ONLY in her mouth?

My girl only wants me to cum in her mouth. No where else.
I don't mind. It's hot. But that isn't normal, is it?
HJ, BJ, sex, when i beat off, it doesn't matter. She wants me to finish in her mouth, every time.

Why does she want to swallow so much? Do other girls like cum this much? because this doesn't seem usual to me. What else can I do to make her happy (or change things up) if she likes it this specific thing so much (I don't mean, how do I cum somewhere else, I mean, how do I make sure this stays fun for her and doesn't get repetative)?

Guys opinions help if they've known a girl like this, but girls help more if they are like this and have advice for how to make sure she keeps enjoying it.
ONLY in her mouth?
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