I don't think my fetish is accepted by many, but why?

From early on (when I started liking girls around 10) I always had a particular attraction to girls wearing a belt with their jeans or pants. I've always liked the look on them for me it looks classy seeing them wearing one, but as I got older I noticed I also fantasized more about the belt, the act of unbuckling it and taking it off her, spanking her with it, using it to bind her, the clanging noise it makes, and also the feeling of the cold belt buckle against my stomach if I'm laying against her. I also love the feel of jeans.

So the problem seems to be many girls don't wear belts often or if they do wear belts, they don't understand why that's a turn on for me or why I think they look good wearing one, some think I'm weird. I thought enjoying something they wear daily would mean lots of girls would be ok with this, afterall lots of people have leather fetish, and although it's not quite exact (just belts for me), it's the same concept/reason.
I don't mind if a girl doesn't wear a belt every day, it could be a special treat or something when she does if we were dating, but I also feel like she has to enjoy me wearing a belt too and again that's been hard to find someone like that.

I dont understand why why it's been so difficult, such a simple turn on/fetish, it's not like I'm wearing bras or dresses where anyone will know my fetish walking down the street.
I want to meet others who understand so much!
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I don't think my fetish is accepted by many, but why?
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