Racial dirty talk in the bedroom?

I need some advice here. I'm in a interracial friends with benefits situation. He loves to talk dirty, which normally I'm not against. Everything out of his mouth is racial though. He talks about my "white pussy" and "white ass" or his "n***** dick" or "n***** cum". I feel like he is maybe wanting me to join in but I don't want to offend him or make him angry. I don't know what the rules are on this kind of thing. Should I join in? Should I just let him say the racial things?
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Thanks for the replies. Well most of them anyway. I should've known a race question would bring out some anonymous trolls. Anyway, he absolutely wanted me to join in and get nasty. We talked at length about it. This whole arrangement is for sex. It's an interracial fantasy for both of us. We're not under any illusions that's it's anything more. I know that it will eventually get old and the thrill will wear off and we'll both move on. What's wrong with experimenting and having fun while it lasts
Racial dirty talk in the bedroom?
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