Why do men get turned on by abusing women?


not sure whats going on- im a pretty female, and you'd think men might hit on me or ask me out. Instead, most guys and I mean like 95% out there seem to want to piss me off, upset me, or mistreat me. If I react or get upset, they are thrilled and even get turned on by it. I've seen this pattern over n over again.. it's sickening and weird. Most males will do horrible things to make u suffer, upset you, and have u react to it- then they somehow get a hard on by it. Are most guys out there just screwed up sadists?

another thing is- most men do not want to please me sexually. I'm pretty hot- and have a lot of sexual energy and vibes. Again you'd think men would be all over me- sexually. Nope. Every weird guy i meet, sexual things go like this: the guy might barely touch me, he will never try to kiss my body or please me. He might rub my breasts or eventually suck on them. Then, when it comes to my vagina, he will NEVER want to please me ever. Some or many go so far as to make sure i DONT orgasm. They will abuse my vagina badly- on purpose. If they sense im turned on they'll divert it or change what they're doing or get aggressive. weirdo sickos. I even dated a guy once who made sure i didn't orgasm and he'd make statements like "SOME WOMEN CAN"T ORGASM" as if i shud be glad i got one orgasm. he'd suppress all my orgasms intentionally. So as a super hot woman i mostly deal with crazy males abusing me, or making sure to not please me or want me to orgasm. it's really out there. but it happens with basically every male i meet and i meet all of them online. if they do make me orgasm they act as if they've given me money, and expect everything in return, and hold it over my head.

this is a real issue--males out there are crazy- what is wrong with them. why do they enjoy abusing sexy hot women, making sure they don't cum and just treating them terribly. something is wrong with these males out there.. what is going on..
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almost every male i meet wants to make sure im not happy, i suffer, and that i never get sexually pleased. they go to extreme lengths to make this happen and even try to take from me, abuse me, and put me in pain. if im happy or anything they'll try to ruin it. sexually, no orgasms, just sociopaths abusing me. i dont even go for sexual encounters and even guys that act normal end up acting psycho like this. im also a really nice person and cool
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the few guys who do go down on me, will make sure i don't cum either. They will stay down for even hours making sure i don't cum, and im horny and multi orgasmic. They do this on purpose- men do not want to please me b/c im really hot/pretty. it's insane and weird. they want to abuse/use sexually torture and make me suffer.. is there some sick psych reason these freaks are this way. i mean no guy wants to please me.. i'd say 99% (i look like any hot celebrity most men worship)
Why do men get turned on by abusing women?
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