Facefucking or facesitting?

I am a virgin and I love the idea of BDSM
I guess I am mostly sub but want once in a while dom my Dom. Handcuffed I want to get on my kness while he holds my head and fucks my mouth by going back and forth deeply and roughly till I gag. I want him to use me for his pleasure. And when being a mistress I want to tie him up on my bed and sit on his face and have him eat my pussy till I fill his mouth with my cum. But as I am mostly a sub I prefer facefucking over facesitting. Then again this is all fantasy. Lol. I have never even kissed. Hahaha
Facesitting (him laying on the bed and eating her out)
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Facefucking (him holding her head and fuck her mouth)
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Neither because both are degrading
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Facefucking or facesitting?
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