Mental Orgasm. It’s a pretty interesting ability to have. Yes. It’s very real and I’m not typing out of my ass.

What the mental orgasm is just how it sounds. It’s a gift that allows someone to think themselves into a state of euphoria that leads to one or multiple orgasms. No touching is necessary. No porn is needed. This can be done simply by sitting down and thinking. I’m positive I could do this while tied to a chair. I’ll go into further details about this.

I found the name of the actual term.
I found the name of the actual term.

The definition according to Mayoclinic.org is, 'Retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen enters the bladder instead of emerging through the penis during orgasm. Although you still reach sexual climax, you might ejaculate very little or no semen. This is sometimes called a dry orgasm.'

In order to get myself into a euphoric state I need to focus. Focus is one of the biggest factors. If I can’t focus I won’t be able to get myself into the mood. The next element needed is a moderate amount of sexual energy, meaning I haven’t been masturbating for a while. Natural sex doesn’t affect my ability to think myself off but masturbating does. I don’t know why but that’s just how it is(for me). If I can focus and my libido is healthy I can begin.

What I do is focus on sexual thoughts. Closing my eyes makes it go faster but once I get an erection I can keep my energy building while my eyes are open, meaning I could potentially get off while walking. Once I feel the sexual energy building inside of me I focus on it. It’s this tingling sensation in my lower region. As it grows, I can feel it in my lower abs. Sometimes I imagine a ball off energy spiraling inside me and I make it expand throughout my body(this isn’t necessary but it helps my focus).

From there I stay focused on letting the energy grow. I keep the sexual thoughts playing in my mind as I imagine my body experiencing what my mind plays. At some point the feeling of pleasure will start to spread throughout my body. At its peak I imagine myself cumming. I focus on how it feels when I cum and let that feeling fuel my sexual energy. At this point my breathing will speed up and I’ll start gripping the bed sheets or biting into my pillow.

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

The first orgasm is like taking the lid off of a soda bottle that’s been shaken up. All of my muscles tighten and my back will arch. The second orgasm usually hits anywhere from a couple to a few seconds later. When the third hits I’m usually getting the rest back to back. My legs will shake, my back will arch and I’ll need to grab or bite something. Stopping it requires me to shut my mind off and even then my body will still shake from the aftershock. I can keep it going for as long as I want but the longer I go the more I wear myself out. I’ve hit 100 orgasms before but afterwards I was lightheaded with a short headache.

When I have mental orgasms my body does release a fluid but it isn’t exactly sperm. I think it’s pre-cum. It’s not runny and yellow like urine but it isn’t thick and white/grey like my sperm usually is. The liquid is clear, sticky and has the sex odor. The official term is non-ejaculatory orgasm.

My recovery time from sex is relatively short. Maybe 2-5 minutes. But with a mental orgasm there’s no refractory period. How long it lasts depends on how fast it takes me to become mentally drained.



How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

I don’t need to masturbate to tame my libido anymore. But I also don’t suffer from the side effects of chronic masturbation; anxiety, fatigue, trouble with erections, etc. My urge to pursue women isn’t affected and I’m not sleeping longer than normal. I don’t even need to masturbate now.

My libido stays relatively high and I’m able to get horny on the spot. Though my libido is still high it’s controlled. My mind/body doesn’t ache for a release. Anyone who’s tried NoFap should know what I’m talking about. If you stop masturbating cold turkey you’ll get withdrawal at some point. But since I started orgasming mentally, I don’t get that. My mind is dominant and basically, I can turn horny on or off whenever/wherever.

Natural State

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

This ties in with control but I believe when a person masturbates, they’re tricking their body into believing it’s been sexually fulfilled. Your natural urge to reproduce weakens because your body thinks it’s released sperm. I guess this applies mainly to guys. I’m not a girl so I don’t know how mental orgasms affect them. But for me, I think by not ejaculating but orgasming I’m retaining my urge to meet women while at the same time not having an unbearable urge to get off. This is extremely hard to explain but hopefully I’m making sense. But basically if meeting people, dating and having a relationship a priority of yours, that natural urge to meet the opposite sex helps a lot and without it, your motivation can weaken.

This is why you hear animals/insects making those noises all day and night. Listen to the bugs at night. They’re giving their mating calls. Unlike us, most creatures don’t have any other way of getting off besides naturally reproducing. They can’t ignore that urge so they obey it. If they don’t, not only will the urge stay, they won’t reproduce. Imagine if every sexual species could masturbate and could ignore their natural urges to reproduce. The ecosystem would be fucked for sure.

Humans on the other hand are very intelligent. We have laws and social structures. We can have dreams, hobbies and other things that have nothing to do with reproduction. Most animals spend their entire life preparing to be selected for mating, making babies/protecting babies or all of the above. We don’t have to reproduce so we have a way to ignore it.

But if you want a mate. You shouldn’t ignore it and you shouldn’t weaken your natural state.


How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

This is a big one. I don’t know if this is exclusive to me or if it can apply to anyone. Naturally my libido is high. After I started learning how to orgasm mentally, I learned how to use my sexual energy for other things like working out or bettering my mood. Chronic masaturbation can make you experience fatigue or at least for me, I started sleeping longer and more frequently. I don’t have that issue anymore.

I keep mentioning masturbation because the alternative is sex. But I refuse to pay for it, I don’t have a harem and I’m usually not having sex unless I’m in a relationship or at least dating. My sex drive is high to the point where if I’m not getting some sort of release at least twice a week, my body starts aching for one(I think mother nature wants me to have babies). Mental orgasms are good buffers between partners without any drawbacks. I don’t think regular sex affects my ability to have a mental orgasm but I can tell there’s a difference between how I am since I stopped masturbating. My energy and focus is higher than they’ve ever been.

I’m able to wake up early and resist my urge to take a nap during the day. With all of that free time I’m able to work on illustrations, study/do homework, workout, go meet women and the list goes on. I didn’t have problems with maintaining my responsibilities before I stopped masturbating. I was still getting stuff done with school and showing up on time. I never missed work and I was still making that money. What was affected the most was my motivation to go meet women. But now I’m doing that too.


How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

This is actually a recent discovery I made. I can use my sexual energy to improve my mood. Think back to when I wrote about the process of getting a mental orgasm. If I stop midway I get a little kick. The other day (I forget why I was trying to get a mental orgasm) but I stopped for some reason before reaching climax. But once I got ready for my day and started my drive to work, I was in a really good mood.

I did things like turn on music and sang, but I think it ties in with how I reach orgasm. You start with a base feeling and you feed it until there’s an explosion. Only instead of an orgasm I was in a very high mood. My entire outlook on everything was positive. Nothing could have made me have a bad day. I saw the good in every situation and when something unfavorable happened I could smile through it.

Shitty customer? Normally it would put me in a funk. But that day I had this whole If it doesn’t change anything, I’m not reacting to it. The manager that worked the night before me left me with a messy store and I had to work harder that morning to clean. Instead of bitchin’ I shrugged and smiled while my music kept blasting. Getting upset wasn’t going to magically make the store clean. Getting in a bad mood wasn’t going to make that rude customer apologize and do something to make my day better. So fuck it. I was just going to smile and keep on rolling.

You know how you can tell a person is having sex because of their good mood? I think that’s what happened.


How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

There’s nothing like a good orgasm to knock you out for the night. Like I said, multiple orgasms wear me out. It’s very easy to go to bed after a fifteen minute round of back to back orgasms. I’d go as far to say that it’s more intense than masturbation because you’re working your mind and body. One orgasm is great but multiple back to back? Imagine how you feel after finishing once and multiply by two, three, four, five and so on.

And I’ll be able to wake up early in the morning feeling like a fully charged battery. Absolutely no drowsiness, granted I give myself a reasonable amount of rest.

No More Porn

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2

Since this is all mental, I don’t need to watch porn anymore. I literally just lay in bed and think myself off. I’m not spending a lot of time browsing pictures and videos. I guess in a way it’s a healthier form of self pleasure. Porn can in fact numb your natural attraction towards most women. I definitely have gotten less pickier with women. My standards haven’t dropped. But if a woman is reasonably attractive she’ll catch my attention instead of it having to be the ideal type of woman.

I believe that’s it. I might do a part three to tell how this ties into sex but for now I leave it at this.

After writing this, I believe this is deeper than an orgasm. I might actually be unlocking parts of my mind I didn’t know could be accessed.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Follow me on G@G. I enjoy writing so I won’t stop making Mytakes anytime soon. Ask questions and leave comments. Do you have any experience with mental orgasms or something even cooler? Share your story.

How I Discovered Mental Orgasms Part 2
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  • Desconhecida

    Another very interesting take! Although in my case, I'm horny every single day all day. So I never needed to stop masturbating to experience mental orgasms ~ there are days I'm so turned on, they just happen even without me focusing on them.
    Thanks for sharing this!

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    • curious, every day... like you don't have down hormone days or weeks? I've never heard of that for females...

    • @lightbulb27
      The way I feel is the result of something I went through. It messed with my hormonal gland and made me go into puberty again...

    • ok... interesting!!! maybe you've found the fountain of youth?

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  • Grond21

    Wow. Thanks for explaining that! This is truly fascinating.

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  • lightbulb27

    Interesting! New to me. In effect, you are using your creative mind almost like meditation to convince your body it is real.

    I'm only hearing positives...

  • jessi462

    I like it this is gold!!!

  • Anonymous

    That's a sexy pic 🔥