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A cuddling moment part 2


I decided with covid that everyone is struggling with being indoors and while some of us are single, including myself.. I know we have some couples on here, so I thought it would be fun to slightly daydream about cuddling, especially during a social distancing time like Covid. Now you may be wondering, wait, why is he calling it two? It is funny you should ask, I did this once before. A Cuddling Moment

Looking at what I did, it feels like I might have made an improvement from the last time I did it. This story is fictional but I hope one day, to experience even just but one of these moments that I wrote. I hope those that read it, it enjoy it.

A cuddling moment part 2

I came into the house after a long day. I saw my girlfriend laying on the couch. I forgot it was her day off. I pulled off my mask and threw on the table next to the door.

A cuddling moment part 2

“Baby” she said, eagerly and impatiently as she held out her hand from behind the living room couch. We both worked and we both had different days off sometimes but this day, she seemed to feel different. I was going to do something else, but I grabbed her hand as she pulled me to the couch. She quickly braced her head, strongly to get settled yet gently to get comfortable.

A cuddling moment part 2

I felt the heat from her body, especially because I just came in from the cold. I could feel her heartbeat a little bit. It was such an intimate moment. She reached into a bag of chips on the floor and as she ate, I could feel her eating. It was smoothing. She had so much comfort and trust with me that I was simply wooed by her. All I could was lay there as she laid comfortably against my chest. Along with her heartbeat, I could feel her breathe. It was the most surreal feeling. It made me think of how fragile we are as human beings and how grateful I was to be chosen by her, to be her comfort. During covid, with so much social distancing, it was an amazing feeling to just be in this moment.

A cuddling moment part 2
A cuddling moment part 2

She looked at me upside down in the most adorable way and noticed I was still in my work clothes. She playfully got up in her cozy sweatpants and tank top with bare feet to go into our bedroom. We had moved in together last year it is was the best idea to combine our incomes to have a place of our own rather than just separate apartments. She pulled out a baggy t – shirt and some sweatpants and sat back on the couch. She moved with purpose and starting to undo my tie and throw it over the couch after she got it off. I was in a strange place, I should have been concerned with messing up my clothes but watching her throw it to the floor, felt like a burden was being lifted. It felt freeing. She smiled while she buttoned my shirt one button at a time before she pulled it off and threw it next to the tie. She pulled off my tight white shirt, threw it on the ground and kissed my chest. She pulled the t-shirt over my head and pulled it down. Then she unbuckled my pants and pulled the dress pants to the floor. She then got adorably irritated when I was not helping her put the bottom of my sweatpants over my feet. Her pouting made my heart melt. It was my kryptonite. I causally lifted my feet as she continued to pull up my sweatpants until they were on and she, now satisfied, laid against my chest once again.

A cuddling moment part 2

Her heart and breathing were racing. It felt empowering and inspiring to feel it, it almost made me want to run around the block. But after a minute or so, it calmed down and she adjusted into a more side cuddle. Before it was more functional, like she had control over it, now she was committing to cuddling vulnerably, fall enough down my chest that she could not get up without my help. I kissed her on the forehead and put my arm strongly and supportively around her. She cuddled even more vulnerably, and she fell asleep in my arms. It was humbling and honoring. The comfort and trust was overwhelming. The gratefulness I felt in that moment was more than words could simply describe. It was weightless and freeing yet grounding and confirming. I had my doubts but, in this moment, I had decided to ask her to marry me. We were going out for years and have come to this place together. While we were both comfortable where we were at, I felt like this moment was the tipping point of intimacy, to bond us together. As she slept, I carefully grabbed the remote and put it on some random Netflix tv series. I scooted down and laid upon her face cheeks with mine.

A cuddling moment part 2

She had started to drool which I thought was adorable. Saliva was no stranger to us, so I let her do what she needed to do, although I did move up a bit again only to have her wake up. I then grabbed her a napkin from the table and she quickly wiped it up, slightly embarrassed but I felt a little bit of a different response. She did not feel like she had to earn my trust in her. It felt like I was her father rather than a stranger she had to impress. It was complicated to explain but it truly was a tender moment. As she was waking up, I aggressively put my head on her legs. She smiled and rubbed my head, kissing it. She grabbed the remote and turned on a show that she had started getting into. We had a back and forth where she caught me up on the show and I asked questions she laughingly did not know the answers to. After a while, she threw the remote to me, got up and readjusted to lay against my butt. I could feel her smile as this time, she took position control. But to be fair, she gave me the remote this time and I turned on a very cheesy B movie to which we both made fun of and had a couple of moments of uncontrollable laughter.

A cuddling moment part 2

As we finished it, it was late and we both got up to brush our teeth and we went into the bedroom. We got under the covers and laid pillows beneath our heads. Laying on our sides, turning towards each other, looking each other in the eyes, we kissed a sweet kiss then cuddled with our bodies locked together, leaning fully into each other. It felt amazing and I felt a sweet blissful smile. She was happy and not just happy happy, she was at one of the most happy moments of her life. I nudged her back awake. Her face was simply glowing. Looking her in the eyes, I asked her to marry me. It was the last place I should have asked and not even having a ring, as I felt my doubts, I felt her body tighten. I saw tears come out of her eyes and her smile became even stronger.

A cuddling moment part 2

She started to laugh slightly, placing her hands over her mouth. I was on pins and needles, was this right time, should I have waited. And instead of an answer, she kissed me. And it was not a simple kiss, it was a deadlock kiss that I could not escape from and as she come up from it, she was breathing heavy and in her mix of emotions in that moment, she said “Yes”.

A cuddling moment part 2
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  • CindyRuns
    I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this.

    I must say that cuddling with the man I love is the one thing that has kept me sane for the last year of keeping my distance from everyone !!!

    Hugs and a cuddle to you for warming my heart this morning !!!
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    • Jjpayne

      Thank you ☺️ and you are welcome

  • JosyJosy
    I really enjoyed that, good writing. Cuddling is one of the best feelings out there in my opinion, especially when you wake up, it feels nice and you look at the time and you see that you can stay in bed for another hour or two and than it feels even better
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  • 19magic
    Aww so sweet I love cuddling its what I look forward to the most when I'm with someone. All my worries and tension washes away after relaxing and listening to his heartbeat it's one of the most soothing and relaxing things around
  • humanearth
    Nice ideal, but I know for a fact if I was single again. I would not be doing the SD thing and I know I still won't wear a mask.

    Look im not falling for it. Im will still live my life as a free man and not as some goverment slave.

    To be honest, i dont even do it now and dont have plans to do it
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Part 1, are always better don't know why.
    But there, was like more emotion an connection in part 1
  • 1stranger
    JJ both part1 and part2 are very cute and good..🥰
  • So cute😭 Cuddling is the best💕
  • Anonymous
    Awww. I love it. Cuddling is such a sweet thing to do.