Boyfriend says he can't tell if came or not?

Okay so my boyfriend have been having sex for a couple weeks now. I was a virgin, he was not. I recently got on birth control but before that we were mostly using the pull out method. When we were doing that, it was pretty obvious when he came. But now that he knows he has nothing to worry about, he suddenly says he can't tell if he came or not. How can he not know? It makes no sense. He said it felt so good the whole time, and that he thinks he came. Part of what gets me off is knowing and seeing/hearing him come, so it's kind of discouraging to have him not know. Does it mean it doesn't feel that good for him? Which wouldn't make much sense because at one point he said he was shaking from how good it was.

Guys is this normal? How can you not tell?
Boyfriend says he can't tell if came or not?
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