Is my my female co worker bicurious?

I have this coworker who I became friends with a few months a go when I started working there. We talk about sex and I've told her I've had a threesome in the past. She's claimed she's only into guys. The thing is she always talks about how gorgeous she thinks I am and how she loves my boobs. Recently she's started touching my butt and pinching it and she used to wrap her arm around me and rest her hand on my boob but yesterday she squeezed it while hugging me goodbye. She sits on my lap and gives me mini lap dances and seems sad when I leave. I sent her a snapchat video of my ass in a thong grinding on my husband and yesterday at work she pretty much showed me her Ass and thong (this was before the boob grab). She's turning me on and I don't know how I can explore this further. My husband has no problem with this by the way. She doesn't do this stuff to our other co worker who also has big boobs lol what do I do? Do you think she's just being friendly or she's sexually attracted?
Is my my female co worker bicurious?
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