What comes next after making out?

Me and my boyfriend make out. We're not gonna have sex, so we always stop it. I keep my hands above the waist, usually running them all over his upper body and through his hair, grabbing it sometimes. His hands are anywhere from either on my butt, on my boobs, running up and down my back, or cupping my face/back of head. He grabs my butt over clothes, except for the other day when i had on yoga pants and he slipped his hands a few inches down the waistband, then when I had running short on and he slipped them up the shorts to grab my butt. He grabs my boobs too - either over clothes, on top of bra, or pulling the bra down to just get skin. My bra or shirt hasn't come off yet. The other day I was laying on the couch with him on top while we were making out and he pulls my shirt up to show my bra, starts kissing my stomach and chest, and then pulls the bra cups down so he could kiss and suck on my boobs a little bit. He's told me before on different occassions that he likes my boobs, or that he likes my butt, or "You should probably leave because I wanna take your shirt off." and then the other day we were making out and he whispers "I wanna see you naked."

I get a little nervous about all this. What is he gonna try to do next? What's the normal progression? Remember we dont want to have sex, but I kinda just wanna know what normally would go from where we are now?
What comes next after making out?
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