'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist, Part II


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'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist , Part I

Since men are by far the much more commonly interested in feet, have you ever been approached by gay men about your feet? Tell me about that.

A: Yeah I get approached by gay guys about my feet lol. These are the only times when I think a foot fetish is weird. This guy at the library once made it so awkward. You can’t even imagine.

I was at the public library one summer recently, and it just so happened that I was wearing slides with no socks, which I don’t do often but I was planning to go to the beach later that day. I was approached by a gay guy. He started complimenting my feet and how “sightly” my toes and soles are lol. I understood it was an honest compliment because I know I have great feet for a guy and they’re so well taken care of. But then, he brandished a camera and said he runs an Instagram page for candid feet pictures. He asked me if he can take pictures of my feet from different angles and he asked me to curl my toes. I told him no, but he kept insisting and he asked if he can touch them! Then he apologized and said he didn’t want to creep me out but he just wanted a couple pictures, but I didn’t accept.

I ran into him a few times after that day and he said hi casually. I don't know if creepy is the word because he was a character. Like the way he approached wasn’t creepy but what he was asking for was lol. I mean I understood why he wanted it but at the same time it felt weird being on the other end.


I can imagine. The shoe was on the other foot!

There are a lot of websites that aggregate photos and allow for free and easy access to great imagery. (This is in addition to porn.) Foot photography is in some ways distinct, and can fall into fashion photography, yet it also blurs the lines between these and sexual imagery. Does it appeal to you that a foot fetish is not about nudity, and therefore even more accessible, and acceptable, to browse at any time, without stigma?

A: Many girls exploit that. Companies do for sure. Check all the ads. Feet are always thrown in there for us. Models always show their feet on Instagram purposely. The pose was invented by some photographer who had a foot fetish but was not open about it.

I would say yes for the accessibility part. Feet are all around us, especially in spring and summer. I wouldn’t want anyone to see me scrolling through foot porn videos though. I prefer to be caught watching regular porn, but then again, it depends who’s catching me. I’m open about it in front of women/friends. I wouldn’t want family or strangers knowing that though.


What’s it like to have sex with someone who has a foot fetish?

A: I do the ‘[name omitted for privacy] Special.’ There’s gonna be lots of fun; sucking, licking, tickling, foot jobs, foot massages. Might be weird at first but for girls who are comfortable with their feet, it’s lots of fun.

At what point in a session of lovemaking/sex do you incorporate the feet? Is it near the beginning or later on? Is it foreplay, or a main event?

A: It’s usually role-play for me.

Do you ever incorporate edibles/food?

A: Yes, whipped cream on toes and soles (I put a lot of whipped cream all over the soles and lick them.) I also might spread Nutella on your toes and suck them.

I love Nutella and whipped cream. I don’t know how anyone cannot.

Have you ever made a woman cum just by contact with her feet?

A: Yes! Her name was Marwa. She was constantly horny, this woman. She’s a mom now. It’s crazy how life changes.

Was it Marwa's first time experiencing something like that?

I hope she remembers those days fondly.
If one is going to 'settle down' and give up some of those wilder days, at least one should have them as great memories.

A: Oh no no no, Marwa had gotten her toes sucked many times. She was a wild woman. She knew how to turn on guys, it wasn’t her first rodeo. Everyone liked her boobs too. She had good ones. I’m sure she remembers.

Have you ever cum, yourself, just from touching a woman’s feet?

A: I never came just by touching a foot. I get the best of hard-ons though.

69 is a beloved sexual position by many. Have you ever incorporated the feet into this? Such as, she sucks you off while her feet are in your mouth?

A: 69 is one of my favorites, honestly, because I can suck feet. Sometimes, I suck toes, and nibble on heels lol. It’s the best.

Peter Hermes Furian,
Peter Hermes Furian,

Do you have any interest in reflexology, and what do you think about incorporating this into massage?

A: Reflexology is definitely hot. It turns me on personally, and I would like to use it on girls too.

A Shade Darker, Nelson Coates, Article Perspective
'A Shade Darker', Nelson Coates, Article Perspective
A Shade Darker, Nelson Coates, Article Perspective
'A Shade Darker', Nelson Coates, Article Perspective

You like to play and experiment with the pleasure-pain threshold. Can you tell me about that?

A: Yes I do. There is an Italian term, ‘bastinado’, which means to punish or torture by caning the soles of the feet. It’s a form of BDSM. It’s not so common, and it’s for those who have a sense of adventure. If only I could explain how exciting it is. The soles of the feet are very sensitive, which is why it hurts so much, but it’s enjoyable. It’s very exciting, especially when mixed with tickling.

Anyway I can start off by saying that I’ve always had sexual fantasies about BDSM, mainly spanking a girl’s butt and alternating how I handle her, between being soft and hard on her. There's a myriad of options and punishments to try. I've always been into these things and have tried way too many things. Some are painful, and others are playful. I might spank her with a paddle for a few mins until her butt turns pink and slightly red, then the next moment, I might lick her inner thigh when she least expects it (she’s blindfolded.) When I spank, I usually start with my bare hand, then slowly build up and move to the riding crop, when the pain threshold is challenged, I go slow (might bite at her nipples here and there), then move on to the next equipment in line (usually a flogger.) Master is what I usually ask her to call me. After every spank, I sometimes ask the girl to say, “1.. thank you Master, 2... thank you Master,.. etc.’

In bed I’m in control most of the time, I play rough. I always liked being in control until I met one girl that rose up to the challenge and put me in the receiver’s place. That night was the best sex I ever had in my entire life by far.

Miz Kitten, Twitter
Miz Kitten, Twitter

You're fairly methodical, right?

A: I am. I find great pleasure in this especially, and I have my protocol lol.

lolol. “Protocol”? You can tell me that, but never tell another woman that.

A: I never do, don’t worry. I don’t go around telling women I did this many times, of course. That’s not respectful. I’m just saying I have experience in this, so I formed like a small protocol. I’m very respectful towards everyone I meet, especially women.

And just to make everything clear. If I’m in a relationship, I don’t do this with anyone else, just my partner.


What does/did it take, for someone to turn the tables, to be "up to the challenge"?

A: The one girl who rose to the challenge was a girl from Montenegro. She was the first woman I ever spanked (among other things) who did not flinch. Her butt turned almost purple and not a single “ouch.” Well maybe a couple, but an hour and a half or so under my canes and paddles and she didn’t break.

Wow. Tough girl.

Hmm. Googled Montenegro. Rugged mountain peaks, glaciers, bears, wolves, medieval villages. Seems fitting.

A: Anyway, she earned it and she said now it’s your turn. Nobody ever said that to me, but I had no choice but to succumb to her.

Nobody ever said that? Wow. They missed their chance.
Although you may have said no, I suppose. But they should have insisted ;)

A: I wouldn’t say no. There’s a small part of me that’s submissive just like anyone else. That part though is 5% of me and the girl has to prove herself. That Montenegro girl did, and then it was my turn. My God, Amanda!

5%. Dang. I was hoping for at least a solid 20%. I can work with 20%.

A: Ok 20% but not more.

Tough crowd.

Deal. [shakes hands]

A: Might even be 30% recently. I’ve been enjoying the receiving end recently tbh.

Anyway, she was the first girl to dare and challenge me.

I was under her mercy until 5 in the morning.

And how long did you know her?

A: I always knew what the bastinado was. I playfully hit some girls on their feet for a change while spanking them. But with her, the whole formula changed.

I had known her for a year and a half then.

In hookups I don’t let them torture me. The year thing is only when I’m on the receiving end. In hookups I don’t go hardcore either. But I never hooked up with a girl that I had just met.

Circle of Trust Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist, Part II

But floggers might come out on hookups?

A: Oh, no. Most of the girls that I played this game with I’ve known for at least a year or so.

If I meet a girl who I like, I go out with her. I never sleep with someone right away. I take my time.

"I’ve dated many girls with whom everything was supposed to be around sex. Of course, it’s never just about sex eventually and we end up breaking up, but I’m always clear from the start about a few things (when trust is established.)"
Pls clarify.

A: What I was trying to say is this: a lot of the girls with whom I played this power exchange game were “friends with benefits” let’s call them, but some of them became attached to me regardless of our agreement that our relationship revolved only around sex. On our first session I would be clear with them about what I like/dislike.

With Sasha (the Montenegro woman), she stopped thanking me at the end, and that only made me turned on even more that I eventually agreed to exchange places.

Oh interesting. She disobeyed you and that was hotter. In-ter-e-sting.

Pffft. These girls are so submissive.

A: Not only did she disobey me, she was a ruthless mistress. I had been whipped a few times before but she was different. She did it so elegantly and so mercilessly, I can’t even begin to explain.

Yes, with this girl especially. I swear to God, Amanda. I’m not exaggerating. We started at 11 pm and finished around 6 in the morning. Next day I couldn’t even move. Everything in me hurt including my dick. But it was good pain, I don't know how to explain it. It was like muscle pain, skin pain, mixed with being pent up, I suppose?

I won’t go into details about what I did to her. I’ll give you what she did, because she shattered the usual routine. She challenged me and said, “Let me redefine pain for you.” I had to accept. She was different. She did not flinch under intense spanking. And it was my turn to be under her mercy and I willfully wanted to. She earned it and I was so turned on, like never before.

Circle of Trust Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist, Part II

I like her already. "Let me redefine pain for you," is fantastic.

A: She handcuffed me first, took off my pants, but left my underwear, and had me blindfolded, and then pushed me on the floor, not even the bed.

Now I was lying on her carpet on my bare back. It was silent. I couldn’t hear a thing around me. I didn’t know where the fuck she went and I was blindfolded and handcuffed. I was already on the verge of an orgasm, but I resisted.

The room was lit with her candles and that’s all I could feel. It was hot. I was sweating.

How long did she leave you there, wondering?

A: 10 mins later she comes back, wearing heels, from what I could hear. God, I can’t even speak, thinking about that day.

She raised my feet off the ground and put them on a stool and tied them up after she took my socks off. I suspected she would bastinado me but back then, I wasn’t so into this form of punishment and I had just seen it a few times on Porn Hub and read about how it’s used in interrogation in certain countries (the irony is that I have a foot fetish myself and little did I know that my own feet would be introduced to hell that day.)

That was around 1 in the morning and I had no clue wtf was about to transpire, I swear.

So up until that point in your relationship, you were in control sexually, and you had no idea she had this in her?

A: I was helpless, Amanda. And what shocked me is that I could feel something cold touch my soles. She started moisturizing my feet with Vaseline. The smell of Vaseline was strong and unmistakable. For a moment I thought she was a cute doll and she wanted to reward me with a foot massage or a tickling session. I had no fucking idea she was this capable. I knew she was strong and had bossy tendencies, but that was the first time I actually saw this side of her. And look how meticulous she was. She moisturized my feet to maximize the pain, that devil.

Anyway, next thing I knew, her cane was ricocheting off my soles. And I didn’t have a chance to breath or even say ouch. And she was a pro. Every strike was perfectly aimed.

I never would have thought moisturizer is more painful.
So how do you feel about pain in general?

A: I like pain when it’s from a woman like her.

Did she have the cane for this sole purpose?

How fast or slow did she give it to you?

A: She did. Apparently she had been punished as a kid by her mom and this was the punishment she received.

In the beginning she started slow but it was still painful. I could feel my feet pounding.

Then her pace ramped up and I thought to myself how the fuck am I gonna walk the next day?

I was in immeasurable pain but it was sweet and liberating.

Wow. Was saying ‘no’ an option?

“Sweet”? Well that's a word!

Liberating why? Giving up autonomy, control, and authority to a woman?

A: I didn’t want to say no. I was handcuffed, naked, my feet were swollen red, tied up, and raised on a stool. All I thought about was that I’m up for the challenge and that I’m lucky to have met this girl, as crazy as she was.

Yes, exactly that. Deep inside of me, I wanted to keep exploring until I found that woman.

How do you feel about challenges generally? I bet you relish them.

It must have blown your mind, finding out this was in her.
Why did you both wait so long?!

A: She didn’t do anything else to me. Didn’t touch my back, face, butt or anything. Only the soles of my feet. And at 4 in the morning they were stripped with all kinds of colors - pink, red, you name it.

When we were done, I could not walk, and she put my feet in a bucket of cold water after I fucked her lololol.

She took a picture with my phone and said every time you misbehave, look at this picture.

How long did it go on for? Bet it was easy to lose track of time.

A: 3 hours I think, on and off.

Wow. And the fucking must have been amazing, out of this world.
Have fast did you cum?

A: We both came so fast that day. Within 15 mins maybe. But we had spent hours playing.

I bet.

How were the orgasms?

Best orgasm of my life, hands down.

Ngl, my feet shake when I think about her.

And did she get to do it again, or would you not let her tie you up like that again? Would be hard to say, "More please."

A: Oh ever since that day, I was bastinadoed by her plenty of times and I bastinadoed her too.

Cool. Good memories. Happy for ya.

How did it compare to other foot play before?

A: I always played with the girls feet yes, but nobody ever whipped mine. Like a tuning fork. During that period, I walked with a limp lol. Jk.

She had beautiful feet too. Always filed, pedicured and clean. She was so good physically. She had her issues just like I did. And she moved to [omitted for privacy] later.

Was it hard when she moved away?

A: It was hard when she left. We both had feelings for each other. We still talk, wish one another a happy birthday, etc.

That's nice. Glad it's amicable. Better than some people.

Did you both talk during?

A: Yeah we did. I kept telling her “Fuck you!” after every strike. Playfully of course. We had banter.

Fun. I'd say that too. lolol.

No long-term damage though?

A: Bastinado is the best because it doesn’t inflict long term damage.

Why do people make such a big deal about 'safe words'? Why is it so necessary?

A: Because not everyone tolerates pain and pain is subjective. Safe words ensure that both parties respect each other’s limits.

But if someone suddenly said "Ok ok ok wait stop!" that would be enough, wouldn't it? Or is the idea that the receiver may actually want more, and that's the crux of it, pushing them beyond their boundaries, because that’s what they want, deep down?
I think about language, word choice, communication, so much. To me, it seems simple to communicate in different ways, to convey true meaning vs. just mock protestations.

Color safe words are always recommended because it takes a conscious effort to think. It’s easier to say “Okay, orange!!” than “Tread carefully.”

To me, it’s a combo between your awareness as the punisher and whatever form of communication you agree upon prior to the session. It’s just a precautionary measure and I think it should always be implemented.

Well, it was a pleasure, [name omitted for privacy.] I think I’ll go take a cold shower now, thank you very much.

Any final thoughts, takeaways?

A: I don’t know if I would want bastinado constantly. It was very harsh. It was a cool experience once or twice, but I wouldn’t say I love it. The bastinado that I received turned me on because it’s all about power.

By the way, Amanda, how would you summarize how you feel about feet?

I'm pretty neutral on them. I definitely don't fetishize them (or really any body parts, I guess), but the way I feel about it is (as long as they're clean), 'Why wouldn't I/one want to play and suck and incorporate your feet, if that would make you happy? That's what sex is about - sharing in something, being flexible, adaptable, and making another person happy.
People are too rigid.

A: Yeah! I know what you mean. I feel the exact same. I need to be enticed mentally. I need to learn something about the other party, otherwise what’s the point?! And if I do, and I'm into them... let's go all in. 'Cause why the hell not? 🔥

'Circle of Trust' Interview: Inside the Private World & Mind of a Passionate Foot Fetishist, Part II
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  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Very interesting interview and myTake, thank you for sharing.
    It took a while to fully read and understad, but
    To be frank I'm not too keen on sexual topics but I do like to read and inform myself as to understand more the dynamics of relationships and how to better approach and solve some issues present in my own relationship.

    Anyway, to stay on topic, I think that foot fetishism is really common and I do see the reasons many guys are drawn towards it - after all like it has been said in the Take women's feet - and to a lesser degree, men's feet - do have a naturally affusolated and ''harmonious'' appearance that gets exalted by high heels or stockings - clothing that many young people saw in pornography or sex related material and so it becomes early on associated with sex and pleasure.
    Also on a more biological, neurological level I've read something really interesting - every person has a ''body image map" which is the brain's map of the body, in which different body parts are associated with and controlled by different brain regions, and the associations varies - from pleasure, to pain, to discomfort, etc. But it's also worthwile to note that we humans also make ''parallel'' body image maps for other people, especially the gender we are interested in sexually, so we also associate certain parts to their pleasure, and think that touching their places that our brain associates to pleasure will result in pleasure for both people. Naturally, this is true in some cases, and not in others. A healthy communication and good relationship should always take precedence to make sure those kind of activities are mutually satisfying for both people involved.

    Anyway, this was a really fascinating and interesting read and I thank both you, Amanda, and your interviewee for bringing this topic to us in an exhaustive, analytical and non-vulgar way.

    Side note - I think the word your friend was referring in Italian is actually ''bastonato'', and not ''bastinado'', as the latter doesn't exists in current Italian. Just a little note.
    You did an amazing work nonetheless!
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    Is this still revelant?
    • * It took a while to fully read and understand, but I've really appreciated reading it.
      Why G@G cuts off phrases sometimes? Must be a bug.

    • Thank you for MHO, it was a really interesting read, thank you for sharing!

    • AmandaYVR

      I checked with my interviewee and we both understood is to be of Italian origin, but doing more research now, looks like it is actually Spanish. Too bad, I have a definite love of many things Italian.

      That's interesting expansion on the 'body image map.' That really adds to the topic, thank you.

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  • Anpu23
    Wow, this was fun. Looking forward to the next one.
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  • 1stranger
    Amanda👏.. I couldn't read them all but the parts I read are interesting.
    Thank you..
  • Nadim171
    Very interesting. I have a foot fetish, I'm totally straight though, it's crazy how many details are in this fetish.
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  • Marco10
    This is a great MyTake Amanda. I got turned on I’ll be honest with you. Lol
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  • SavageGirl101
    That’s interesting but I’m never letting someone suck my toes lol
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Feet and Cuckholding are two things I never understood
  • wankiam
    this is a great interview.
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  • Gezginmalkoçoğlu
    beautiful feet in the image
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  • Pogi-Paddy