Mytake On Why Men Prefer A Fleshlight

Good boy
Good boy

Disclaimer: This is meant in fun and Idea born from @Brainsbeforebeauty Mytake

Mytake On Why Women Prefer A Dildo.

A Sunday funday. Not meant to as me hating women. Please leave your comments to yourself if you can't take a joke.

Pretty nails
Pretty nails

You don't have to get dressed nice or use deodorant. You can just drop your shorts and never get out of bed. 😎

Aesthetics dont matter
Aesthetics don't matter

A fleshlight won't care how mangy or handsome you are or toned or packing a dad bod. You don't have to worry if your shaved or not. Or your butt or back for that matter. It won't care if you gain weight or if you have brushed your teeth.

Bareback to the bone
Bareback to the bone

You never have to use condoms. You can't get a fleshlight pregnant. It won't ever cheat on you. You don't have to worry about catching a disease cuz it can't give you a disease. Just don't forget the lube.

Variety, Does it matter
Variety, Does it matter

A fleshlight isn't going to keep asking if you are in or if you are hard enough. And for those that prefers different styles, it's easier to find the one that works best for you.

Dont feel like impressing
Don't feel like impressing

You don't have to cook or clean for a fleshlight.

Organization is key
Organization is key

You don't have anyone messing up your delicate organization. You know where everything is.

Love and compcompanionship
Love and compcompanionship

Seriously tho sex with a woman is waaay better. The real touch of a woman. And a fleshlight can't love you. Even when you have to over look some things.

Thanks for reading ❣️


Mytake On Why Men Prefer A Fleshlight
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Guffrus
    You certainly build a strong case, though Im not sure why i need to even pay 19.95 + shipping when i am already reaping all of these benefits by simply jerking off.

    I did try a woman once but that was pretty expensive on shipping and it didn't last long, she seemed to sort of go off after a while and i had to dump her in a skip.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • BlackRoseFairy
    Lol, some of the lines you used were really hilarious. "not messing up with your delicate organisation" 😂😂
    You forgot this one though.. It won't gossip with other fleshlights about your performance in bed. 😉
    (disclaimer I don't do this either, just joking here)
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  • wagsingle
    I'm amazed at how well known they are! They even mentioned them on a SNL skit. Santa said ""you spelt flashlight wrong?" and it got a huge laugh from the crowd. I always come WAY to fast with my Fleshlight because it rubs the head of my cock too much. I think it's because it closes up immediately when you back out. So it's constantly rubbing the head of my cock. This overworks the head relative to the rest of my cock.
  • Glenn603
    I used to have a fleshlight but I didn’t like it because I had to leave it in hot water for a while to heat up before using it on myself. And then when I’d just cum in it having to wash it out and it taking ages to dry out so it didn’t go mouldy
  • i feel bad for saying this but wearing a condom while having sex is probably less enjoyable than the fleshlight
  • Shamalien
    Yeah I decided to try out the ol' light a few months ago. A lot easier to clean than I expected, that was the main con from my perspective. Obviously it's not meant as a replacement for a woman or for making love, or even having sex, or any of that shit.

    These things are just straight up milking machines, like you'd put on a cow. That is all.
  • Plitty-Tank
    I prefer a woman but it was great reading your MyTake.
  • Valricthehalfling7
    Lol this is hilarious 😂 i still prefer a real girl though
  • Creepazoid
    Never used one before. With that said I'll take a read
  • bangyourhead
    And you don't have to clean a woman out after you're done.
  • Hmmm🤔 this looks a little familiar lol 😂😂
    • I was waiting for your response. 😂😂

  • Apple1996
    I'm pretty sure all men prefer a real women 😆😆😆
    • Glenn603

      I definitely prefer a real woman

  • tootsmagoo
  • BillieJean1070
    Fake news!
  • Weird take
  • MannySimms
    Joke? I disagree. Documentary? Yes indeed.
  • Dchrls78104
    Doesn't matter to me; I've never been near either.
  • Jmmmfi4
    I love my fleshlight but it's a pain to clean out